Time to freak out

I leave one week today and I am now starting to freak out big time!!!

I am starting to feel really scared that it’s not going to be how I imagine it to be and that people aren’t going to like me, I’m not going to get a job and worst of all I’m going to end up being back here….so even though I am scared to leave it turns out I’m even more scared to come home!

The only thing more impossible than leaving is not leaving at all!

It’s crazy to think that this time next week I will be on the way to the airport where my whole life is going to change forever!

I am going to miss everyone so much but I am also going to hopefully meet some amazing people too and get this website full with stories for all my friends and advice and tips for fellow backpackers!

I have just finished all my courses that I need to do to be able to work behind a bar so I now need to update my CV and get those printed!

Ticking things off my to-do list quite well now!!

Arghhhhh and breath!!!! Maybe time for a shhhmmoookkkeee…..try chill my brain out a little bit!

Ooo which makes me think of a place in Australia I so need to go to!! Nimbin full of weed and coffee! Perfection! Haha

Anyway that’s enough for today I guess my next post will be at the airport.

Bye for now!!


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Ready for work Australia

To be able to work in a bar or around alcohol in Australia you will need to have completed a course. This is essential for everyone regardless if you have worked in bars all your life in other countries.

Now you can complete a course online for all states apart from New South Wales and Victoria – to get the course for New South Wales and Victoria you will need to attend college in that state for a few hours.

This is the website you will need to go to – http://hia.edu.au/

You can order the courses as a bundle, which I did. The website can be a little confusing to find out where to get the bundles from but you can click on any course, so click on the first one which should be the RSA, this will then take you to another page and then scroll down to the bottom of that page and click start now which will again take you to another page.


On this page you can select a bundle if you want to. I chose the Ready to Work package as this includes the RSA for all 4 states and also the food hygiene course which again you need to have completed this work around food.

I then also added onto that a RSG for Queensland, which is a course you need to complete to work in anywhere that offers any gambling services.

All these courses together came to $42 AUD – which is about £20, so not too bad really is it! And definitely worth having so you are able to work in more places when you get there.

The courses themselves are not very hard, they are however very boring! Lots of law that you need to read up on and makes your eyes start closing!

I did however find a way around this……just click through all the tabs (you have to go through each tab and can’t skip to the end) but you don’t need to read them unless you want to of course.

You will get to an assessment section there will be about 4 in each course you do, go through the questions and if you’re not sure on an answer there is an option for you to review course material which will bring up a pop up on the information to answer that question.

Once you have completed all the questions, click submit and if you have any wrong then it will tell you and you will need to take the test again.


Do the test again and hopefully this time you will get them all right!

Is it cheating? Yes maybe but I still had to get all the answers right and I seriously could not be bothered to sit through each slide and read all that boring law crap!!

Don’t judge!! – Haha

Happy ‘Learning’ J




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Excited for men!!

It’s not long at all now! Just over 2 weeks and I am so excited and also so nervous!

I seem to have messed everything up in my last few weeks here though! Fallen out with people, acted a bit crazy around some men and let my beach body go down the drain!

I’ve been quite upset about the falling out and then men part but I have had somewhat of an epiphany today and thought the man in question let’s call him Mr Twat! (Sums it up nicely I think) well it turns out that he’s actually just a dick head after all and not worth a second of my time! Let’s face it though….most men are!! They like to fool you with the illusion of them being good guys but really all they care about is themselves!

Anyways…..after meeting a friend today who has just come back from travelling herself I am quite happy to hear about all of her adventures and it is making me even more excited about going! Especially the fact that the men are plentiful and are extremely good looking, which is more than I can say for 99% of the men in this country! It seems like all the good ones have taken themselves out of the country and are in Australia by the sounds of it! So yay for me!

I’m pretty sure I won’t even remember Mr Twat’s first name or what he looks like within 5minutes of being off the plane! Oh how excited I am to see all those glistening bodies on the beach and those abs that I just want to lick!!

So I am totally not going travelling just for the men but I am pretty sure my number is going to go up quite substantially whilst I am away – which is for a pretty long time! And don’t you worry I will be divulging every single little detail on here for those who want to read about It of course! Oh I can see the sexy surfer men glistening in the sun now all oily!! Omg get me there now!!!!!

I also still have so much to do! I still need to do courses and get my travel insurance and make sure I see everyone before I go – everyone that actually wants to see me that is! I can’t be bothered to waste my time on the people that don’t seem bothered! Get over to Australia and forget about them along with Mr Twat! – Sometimes people just don’t care about you as much as you do them and that’s just life! Hopefully I will recognise these people a little better in the future! We shall see hey!!

Anyways….best get to it!!!

Speak soon! <3


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Aussie up your CV

So you have your visa, you have your flight booked and you have a sort of plan for what your going to do when you get out to Australia!

Now you need to sort your CV out!

Aussie's are much more relaxed than we are in the UK and they also like you to get to the point rather than trying to 'fluff up' your CV with fancy words.

They also call it a resume in the land down under so get the letters CV off your document!

There a few approaches you can go with, you can be very sensible and write out everything in a very professional way or you can be a bit more light-hearted about it which is the style I am going to go for, I don't do sensible really! I am a fun person and I also don't want to come across as something I am not so that Is why I am going to go for the light-hearted version, but it is entirely up to you what way you want to go for!

So a possible layout is as follows: (This is how I have done mine)

Name – Resume

Personal details: (you don't need this as a title)

  • Nationality

  • Tel:

  • Email:

  • Address:

  • Visa:

  • DOB:

Personal statement

Write a paragraph giving a brief introduction of yourself. You can say here that you are on a working holiday visa and your looking for work to aid your travels around the country. Explain that you are willing to work hard and you are also available for a variety of shifts. (you want to get work right! So your probably going to have to work some unsociable hours)

keep this short and to the point. You can also say in this section what kind of work you would like to do if you want.

Work experience

Bullet point your working roles or add them in a table.

make sure to include the name of the company, your role, how long you were there for and your reason for leaving.

You can also include a sentence explaining what the company does

(you don't need to put loads on there and if some roles are extremely similar then think about grouping these together rather than repeating the same information a few times, this can save space and make sure that the person reading doesn't get bored)


Aussies are not so interested in your education – sure you have to have it on there and you also need to include any relevant courses such as your RSA.

But keep these to bullet points and just one line for each, so when saying you have a degree in something you don't need to go into the individual modules in that course! Just give the title.

Interests and Hobbies

self explanatory, this is the final thing that potential employers are going to read so go out with a bang (if you want to) tell them something interesting that will make them remember you.

Here is a copy of my CV for you to have a look at

[embeddoc url="http://thewanderingbee.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/OZ-cv.docx" viewer="microsoft"]



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Time to get organised

4 Weeks to go!!! and I still have so much to do! arghhhhhhh

I need to…….

get travel insurance

write a load of posts about what to do before going – such as packing etc


do online courses for bar work

re-order my camera as they didn’t deliver it!! booooo!!!

do CV and write a blog on how to do a CV

clean my room and my car so they are basically empty

transfer my money into my Aussie bank

get toiletries

earplugs – I cant deal with people snoring! I may murder someone in their sleep!!

make some sort of plan of what to do when you get there!!

check out transfers from the airports!!!

book departure lounge! – my mom is coming and therefore going to send me into the airport a MESS!! so I want to have my own little pod away from everyone so I can cry in peace!

Sort out music!!!

i’m sure there’s more to do than that also!!

so I think most important things are – do the online courses and then the posts!! I want to have a good few posts on here before I start getting people to come to my site! Otherwise its just going to look rubbish isn’t it!

So today, I am using my office of my bed, chilling with Toby! And I am going to write a few posts, do a bit of exercise (well I need to for all the sexy men don’t I!!)

and then if I have enough time I will do one of the courses I need to do!!

so time to get started then!!!

well………That didn’t really go to plan! my whole word press decided to shut down and remove certain things that i need to post! so i have spent the whole day fixing it and not doing any of the things that i was supposed to do! ahhh well! time to start now then i suppose! however i may now need wine for this!!

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What to do before going to Oz?

So you want to take a year out and go and work in Australia, but you’re not really sure where to begin?

Well first things first is read read read, go and read every blog you can find, watch every YouTube video you can find and make sure this is something you really want to do! Which i am sure it is, otherwise you wouldn’t be here! But just make sure as it is quite a big step to take.



Get your visa – this is really easy to do. Check my post out HERE on how to do that.

Book your flights – there are so many flight companies you can go with and the one you choose is up to you. But if you are flexible on dates then you can get a much cheaper flight especially if you have been collecting air miles. 

Book your hostel - book the first week or couple of weeks in your hostel, you will be happy you have booked a week or so for you to settle in in advance. The last thing you want to be doing when jet lagged is walking around trying to find somewhere to stay. Especially if you go in peak season and lots of places are full up. I will write reviews on every hostel I stay in so be sure to check out my review pages. Generally any YHA hostel will be a good start, they have high safety ratings and you can usually get discounted rates when you become a member on all of their hostels worldwide

Transfers – what you will also want to check is if your hostel offers you a transfer from the airport. Some do and some don’t. so be sure to check this out before you go and book if needed.

Make a plan – don’t plan every second of your trip because you wont end up sticking to it and it will be a waste of time, but it’s a good idea to have an idea of where you want to go and what you want to see / do while you are out there.

Get travel insurance – there are so many options you can go for here, just make sure you take a proper look at them all as it can be very confusing, get quotes and do your research on the company too. 

get organised - Make a list of everything you want and need to do before you set off. If you’re anything like me then you will make list after list after list and keep crossing things off and making more lists. But it is good to have one hard copy of everything important you need to do to begin with. And just see how exciting it is as you cross each item off that list.

work work work - Decide what kind of work you want to do while out in Australia – if you want to do any bar work then you need to complete a course to so regardless of if you have worked in a bar before. Click HERE to read more about this.

CV -  Get your CV up to Aussie standards – click HERE for help on how to do that

Get an idea of what you want to take with you; I know I am so going to over pack!! You can read what I am packing here and then I will do an updated version of what I actually need within about a month of being out there.

Save save save, save as much as you can before you go. You need $5000 available to you to enter the country, this can be in cash, in a bank account or have that much available to you on a credit card, doesn’t matter how you have the money! Just as long as you have it. But I would try and save as much as you possibly can as you can’t be sure when you are going to get work out there so every penny counts.

Budget budget budget – It’s pretty impossible to budget when you’re not in the country especially when you don’t know what is going to happen but try your best and stick to the rule of around $2000 a month. I will keep monthly updates on spending to help people out with planning budgets etc.

Unlock your phone – this one is pretty simple, there are plenty of places around that you can take your phone in to get unlocked. My provider was O2 and if you are on contract with them you could get your phone unlocked for free by filling out a form on their website, so search your provider’s website first to see if they also offer this deal.

Open up an Aussie bank account – now there are loads of banks to choose from, I have gone with common wealth, it was really simple. You just apply online and you can pick it up from a branch. If it asks you for an address just give the address of the first hostel you are going to go to. And then pick the branch closest to that hostel for you to collect your card from. As I mentioned before there are many for you to choose from but if you would like to go with the common wealth bank then please click HERE.

Get a sim card – there are many different companies to go for in Australia but the one that comes most recommended (if your anywhere near the outback it seems to be the only one that can get signal is Telstra you may have also got your visa through a company like I did in which case they may be able to send you a sim card before you leave the country so you can start using your Aussie sim card as soon as you get over there. I did this and I got a Vodafone sim card.

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Oh videos….wherefore art thou?

So the other night I was looking around for any films or documentaries about travelling and working in Australia and I was rather disappointed The only films I managed to find were horrors and I do not like horrors at the best of times. The last one I watched was a few weeks ago which was against my will but I agreed as I am trying to face my fears and all that crap! Oh how wrong I was!!

I woke up a few nights later in the middle of the night in a cold sweat thinking that the bad man out of said film was hiding in my walls waiting for me to fall to sleep to kill me!

So yes not a scary/horror movie kind of girl so when I saw that the only movies about what I wanted to do involved backpackers getting kidnapped and brutally murdered I thought it best to steer clear!!

so I then went on over to YouTube and found only 2 documentaries. One was of a man who was taking a year out of his life to travel the world and the other was of 2 friends taking 9 months and doing the same, they however did 2 videos just of Australia which were quite interesting! But It got me thinking why on earth are there no videos on YouTube about backpackers who are travelling and working for a year to two years in Australia?

I don’t get it!! so my plan now is to buy a go-pro camera and record everything – I mean I do this anyway! If you ask any of my friends they will be more than happy to tell you how annoying I am with constantly snapping people! (however they soon thank me when I post these epic photos and videos online!! – well duh!!) so it seems so simple to me!

Record everything and make videos to post up online about finding work and other interesting things for like minded people! And then after the year is up put these all together into one big documentary for travelling and working in Australia! Still cant believe this doesn’t exist but it soon will! I know I would have watched it and found it useful so hopefully I can help other people with my constant filming!

I will however have to brush up on my video editing skills which I am afraid are at the zero point at the moment but where there is a will there is a way! And I am pretty determined to do this!

So first things first is – buy a camera!!

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