Feeling the love! 

So today I am working a festival – it’s a folk festival in Shrewsbury! Need to get some money in!! I am seriously loving my life at the moment! And I keep getting very emotional and thinking about everyone in my life and how lucky I am to have such amazing people In it! There are seriously too many to mention but anyone reading this will know who they are!

It makes me very sad to leave but I am also excited to meet even more amazing people!

I think life is about love and I used to think that meant I needed a boyfriend get married, have kids and that was the love I needed! But in the last couple of years I have realised that love doesn’t have to come in that form! I have soooo much love in my life! My family is HUGE! And everyone in it is amazingly strange (to be normal is to be boring!) and I love every single person in my family so much! Then there’s my friends! Now they are even more strange but strangely amazing!

I honestly don’t know what I would do without any of them – and your leaving Sami?? Haha yes I am but i feel a connection to everyone I love and that doesn’t just fade if you go away for a while!

I want my life to be filled with amazing people and with lots of love so I am going away to go and find more of it! From every corner of the world!

One day everyone will know who I am!!! And everyone WILL love me! I’m sure of it not find me really annoying at all haha….

Sorry totally feeling the love at the moment!! And trying to appreciate every single moment of my life! Taking little pieces of happiness everywhere I can!! And today that happiness is coming from thinking of all you beautiful people who make my life so special xxxx

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WHV – Working Holiday Visa AUS/NZ

Are you thinking of working in Australia or New Zealand?

If you are then first things first you will need to get a WHV – (Working Holiday Visa) I have not applied for a New Zealand Visa yet so the below is what I know about getting an Australian one but I presume that they are very similar processes. 

The easiest way to do this is to go through a company, you can go an do it for cheaper but to be honest I would highly recommend using a company such as Visa Bureau (this is the company I used) - http://www.visabureau.com/

They basically do everything for you. all you need to do is fill a few forms out and Pay around £350 for them to get this all set up for you. You can go and get your visa through the Australian government yourself which will cost around £245 go to this website and click apply now if you want to do it that way - https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/417-# 

but going with a company gives you a lot of help in other areas too such as setting up your bank account for you to use while your over there, help with getting a Aussie sim card and also gives you discounts on travel, excursions and hostels including free nights in their partners, each company will vary.

images (1)

I am generally a pretty lazy person when it comes to stuff like this so this worked out nicely for me less work for me to have to do and gives you more time to focus on everything else you need to get on with.

however i will tell you all you need to do to open up bank accounts, and sim cards etc if you did want to skip using a company all together, you can go to my post which gives you a check list of all the things you need to do before you go. just click HERE

Now depending on how good or naughty you were in your younger years the process can vary in time. mine took around 8 weeks to come through but I was not the best behaved teenager in the world so they needed to do a few more checks on me than all you good behaved people out there.

What you will need 

around £350 in your bank to pay upfront when you call up.

They can make no guarantees that your visa will be accepted but unless you have done something really bad in your past you will be fine. As I mentioned earlier I wasn't the best behaved teenager and I managed to get mine through in 8 weeks. My record was a few drunk and disorderly and a conviction for assault with a suspended sentence.

If your unsure of what the criteria are then check this link out - http://www.visabureau.com/australia/criminal-record.aspx

you will need your passport handy and a rough idea of when your going to enter the country.

When you get your visa accepted you will have 1 year to activate it by entering Australia and then you have a year to stay once you have arrived.

Depending on your past you may be referred to a character agency which I was which meant I had to pay around £50 for a police certificate to be send to them. They will tell you what agency to use.

They will not accept any other company than the one they mention so please do not waste your money before hand, wait for them to tell you.

If you have had a lets call it a colourful past then you will need to declare this, if you don't and they as you for a police check then this will not look good for you. You will be seen as untrustworthy and they will more than likely not want you in their country! So tell the truth guys!!

You will also need an email address for them to send all of this information over too but im guessing you have one of those! Who doesn't these days?

So lets say you have done all of this and you have got your confirmation email, next you will need to go an activate your card. (that's if you got the platinum card, which I did and can recommend as it just makes everything that little bit easier for you.)


(Image above is a screenshot from an email i got from them with some of the offers you can get – click to enlarge)

when you activate your card you can have a look around the members area and click on the links to open up a bank account, this was very simple! I filled an online form out and then waited a few days and got an email to say that my card was ready to be picked up from my chosen branch in Australia and luckily for me its only over the road from my first hostel! You can pick whatever branch in Australia you want, so obviously select the one where your starting off! That way you can get your money sooner!

They also help you get a sim card to use while your out there, again this was very simple! fill out an online form and they send me a sim ready to use (well minus activation and adding some money of of course) and they also give you lots of offers to have free nights in hostels and discounts on excursions etc for while your out there.

Plus if you sign up as a platinum member there are lots of offers in the members area online for to to check out.

such as discounts on courses (did you know you have to do a course to be able to work behind a bar over there - regardless of if you have worked in bars anywhere else - more on that later) but if you want to have a little look now then here is the link. http://qhint.com.au/online-courses

so that would be my recommendation to you, because if you think about it, trying to do it all yourself will end up costing you more money, sure the visa itself wont cost as much but doing things like opening your bank account or getting a tax number, all these things that are necessary will cost you time which if you are planing on working your way around time = money. am I right?

Well good luck! Hope I have helped a bit but if you want to ask me anything then I will always try my best to get back to people so please comment below.

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First Post

So this is my first post.

It is 6 weeks and 2 days until my adventure begins and I am getting very emotional around everyone at the moment.

I keep crying and then laughing and then crying some more. don’t get me wrong I am super excited to be starting my new life but I am also going to miss everyone I am leaving behind here. I have such amazing family and friends and it is going to be a very very tough day when I leave them.

My focus at the moment is getting this website/blog up and running! I have been doing this now for a couple of weeks. It’s a lot harder and more fiddly than I first thought it would be, but its getting there! slowly but surely! 

Today I will try and get my static pages done, my about me, home page and my let’s begin page and then all the others are for me to add posts too!

ball ache or what hey! I also have a mountain of other things I need to sort out before I leave! but at least I have 6 weeks hey! lets see how I get on today first!

although im already hungry and in need of a break! im thinking avocado and eggs on toast! NOM!! 

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