Waterfalls in Cairns

On Wednesday 28th October we rented a car from a place called ‘Rent a Bomb’ it cost us $40 for the day again which split between the 4 of us was really cheap. We decided that we wanted to go and visit some water falls.

There are quite a few around Cairns, but we chose to do a circuit of 3 in Milla Milla, you can pay to go on a tour of all of these which costs around $120 but between the 4 of us it was about $20 each with the petrol which is obviously a lot better and very easy to do in the backpacker world, just ask anyone in your hostel and if not there is always the backpacker Facebook groups for each city where people are always looking for people to share lifts etc. We decided on the circuit as one of the waterfalls here was where ‘Peter Andre – Mysterious Girl’ was filmed and naturally I wanted to make my very own Mysterious Girl music video (video below)

So the 3 water falls we went to see first were about 2 hours’ drive away and they were called:

Milla Milla falls


This is the one where ‘Peter Andre – Mysterious Girl’ was filmed. I have to say I wasn’t that impressed with this water fall, sure it was a waterfall and a beautiful day so it beat sitting at home, but the water was freezing and really slippy to get into. The water was also a very muddy colour which put me off quite a bit so I didn’t go too far into this one.

Zillie falls


This was the second visit on the circuit and this was a very beautiful one to look at. However you can only look at this one, so we looked from above and even saw a rainbow shining down below in the waterfalls mist.

Ellinjaa Falls


The third and final waterfall on this circuit and for me this one was by far the best and where most of the filming for our music video went down. It was a long walk down to this one and was quite secluded when actually down there but well worth a visit. It was a lot easier to get into the water and also had a lot of rocks by the entrance you could sit on and enjoy the sun.

After we visited these waterfalls we drove back up to Cairns and went to see the Crystal Cascades which is only about 20mins drive from Cairns if you don’t want to make a 2 hour journey to make your own music video. (Why wouldn’t you though?)

Crystal Cascades


This one I had researched before coming to Australia and I knew I wanted to visit, I loved this one. It was a long walk up to the top but so worth it although we didn’t make it straight to the top as that involved a lot of climbing and we were all pretty tired from all the music video making madness, but I have heard that you want to go straight to the top of here where you can dive of the rocks into the pool, so what you have to do is walk all the way to the top of the strip and go down the stairs to the top waterfall, climb over the rocks to the right you will have to do some climbing up some little gaps between the rocks where you can make it to the top of the waterfall.

My favourite out of all of these was probably crystal cascades and then Ellinjaa Falls.

I give them 4 Bee’s!

Cartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon Bee

Please take a look at my music video – I’m pretty sure this one beats Peter Andre’s!!

Definitely a 5 Bee Rating??? – let me know what you think.

Cartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon Bee

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Hello Welshy

As I walk back into the welsh boys room I start chatting away and having a laugh. Then one of them turns to me and asks me if I want any pills.

“Do I want pills? does a bear shit in the forest? Of course I want a pill”

So they place the order and get some more on the way – one of the security guards in the hostel was selling them, so it was pretty easy to get a hold of. The one lad goes off and gets them and as soon as he comes back he passes me one. I then immediately grab it, shove it in my mouth and swallow.

Now all I have to do it wait. So while we were waiting I get to hear all the lads’ stories about their time in the hostel.

They were sharing the room with 5 other people and 2 of them had caused an argument with them the night before and now were nowhere to be seen. They then thought it would be a good idea to break into the lad’s locker! They pulled of the bit with the lock on but couldn’t actually get into the locker its self despite repeat attempts.

The music was then put on and there were 2 girls in there sleeping that I did feel a little sorry for, although they had been out and drinking a lot so they managed to sleep through all the noise that was being made!

The boys then get out some more pills and decide it’s a good idea to crush them up to make lines out of! Crushing them up on the side and calling everyone up one by one to have theirs.

I don’t even know how many I had, but considering I took my first pill at 6am I managed to catch up relatively quickly! Up until it was 9am we were all drinking tequila and goon! Which did not taste the best. I soon switched to water as I can’t handle the taste or smell of tequila.

We kept going out to the balcony for cigarettes – god knows how many we smoked! But it was so funny looking at the one lads face! He just looked like Mandy had definitely payed him a visit and wasn’t planning on checking out anytime soon! – Gurn central.

They noticed that one of their friends had come out to sleep in the common area – this lad was seeing the girl who had kicked off with me! All I know is that she seemed very angry and I think he was a bit embarrassed that I had now joined their group so he decided to stay out there and sleep.

Eventually one of the girls wakes up and says she’s off to dive the barrier reef, I did feel rather sorry for her as she had only got into bed when I had gone in which was 6am! She was up at 7! I bet she had a fun day.

More lines more lines and yet again more lines until we ran out but in went another call for some more and more were delivered to us.

Then another girl woke and her boyfriend came in and they started to pack up their things. Looks like these boys have managed to drive everyone out of the room! Well I’m not surprised with them coming in a 6am taking countless numbers of drugs, playing music really loud and trying to break into lockers.

It got to 9am which means the shops are open so one of the lads goes off to the shop and brings back some beers for us all to have! Yayyy we have alcohol again! Let’s have a Stella!


One of the lads in there kept screaming out lines from the batman movies which was making me laugh quite a lot! – after a few hours of many many lines and many many jokes I eventually lay down and managed to get about 5mins sleep (yay for me) I was cuddling up to a very sexy lad who was oh so kind as to play with my hair and tickle my back! Heavenly on pills I can tell you that now!

After my 5minutes I get woken up to the lads who’s locker it was coming in the room to pack his and his girlfriend’s stuff up – looks like they have managed to get another 2 people to leave the room!

He looks at the locker as he walks out and says nothing. But a few minutes later a woman comes in and starts questioning them about the locker and also then says that all these people have had to leave the room because of them and their behaviour.

We keep having to try and hide the booze! Can’t be having another telling off about the alcohol now can we! They eventually send in the maintenance guys who are in there for a good 30mins trying to break into the locker which they managed to do after a lot of drilling and loud noise! Then another 30mins of them trying to add a new lock.

The woman comes back in the room and tells them all that she is keeping all of their deposits until someone owns up to trying to break into the locker and then takes a good look at me and leaves the room.

We start drinking again and doing more lines and then the door opens again where more people enter! This time it’s the cleaners! How many people are they going to get to come into this room?

Turns out one of the cleaners was also one of the many drug dealers that work at Gilligan’s so they weren’t bothered and we all carried on doing lines and drinking, until another 10/15mins go by and the woman enters the room again which is where she then tells me that I have to leave!!

But I was getting tickled and having a good night!! That’s not fair!!!

Ok well never mind!…..I take down the sexy lads number! Guess I will just see if I can continue the body stroking another night then!


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Cairns Week 2

It’s been a week since I have updated you all on what I have been doing! Been extremely busy but now that means I have so much to write! Seriously need to up my game with this don’t I!!

So I was last writing on the 17th October in the day….

Saturday 17th

After I had finished writing the last post me, Beth and Christy decided that we would book a car to go to cape tribulation the next day which we booked online for a day’s rental – $35. We left the lagoon and went back to mine where I grabbed my outfit for the evening and then walked back to Beth and Christy’s where we were supposed to start planning our day at cape tribulation and what we were going to do for the next few weeks. Surprisingly enough that didn’t happen! We got back made some food including our pasta salad to take for our packed lunch the next day!


We then started drinking our cheap box of goon on the balcony and ended up playing a lot of drinking games, it then got to about 11pm and we all walked down to Gilligan’s where I had to run upstairs to drop my stuff of and change out of my walking shoes and then joined them all back downstairs in the bar at Gilligan’s.

For us is was a surprisingly tame night! We did bump into the Aussie footballers and spent a little time with them dancing. I decided I Mayas well stay out to the end of the night as there’s no chance I can get to sleep in the room anyway as the music is so loud from the club and directly beneath my room. So I stayed out until 5am and then went up to bed where I set my alarm for 2 hours later to drive up to cape tribulation! – Hmmmm…..yeah I think you can guess that didn’t happen

Sunday 18th

I rolled over and picked my phone up and looked at the time, it was 9:30am. SHIT!!! I was supposed to get up at 7am! And we were supposed to pick the car up at 8am. Oh well I guess that’s not going to happen then! I was messaging Beth and Christy and we decided to catch the bus to a beach nearby. I was so tired I didn’t get out of bed until the last minute and had to run for the bus where I just missed it and had another hour to wait for the next bus, so I went back to the hostel had some food and then walked down to catch the next bus to go and meet the girls.

We spent a few hours at the beach chatting and having a laugh and where I filled them in on more stories about my ridiculous life! It then started raining so we decided to leave and walk to the bus, we were about 30mins early for the bus so we thought we would walk to the next bus stop where we ended up getting lost but luckily found the bus just in time before it left.

The girls went back to theirs and I went back to Gilligan’s to get ready. I decided to get all dressed up as it was the last night the aussie footballers would be there and then used my day bus pass to catch the bus back up to castaways. After a lot of goon and a lot of laughs we then walked back into town to go to Gilligan’s where we thought it was a pool party, turns out that because the weather hadn’t been that great they decided to change the pool party for a wet t shirt competition and I entered at the last minute! I gave it my all and ended up winning! – $100, 5 free drinks in the club and a bungee jump (which I don’t want to do so I decided to sell it). Video clip here if you want to see a little bit! But be warned you will see my breast so if you don’t want to look at my glorious minions then DO NOT CLICK BELOW

After the wet t-shirt comp it was great, everyone was coming over and talking to me and asking to have their pictures taken with me! My 15mins of fame had arrived and I was loving every second of it! I met an extremely sexy Aussie man called Brett who asked me out on a date with him. I said I was spending the night with my friends but gave him my number and told him to message me the next day. We then ended up going to the Aussie footballer’s room for a bit of a party but I got tired and went to bed.

Monday 19th

We woke up around midday and I went to the bank to sort my money out finally. And Yayyy it worked so I now have access to all my money!! This could also be a very bad thing. I then went to the lagoon for some sunbathing with Beth, It was boiling! I brought my laptop down and tried to make a plan of what I wanted to do as time is getting on now and I really need to think about what I’m doing before I loose my mind, body and soul in cairns! We spoke with Christy who had gone to see her family and decided that we would go to book everything the next day. So we decided to have a pretty chilled one that evening. Bbq at the lagoon as they have all these bbqs placed all over the place in cairns. It’s pretty cool to see everyone sitting around cooking food and having some laughs.

The lad from the night before Brett text me asking me out on a date with him but I said I had already made plans but that he was welcome to join us if he wanted to, which he did. We sat there for a few hours drinking and eating out very questionable sausages – it was $7 for a pack of 24 which is £3.50 so that kind of tells you what kind of quality we were eating! But we are backpackers! We can’t afford the good stuff! After the couple of hours a security guard came over and told us we weren’t allowed to drink alcohol at the lagoon! – (WHO HAS A BBQ WITHOUT BOOZE? I MEAN COME ON!) He seemed ok with us after I offered him some sausages and moved onto the next group. But we decided to leave anyway and head to Gilligan’s for a drink where I went and stashed the rest of the wine in my room.

I went back downstairs and we started playing ‘I have never’ which got interesting fast!! I didn’t think I would ever meet anyone who can up my game on ‘I have never’ until I met Beth!! She beats me hands down every single time. To read about the rest of my night click HERE – (read at your own risk)

Tuesday 20th

I woke up around 10am and had a typical Australian breakfast – vegemite on toast! (Marmite is soooo much nicer!) Then walked over to Beth’s as I was close. It was absolutely pissing it down all day and we chilled on her bed playing on tinder trying to get super likes of which I got none! Boo to me! (Am I ugly in Australia? Haha)

When the rain died down a bit we walked into town and went to greyhound to book all of our things we needed and wanted to do while we are here.

I booked:

  • Greyhound hop on hop off bus pass to Brisbane (although it will let me go a little further down to Byron bay which is good)
  • Great barrier reef boat trip and an intro scuba dive for the 23rd
  • A sky dive at mission beach on the 2nd November
  • Whitsundays boat tour for 2 nights on the 9th November

We stayed in greyhound for ages trying to plan when we would do all of these things and when we would travel down and eventually came up with a plan. We are going to stay in cairns until the 1st November and spend Halloween here, then head down to mission beach where we will do the sky dive, head on down for a few more days to see Townsville, and magnetic island.

Then down to Airlie beach for the Whitsunday’s and then I may or may not do a Fraser island tour after that, and then I will have to leave the girls as they are carrying on down to Sydney! But I want to find my farm work and get it out of the way so I will leave them after the Whitsunday’s somewhere around Brisbane and try to get some farming work done so I know I can do my second year.

After we had got all that planned we then went back to mine and drank the leftover wine, made some dinner and decided to book a car to cape tribulation (second time lucky) for the next day. We then all had an early night. The girl who had said she would buy the bungee jump came and bought it off me for $100 and then I went to bed ready for an early start the next day.

Wednesday 21st

I woke up around 6:30am and got straight in the shower, I had sent a message to the car company the night before asking them to call me as soon as they opened the next day to book the car which they called me around 7:30am saying yes its fine to rent the car for the day.

So I left the hostel went and got a Mackie’s breakfast and met up with Christy where we walked down to the rental place and got the car for 24 hours for $40. It took us around 3hours to get there and even though the car said it was air conditioned it was still absolutely boiling and me and Christy kept having to switch between front and back seat! If you want to read about cape tribulation then click HERE.

When we got back into cairns we then decided that we would go out to another club called the woolshed! They also had a wet t-shirt competition so I decided I would enter that one too. I went back to mine and got a box of goon on the way for me to get drunk enough that I wouldn’t feel nervous about doing the comp. Christy came and met me at mine after a few hours and we had a few drinks in my room, we went out onto the smoking balcony in the common area and almost immediately a security guard came over saying he can smell the wine and wanted to know what room I was in. I didn’t tell him straight away so he started to get quite aggressive and was shouting at me. I then told him I would take him to my room so he followed me and took the wine. Guess we Mayas well go out now then!!

So we did, we went off to meet Beth at the woolshed and I signed up to the wet t-shirt competition where again I won. (Well this is my new thing so of course I would!)

I don’t remember too much between finishing the wet t-shirt comp and leaving but apparently I got rather upset because I didn’t get the same attention here as I got at Gilligan’s. (Am I ugly in Australia?) I ended up leaving and managed to find a boy who bought me a kebab! Such a classy girl I am! He was staying at Gilligan’s too and I walked back with him and sat on his floors common area to eat our extra tasty kebabs! He then started trying to get all touchy with me so I got up and left to go upstairs to bed. As I came out of the lift I walked past the smoking area where I see one of the boys who is staying in my room.

He is passed out on the floor and his phone and wallet are also out which makes him very easy to steal from. So I went out there and woke him up. He seemed really drunk and didn’t seem to recognise me so he got up mumbled something and walked off inside onto the sofa leaving his phone and wallet behind. I get up and walk into the common area to him and try to wake him up!

He doesn’t wake up so I give him a tap on the face. A girl who is on the other side of the room seeming to be arguing with someone sees this and comes over shouting at me to leave him alone. I say he is staying in my room and I’m just trying to help him go to bed and not get all of his stuff stolen, she didn’t like the sound of this and then started shouting at me. I continued to try to wake the lad up to try give him his stuff back, next thing I know I’m being punched in the face and pushed on the floor, my hair is being pulled out! WHAT THE HELL?? – ok so if you’re going to pull my hair I am certainly not going to sit here and not do anything so I start hitting her back! I grab hold of her hair too and then the next thing I know I see the face of the welsh boy from the other night pulling her off me, so I let go and then sit up. The security guard from earlier shows up and is giving me dirty looks. He just has it in for me, came over and asked me what happened and I told him. He then says he doesn’t really believe me and wants to go check the CCTV. I then start speaking to the welsh boys who tell me that girl was in their room and that she is a bitch! And seems to kick off with everyone and for no reason. I then go and chill in the boys room to calm down and then they say I can stay and party with them, I wanted to go get changed first but couldn’t find my room key. So I go downstairs to reception to get another one and the security guards are there.

They look at me and say something cocky to me and that they just want a reason to chuck me out. I then say that I had tried to move out anyway and didn’t like it there because it was so loud in my room which they wouldn’t let me switch either, grab my key and walk back upstairs to the boys room, you can read about my night with them HERE – (read at your own risk)

Thursday 22nd

I was still partying in the welsh lads room and they then get a knock on their door at 11am where a woman walks in and asks If I am me, I say yes and she then asks me to come outside and speak to her. She says that they have moved all my stuff out of my room downstairs as I wanted to move out and they are going to give me a full refund. – I said that I didn’t say I was moving out today and that she couldn’t do this to me. She continued to tell me she had moved all my stuff out and that I had to leave. I said I would come down later and get it and tried to walk back into the lad’s room. She then said to me that meanings I am no longer a guest I am not allowed in the building anymore and had to get out immediately.


So I go back into the lad’s room and tell them what had happened and that I had to leave, added one of them on Facebook and got his number and then left. I went downstairs to go get my stuff and on the way down I looked at this woman’s face and she was smiling. I said to her do you enjoy this do you? Kicking people out for no reason? I then said she was a super bitch! Which let’s face it! She is!!! When I get downstairs she brings over a big wheelie bin full of my stuff which I have to try and pack in the front reception in front of everyone! I look at her and say she is one of the most horrible people I have ever come into contact with. She then tells me I need to be out of the place within 5minutes! I laugh and say unless you get one of your security guards to physically come and pick me up and throw me out I’m staying here until I have managed to pack my things away, because funnily enough if I was planning on moving out this morning I would have packed all this last night.

She then walked off and left me to it. I packed everything up and she came back over telling me to sign something which I said no. I asked her for my refund and she told me she was going to refund the money onto the card it was booked with which was the card back home. I then started to get upset! Why does shit like this always happen to me??

I asked her if I could leave my stuff in a locker to try and find somewhere else to go and surprise surprise she said no! Luckily Beth messaged me as I was packing all of this away and told me to get a cab up to her! And that there were spaces at hers! So I did exactly that and burst into tears as soon as I got there. I spoke with one of the people who works here and he said he was off work until 4pm but just to come and speak to him then, I then took all my stuff into beths room and got onto the spare bed and passed out for about 3hours.

I went downstairs and booked 2 nights in the hostel and then me and Beth walked to the car rental place to get the deposit back and also down to greyhound to pick our passes up for all the things we had booked. I was still feeling really tired so we did that and then walked back to castaways and went to bed ready for the early start the next day.

Friday 23rd

Wow it’s so nice staying in a hostel where you can actually sleep! No loud music and not even any bunk beds! So in a way it’s all worked out for the best. And while yes I’m losing out on a weeks’ worth of accommodation money I now feel like I can actually stay at this place and not feel like I have to go out and spend money! It’s good!!

So we woke up at 6am and got ready quickly and walked down to the marina ready for our day at the Great Barrier Reef! It was absolutely incredible. If you want to read about that then please click HERE.

After we got back from the reef we stopped off at Gilligan’s to pick up the confiscated alcohol they had taken from me the other day. Walked back to castaways and then sat on the balcony and had a few drinks. We then got a taxi back into town around 11pm and went to the woolshed, I didn’t really want to go out anyway but I did as it was Christy’s last night with us for a little while so I wanted to say goodbye to her, I stayed out for about 1hour but it was so hot in the club I really wasn’t feeling it and decided to go home and have a relatively early night although It was still 1am by the time I got into bed. But that’s better than 6am or maybe not at all.

Saturday 24th

Then today I woke up around 10:30am and I have been sitting around on the balcony doing nothing all day, apart from writing posts. I have so much to write! I have been useless with catching everything up.

I think it’s taken me about 2 hours just to write this post! And now I have to write everything else! Time consuming or what! But I’m happy with that, as I don’t want to go and spend any more money so for the next few days I am going to not do anything and just catch up on blog posts, and also start making my videos to put on YouTube.

That’s the plan anyways haha.

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Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a must on any backpackers list or just anyone visiting Australia.

We went with a company called – down under cruise and dive and I have to say I had an amazing day.

You have to be at the harbour for 7:30am where you have to go into the terminal building to check into the boat, where you will get a questionnaire for you to answer on the boat.

When we got on the boat they had free tea, coffee, and biscuits available for you to grab yourself which I of course did. Anything I can get for free over her I will get.

When everyone is settled on the boat the crew members stand up and talk you through what is going to happen throughout the day. With this company you get to go to 2 parts of the reef, which increases your chances of seeing all the cool things you want to see. Then they ask who snorkelling is and who is diving and tell you that you need to attend the safety briefing for which ever one at a certain place and time on the boat.

You then get about 30mins to up on the top deck to go and sunbathe. It was quite a busy boat about 100people but there was still plenty of room for sunbathing on the top.

You then get called to go to the briefing and you learn all the hand signals and what you have to do to equalise yourself as you go further down, basically you have to pop your ears as you go further down into the water as the pressure gets more and more.

By the time the briefing was over we had arrived in our first stop and they then tell you what dive group you would be in. we were in group 8 so we had time to go snorkelling first.

If you want a wet suit for your snorkelling or your diving then you have to rent this for $10 for the day. I took this option because I was diving and can get a little colder the further you go down. Although when I got in the water for the snorkelling it was so nice, it was warm and lovely.

It was incredible to do this and see all the brightly coloured fish. They were so beautiful to look at and all the different corrals and organisms that grow down there.

Some parts of the reef are so high up it’s really hard to swim over without touching anything and it’s so delicate that you don’t want to touch anything.

After about 30mins snorkelling it was time for lunch where they served up a big buffet of food for us to help ourselves to including lots of fish, salad and meat. It was probably the best meal I have eaten since leaving the UK as I have been living the typical backpacker lifestyle of rice and pasta because it’s so cheap. Halfway through our food we were called up to go diving!

So off we head to the scuba diving section where we get kitted up and then I start to panic! Ok ok just breathe! It’s going to be amazing. They strap you into your kit and it’s so heavy I can hardly walk, get down to the back of the boat and sit on the side where the instructor goes through all the safety movements again. He then says he will not take anyone down until they demonstrate the 2 safety movements under the water.

  1. You have to hold your two fingers on the top of your mask, look up and breathe really hard out of your nose to clear your mask of any water that may get trapped in there.
  2. You have to take two big deep breaths in then take out your mouth piece and let some bubbles come out your mouth, then place the mouthpiece back in your mouth and breath really hard the number two. This clears the water out of your mouth and the tube so you can breathe through the mouthpiece again.

You go in groups of four and as soon as I went under I found it really hard to breathe through the mouthpiece. My head started to panic a little bit and I had to head to the top of the water where the man at the top asked me if I was ok. I said I couldn’t breath and he said “yeah it does take some getting used to! Just breathe and try again” I nodded and had a little word with myself where I went back down and got a hold of my breathing. Then the instructor came over to me and asked me to do the safety movements, after I had done this I felt fine.  One of the girls in our group couldn’t do them and panicked too much so she headed back up and decided that she wasn’t going to do the dive.

We then headed down where you lie flat and just kick and you end up going down although it doesn’t feel like you are. I knew we were though as my ears kept feeling like I needed to pop them so every few meters I would hold onto my nose and blow so I could equalise. I seemed to get the hang of it quite quickly.

When you go down on the intro dive you all go down linked arms and have about 10minutes under which isn’t too long but it was long enough for me to fall in love with it. I saw a baby shark and lots of other amazing fish that you don’t see on the top.

After we had got back up to the top I immediately decided that I was going to do another dive meanings we were heading to a second part of the reef and also it was discounted to $45 for another dive.

We got out the water got changed and finished our lunch and then set off to the next part of the reef, I went snorkelling as soon as we got there and this part of the reef was even more incredible than the first one, everything was shallow but there were so many more brightly coloured fish around and the water was even warmer.

I then got called up to do my second dive, the second dive is totally worth it as you get a bit more freedom. You still go down in a group and you still go with the instructor but you don’t have to link to each other. The instructor goes in front and you follow. I found it came naturally to me the second time and I loved every second. We were under for about 30minutes where we saw a shark sleeping on the bottom of the floor (probably won’t be able to see him on the videos), a sting ray, a couple of Nemo’s, some jelly fish and even more beautiful fish and corrals. It was truly incredible. I never wanted to go back to the surface.

Once we got out of the water it was time to head back to the city but not before being given free wine and cheese. And also a bit of entertainment on the way back from one of the crew members. He sang lots of reggae songs obviously a bit of bob Marley….what else?

When you leave the boat you get a certificate to say that you have done your intro diving, just a little something for you to look at and feel a little proud of, I know I do!

I used my cheap version of a go-pro to record the video with which they were fine about you taking down on the intro dive too. So when I do get these uploaded I apologise for any shakiness! I was a little nervous and not paying much attention to the camera at times.

The Reef was incredible so I have to give the day a 5 Bee’s!

Cartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon Bee

Hope you enjoy the video and let me know about your trip to the reef.


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Cape Tribulation

Cape tribulation is utterly incredible! It is about a 3 hour drive from Cairn’s and it is a must for anyone visiting!

It is where the rainforest meets the beach. The sands are white and even look like body glitter when stuck to your skin.

When you drive up from cairns you just stay on the one road! It is so easy to get to, you also spend most of your time driving next to the ocean so the views whilst driving are amazing, which is always good! Means your 3hours journey goes super-fast and you hardly notice the drive at all.

You can go with a tour group if you want to but these typically cost around $100-$150 depending on what you book in for. If you have money to spend and you want a guided tour then yeah I guess go for it. Or you could go hire a car for the day and drive up with people in your hostel.

We hired a car for $40 for the day and put $30 petrol in the tank which took us all the way there and back without having to refill! Excellent! So if you split that between even 2 of you it works out much cheaper than a tour. You will however have to purchase a pass for the ferry to take you over to the rainforest, if you do this on the day it will cost you $25. Most hostels will have passes to sell for around $10 so just make sure you ask around before you go to try and save a little bit more money.

When you get off the ferry you will drive through the rainforest where there will be many tempting things for you to look at, however we were advised and I now advise the same thing – don’t stop for any of them! Make your way right to the top, this should take around 30/40mins. Go straight up to cape tribulation and make the most out of the beach and rainforest. Do some sunbathing.

Make sure you bring a packed lunch as your pretty far from anywhere and food can be quite expensive. So some bread and meat and crisps is all you will need.

Have a look around and do some sunbathing, make sure you take some bug spray though as you are right next to the rainforest which means mosquitos and lots of other bugs that want to nibble on your skin!!

There are warning signs at the entrance to the beach which say do not enter the water due to crocodiles. So stay away from the water!!!

When we went however we did go in but that is because we were stupid and didn’t read the signs! But also lucky, as no one got eaten by any crocodiles! Yayyy!! Also we have been told that no one has been eaten by a crocodile up there in over 70 years! But maybe that’s because no one goes in the water! Who will ever know!

Once you have done all your sunbathing and looking around the top go get back into your car and head down and then you can pick and choose where you want to go and if you’re lucky enough you may see some Cassowary birds wandering the roads like we did! It was amazing to see! They have signs all the way up saying that they may be spotted crossing and we managed to see an adult with her 3 babies wandering the roads.

After this we stopped off at one of the rainforest boardwalks which was a free walk and took a stroll down there, where the floor is completely covered in still water with trees I had never seen before! It then moves onto the higher ground where the trees change due to the ground they are in. it is quite fascinating to learn about all of these things as you are walking around.

So take a look through the photos and see what you think! But I would definitely recommend taking some time out of your trip to go and visit this amazing place! It truly is amazing.

Because this place is so beautiful I have to give it 5 Bee’s

Cartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon Bee

Hope you enjoy the video and let me know what you think of your trip.



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Biggy Smalls

So we were sat in the bar in Gilligan’s playing I have never sharing my dirtiest secrets to the extremely sexy man that had asked me out on a date. After a few rounds and a few drinks and few blows on the ever so famous dick flute Brett asked me if I wanted to go back to his.

He was gorgeous! Big big muscles and very tall dark and handsome and Australian! What more could I want? – Well there’s one thing I wouldn’t mind having I think you may be able to guess what that is.

So Beth and Christy left and me and Brett sat down and had another drink and a bit more of a chat, he then says he is ready to go so we start to walk to his, he is so nice, honestly a really lovely bloke! I ask if I should go upstairs and grab my charger or if he has one, he said I can use his, he will just turn his phone off. Nawww lovely chap!

So after more stories and getting to know each other I start thinking uh-oh this isn’t very good is it! Now I get attached very easily and so far he is ticking all of my boxes!

Rule number one on my list is stay away from men that can possibly cause me to lose my mind and get hurt! Nope – not interested in that thank you very much!

Anyways……back to the story

So we get back to his after about a 20minute walk but that went really fast because of all the talking! He then tells me he has a swimming pool at his apartment and would I like to go for a swim and a drink?

“Does a bear shit in the forest?”

We head straight to the pool with a few beers and OMG its fucking freezing! And really dark in there. He then pulls me closer to ‘warm me up’ mmmmnnnn his body feels so nice pressed against mine and those muscles on his arms are almost bigger than I am. I can’t stop touching them.

“Right Sami, don’t look too desperate now!!”

So I swim off and grab my beer and have a few sips while all sorts of naughty things are running through my mind. He comes closer to me and grabs me and kisses me. He is such a good kisser my body is literally melting!

“Well I certainly don’t feel cold anymore!!!!”

After a few hours drinking, talking and kissing in the pool we head back upstairs where I hang my bikini up to dry for the night and head to the bedroom where I get picked up and thrown on the bed.

“Fucking hell I am so horny! This better be good!!”

After all the kissing and the stroking of my body I then tell him he should take of his boxers, he does so and climbs on top of me and…………

OH NO!!!!!! So it’s not big at all!!


I should have known that this would happen!! Have I learnt nothing??

Remember your quote from your last post about a man Sami?? Just because he is fit does not mean he’s going to be good in bed!!!

Well it’s not so much that he wasn’t good, I mean he was doing everything right but there just wasn’t much to work with that’s all I’m saying!!

I trying everything to get something out of it but nope nothing was working, he then asked me to climb on top and I thought yeah let’s see if that works.

Nope……not at all! I couldn’t even bump up and down! I tried about 3 times and each time it popped out!

“Guess I’m just going to have to go forwards and backwards here then”

So I start moving my hips front and back and still nothing!

“He seems to be enjoying himself though! So let’s carry on and get this over with!!”

He tells me he’s very close so yep faster I go! After a very loud groan and a lot of body shaking he was done! So I climb off and go to the bathroom to freshen up!

God I need a fag after that!!! And not in the good way!! I need some sort of satisfaction after tonight.

After the fag I go back into the bed and lay down, ok well he’s good to cuddle! So I don’t need to leave this time! We eventually fall to sleep and then I get woken up at around 8am to him stoking my body!

“Oh guess he wants some of this again then!….pffft maybe I should have just gone home!”

So off we go again and even more of the disappointment comes this time now I don’t have any booze in my system!

Why oh why can he be oh so sexy and perfect in every single way but just have nothing down there? It is not fair at all!

Am I doomed to have rubbish sex for the rest of my life? At least if he wasn’t that fit I wouldn’t be so disappointed about it! But it’s like a big slap in the face when they are!

So after more forwards and backwards motions and the body trembling I knew he was done! I climb off and go for a fag!

I come back into the room and he’s made me vegemite on toast which is what all the Aussies eat over here! He then says oh this is one for your bucket list – eating vegemite on toast in bed with an Australian! Tick! Well I Mayas well take something from this night even if it is just a bit of toast and spread!

So I then go off to meet Beth as I found out I was just around the corner and tell her about the lack of big dick which she knew I wanted so bad! I feel like I’ve been cursed to forever have tiny cocks!! Any other curse will do me fine!! Just not that one!! PLEASE??

So anyway that’s my night with now named Biggy Smalls!



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Aussie Men – yes please!!!

So me and Beth go out to the smoking area at Gilligan’s and as soon as we get out there a man comes over and says that a couple of lads are wanting us to go over, but we had already set our eyes on the lads next to us and then as soon as they saw we were wanted elsewhere they then told us to come and sit down which of course we did.

And oh there the fun began! We stayed there for ages just chatting to them about Australia and England and they tried to make fun of our accents it was very entertaining! This is where I found my new drink! Cassie and dry! It is incredible! And one of the cheapest drinks you can get here so Yayyy for me!!!

I got chatting to them all one by one but spent the first bit of the night mainly with someone who looked so much like my friend back home – Teague!! It was quite strange talking to him when he looked so much like him!

Everyone decided to go and dance! And we went in there and I and Teague lookalike stood around chatting! It was so cold in there, he then said should we go back outside where we can sit and talk as that’s all were doing in here? I said yes! So went and got a couple of drinks (he paid) and then when we got back outside I looked at him and his jaw was shaking! I was thinking – I know what that is!!!!!!

“Have you been doing coke?” his eyes go even wider and says yes!! I knew it! So we then get talking about that! He said it costs him $300 a gram over here! Wowza!!! Don’t think I’m going to be buying any of that then!! So after a little bit of talking about lots of different drugs, I then say “ohhh I want some now!” he said that he would sort me out a line but didn’t know how to do it as there are cameras everywhere! He then said “oh you can have a tab if you want”

I was thinking Hmmmm…..what’s this? Sounds like acid which is a bit scary so probably not! But he said it was MDMA!! – My eyes immediately lit up!! Oh hello Mandy my good old friend!!! Of course my answer was yes! – (Well duh) – so he gave me a little capsule that’s full of MDMA! I take it and think it looks quite small so it’s probably not going to do too much to me! Which I told him I didn’t think it would! Sure enough 40mins later I could feel a little something but not too much! So he then passes me another 2 and tells me to do both of them! Hmmm….ok why not! So there I pop the 2 in my mouth and swallow!

Goodbye world as I know it I’m hoping on the Mandy train!!!

About 15minutes go by and I lose all control of my eyes! They are all over the shop!! Yep it worked!!! And it worked well. by this time I was sat with quite a lot of the lads and the girls were nowhere to be found (although I later discovered they had been dancing at the front of the club all night) so tab after tab and drink after drink and many many laughs the night got later and later. The club eventually started to close and we got asked to leave!

“Shall we all just go and party upstairs” I say!

We then bump into Beth and Christie and I had already invited myself into their room and tried to invite them up too! The lads say this is fine but Gilligan’s don’t let anyone in without a room key! Or they make you pay $25 each for one! Which is a lot! I go upstairs and go into room 209! Where all the lads are! Out comes the music and all the jokes! (Not that I can remember much of what was said in this room at all)

I kept having to go back to my room to get speakers (which they still have and need to get back!!) chewing gum was a must!! So I again had to go back there and get chewing gum! I sat next to Teague look alike for a bit and then one of the other lads decided to make the bed for his friend so I had to get off! I quickly jumped on the bed opposite where I was sat next to Toby (always remember that name!) I found him the best looking out of all of them and he was so nice! Getting me blankets and drinks etc.

We then ran out of water and decided to have a few more tabs! There was nothing to put the water in as they had thrown the bottles out the window so one of the lads comes up to me with a shoe filled with water! –

“Am I seriously going to drink water out of your shoe” – “if you want a tab you will” – “OK, then!!”

So I drink the sweaty shoe water to down the tab with and wasn’t too bad actually! We start planning on what to do the next day and everyone decided they wanted to go to crystal cascades! A beautiful waterfall and they all settled on that I was going to drive them all there – (yeah right) unfortunately as it got lighter and lighter it started to absolutely piss it down! Guess that’s off then! So guess it’s just the pub then!!

It got to about 8am and they found out a pub opened at 9! So one by one they start showering! I don’t think I have ever seen so many naked men in one place!! They don’t seem to care at all about walking around naked! And neither do I!!! It was very hard not to stare! Especially when you have the Mandy stare on your face!

Showering with the door open! And just walking around with no clothes on while they each make jokes about each other’s dicks! Don’t know what was to joke about! All but one was very nice to look at I have to say!! The one though was a let’s say hard to see! And the lad I like was oh so big! Try before you buy and all! So I was happy with my viewing pleasure!!

It got to just before 9 and I decided I would go for a drink with them so I went back to my room to get changed but as soon as I walked in there It was absolutely freezing and I looked out the window and I was pissing it down so decided against it!

All in all a very good night! So many free drinks, free cigarettes and free naked Aussie men to look at showering! What more could I possibly have wanted? Maybe a bit of toby!! But never on Mandy! I can’t think of anything worse than dick and kissing when on Mandy! I just want laughs and talking which I got plenty of! One happy girl right here!!!

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Cairns first 4 days

Today is my fourth day in Cairn’s. Gilligan’s is a crazy place to stay! People tend to only have a couple of nights booked there and then there’s me with 2 whole weeks!

So as soon as I arrive at Gilligan’s and check in there is a Dutch girl in the room who I get chatting to, she is really nice and mentions she is going out that night for some drinks and I would be welcome to join her, but first I had to go shopping!

I walked down to Coles with another person in my room, his name was Henrik and I managed to get 2 weeks’ worth of shopping (well what I presume is 2 weeks’ worth, maybe even a little more) for $60 (£30) I didn’t get any meat though as its quite expensive, so It looks like I’m going to be a veggie out here for a bit!

I got back had a shower and made some tuna pasta where I met a girl in the kitchen who gave me her cool bag for the fridge as she was leaving! (People are really nice out here)

Then we went out for some drinks. We were sat in the smoking area outside for a while and a girl came and asked if she could perch on our bench to smoke and I then got to chatting with her and found out she was going to be in Cairns for another week or so which is perfect as even though Gilligan’s is great for meeting people as it’s so big, it’s also really hard to meet people because it’s so big and people only stay for a few days.

That night me and the Dutch girl had a few drinks, we went to a bar called PJ’S and it was happy hour so I managed to get a jug of Strongbow and raspberry for $8 (£4) BARGAIN!!! After that died down we went back to Gilligan’s and had a few more drinks where we got chatting to a lad from England, the Dutch girl left and I was sat chatting to him for a while, I then decided I wanted to go back up to my room and he then came with and asked me if I wanted to ‘spoon’ –

“No thanks mate! I think I’m good! Good night”

I got up the next day and gave the girl I met in the bar a message on Facebook her name is Beth! She said she was going to walk around the botanical gardens so I said I would join and walked up to her hostel which was about a 20 minute walk! And then from there me, Beth and her new roommate Christie walked up to the gardens which was another 30min walk just to get there!


The gardens are beautiful, you walk through a bit of the rainforest to get there and over a river with warning signs saying to stay away because of crocodiles and that they will eat you!! So yep staying clear of that!! Don’t fancy getting eaten by crocodiles one little bit!!!

Once we got into the gardens we had a look around and it was really beautiful! So many different flowers that I had never seen and the trees here are crazy! Red bamboo and trees where the roots seem to be out the ground and growing all around the tree! It also showed info about what the aboriginals used to use each type of plant to make such as beds, baskets etc., so was quite interesting!

Me and the 2 girls decided to take a selfie – “wait a minute and let me take a selfie!” by these really pretty flowers. As soon as we did this a massive group of Asian people (Chinese I think) came over and started taking photos of us too! They then joined us and we had a million people taking our photo! – do they think were famous? Or just nice to look at? It was extremely funny! After about 5mins of this we then decided to walk on but oh boy did they not want us to leave! Haha

We carried on walking around and then decided to sit down and have a picnic by some pretty flowers where again the big group turned up and one by one came and sat with us and had a picture taken with us!

“What are they going to do with these photos? – are they going to put them up on their walls?”

After the very surreal constant picture taking the eventually left and we continued to chat and enjoy our little picnic! Then we wondered back out to the middle of the gardens where there was a big conservatory, we went in here and it was full off butterflies! Yayyy! Some of them were massive! One wing about the size of my hand and electric blue! Was so beautiful!

Then on the way back we decided to walk along the esplanade and see the beach – or lack thereof! It’s a bit like western-super-mare here so it’s really muddy/sandy and really far out! And you are not allowed to go anywhere near the water again because of crocodiles! What’s with this place and all these dangerous animals!! I want to swim in the sea damn it!!!! – guess that will come later!

So after the long day of walking I went back to the hostel where I was expecting my room to be filled with Aussie footballers as they are on their holidays now and all come to Gilligan’s! But luckily my room had 5 new girls in from England and only 3 Aussie footballers! Means I have a little more chance at getting to sleep – or so I thought!

That night I went down to the bar with the girls in my room and had a couple of drinks with them and told beth and Christie to join! As soon as I walked into the bar I immediately started getting chatted up by numerous Aussie men!! I like it here!!! They were all so drunk and singing it was quite funny! Beth and Christie turned up and I didn’t even have a chance to introduce them to the girls in my room because we decided to quickly go out to the smoking area and never came back.

Out there we met a football team from Melbourne they were hilarious and also extremely beautiful! If you want to read about my night with them then click HERE – (READ AT YOUR OWN RISK)

So after I rolled into my room at 9am the next morning with no sleep feeling like utter shit and not really knowing what to do with my life I decided to not go and meet the lads at the pub and instead slept all day! Until I got a message from beth saying to meet her down the lagoon! I thought it best to drag myself out of bed so I did head down there for a couple hours! Still feeling extremely delicate from the night before, I decided (well beth decided) that I was going in the pool!

Omg its fucking freezing!!! Get me out of here now! It then started to rain! (well we are near the rainforest) so we quickly ran for cover and I got my laptop out where I tried to write this post! I couldn’t see very well – not at all sure why that would be! Hmmmm….. So I shut the laptop and went back to the hostel where I again went to sleep for a bit!

I woke up around 9ish and then decided to get ready and walk down to the bank to get some cash out! When I got there it told me my pin was incorrect! THANKS A LOT STEVE!! (one of the Aussie lads) who activated my card the night before and forgot to tell me that the pin changed! Or maybe he just couldn’t see when I told him what to make it on the phone!! Grrrrrr!!!

So I then get extremely sad as I try calling the number but nope not allowed! They are now shut until Monday!! Ok now I’m in a very bad mood, along with text messages from certain people I don’t want to be getting I am now very angry and very upset!

I spoke to dad and he then transferred me some money into my English account so I can at least take that out for the next few days! – Love my dad so so much!!

As this happened the Aussie lads came back into the room and literally forced me to go out with them so I did! And luckily I didn’t have to pay for a single thing any way so that’s always nice! I have also discovered a new drink which is called something like – Cassi and dry, which surprisingly is some kind of whiskey with ginger beer! It is SO SO SO good! And not too expensive! Its $6.50 where a pint here is $8.50! Bloody stupid still but cheap for here nonetheless!

I then decide to go back to the room but on the way out I see Beth arriving so I turn around and go back inside where we bump into the Aussie lads I spent the night partying with, they then bought us a few drinks and had a dance! I had had enough though as I hadn’t drank that much as I came out late, was starving after not eating all day and the music was not my kind of thing! So I decided to go back to the room but not without buying 2 big slices of pizza!

I go back upstairs and sit in the sort of common area on our floor where there is a TV to eat the pizza! After a couple of minutes of sitting here a welsh boy fell through the door and then ran and hid behind the wall and said to me – “watch this!! He’s going through the window” he called his mate and then when he walked through the door he jumped and kicked him in the stomach! They then started ‘fighting’ (laughing while doing this) this place is crazy!!!

I then get chatting to him and find out he is form Newport so we had some chats about there considering I went to Uni there! He is also staying in the room next to me and will be for the next week! So at least that’s someone else who is around for a bit!

When I woke up this morning the Aussie lads had moved out so there will be more people joining me very soon! Let’s see whose next then!! – I changed beds to the other side so I have more room to put all my stuff now and looks like I have properly moved in! I also got rid of some more of my clothes. A few tops a dress and a pair of trousers! I so want to get everything into 1 bag!!  It’s so hard deciding what to get rid of though! But little by little it’s happening!!

After all of that I decide to come back to the lagoon with the free Wi-Fi and write a few blog posts! There is a market on at the moment and some live bands so it’s quite nice although it’s really cloudy, windy and raining a little! But it’s still not that cold so it’s ok!

I walked past a travel agency thing called indie travel and they organise all the trips to the barrier reef and the Whitsunday’s etc. and I got told I don’t need my pin number to do that which is amazing! So I may go get some things booked today!

I 100% do not want to stay in Cairns! It is a nice place but it’s all about going out all the time and I’m just not that person anymore! Give me house parties and chilling on the beach over a nightclub any day of the week!

I guess I’m just feeling a little lonely now but I’m not too bad! I shall be ok! I think once I get things booked I will be feeling much better but as I know I don’t really have much booked or know what I’m doing then I’m just feeling a little lost at the moment!

Ahhh well hey! That’s the life of a traveller I suppose so I better get used to it and man up a bit!

So that’s that! Let’s see what happens tonight! I will probably end up going for a few drinks! If you don’t go out here then you just don’t do anything! Everyone seems to go out! Every single night and its already wearing me out! I just want to do something chilled!

God I sound old already don’t I!!!

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Warning – I bite.

Insect repellent –

So before I left I already knew that I was going to get bitten! I always get bitten and sure enough I am covered in bites! The itch they are annoying and I hate them. So how do you not get bitten??

Well for me I knew I was going to be travelling around for a while so I opted for citronella soap! This stuff is good for your skin and smells really nice – almost lemony.

Now the only problem with this is that it didn’t seem to work in Darwin! But this place is tropical so the bugs a bigger and they are just out to get me here!

I didn’t want to get anything with Deet in as I have read that it’s actually really bad for you with continued use! Can’t remember exactly why this is but I remember reading that it goes into your blood and can poison you! So I tried the citronella oil soap and I also tried the mosquito bands – this did actually seem to work but just for the arm it was on! – So what am I supposed to do? Buy one for each arm and each ankle? And then what about my back?

Basically I think if you’re going somewhere tropical you have no other option than to get something with Deet in. since I bought the extra strength one I haven’t been bitten, I am worried about continued use but I am on the way to Cairns now so I am going to give the soap another go here and see if it works and keep you updated.

But for Darwin – get extra strength if you are prone to bites!

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Darwin YHA Review

The YHA is a nice place to stay, it’s not too loud and its not to quiet. It’s got the right balance of both I think so anyway.

When I arrived at 6am I was told I was not allowed to check in until at the earliest 12pm, so there was a bit of a wait. I was already aware of this (although I thought I was allowed to check in at 10am but never mind) they let me sit upstairs in the TV room and let me store my bag away. They also have free Wi-Fi which is available to use in the TV room and in reception. They do also have a premium Wi-Fi available which you can use in your rooms, I didn’t get this but one of the girls in my room did and she was complaining about the signal so I’m not too sure it’s worth the money. If you have an Australian sim card you can always just use your phone as a hotspot which is what I did. I have a Vodafone sim and I got 4G everywhere I went in Darwin so using this in the rooms was fine.

While I was waiting to check in I was upstairs in the TV Room which is a bit dark and dingy. I didn’t spend any more time in this room other than when I was waiting to check in. also while I was waiting in here I noticed that there were maggots jumping out of the bin and crawling all over the floor. I found this pretty disgusting so didn’t stay in there too long. Other than that the place was pretty clean. All the rooms were cleaned regularly as was the kitchen and pool area.

The rooms are quite nice, I was in a 6 bed room and there was only 4 of us in there at one time. They give you bedding to use when you get there so you can’t bring your own. But the room had a fridge so if you didn’t want to keep your food in the big fridge you could use the one in there. (I have always been a bit funny about storing my food in fridges with lots of people, even when I was at Uni I took my own fridge to keep in my room! People like to steal food no matter where you go) we also got our own en-suite which was amazing! The showers are really powerful and the whole bathroom was very clean (no spiders in the toilet which made me very happy). There is air conditioning and a big fan on the ceiling so the room was nice and cool too.

They do not have lockers in the room or anywhere in the hostel so you have to be quite trusting, or just do what I did and use a bike lock, and small bag locks. (Lock the bag and then lock the bag to the bed) BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY! (I met quite a few people who had things stolen. Not in the YHA but just around Darwin so it’s definitely better to be safe with your stuff! After all you’re a backpacker, you can’t afford a new laptop can you?)

The kitchen area was good, it was big enough for a few people to cook at one time. They did only have 4 oven rings, but I never found this to be a problem. There is also plenty of seating out by the pool or in the room next to the kitchen for you to eat at if you don’t want to take it back to your room. All kitchen utensils and plates, cookware etc. is free to use, you just have to do your own washing up which is fair enough (I know lots of places charge you for plates and things)

There is also a FREE shelf where people leaving the hostel will put anything they have not finished and are no longer going to use. There is one in the fridge and one on the shelves by the plates etc.

The pool area is nice, the pool itself is not very big so you can’t go here expecting to swim lengths or anything but its clean and a nice size for having a dip. With a few sun loungers available around the pool which never seemed to be all occupied.

They do have clothes washing facilities and a washing line but I didn’t use any of these but they are there if you need them.

Location wise you are in a very central place. Just about 400yards up the road (to the right when you come out! Don’t make my mistake and go left! It’s a long road!) You will find the nightlife area and the more party like hostels. You will also find the supermarket Coles. Woolworths is pretty close too.

So you are very close to all the action and just a little bit away from it if you want to make sure you will get to sleep in peace.

You can also get reception to book your transfer to the airport and it will cost you $18 and they pick you up right outside. Also In reception you will find a load of free sun cream to use and insect repellent – YOU WILL NEED TO USE BOTH OF THESE! THIS PLACE IS HOT!!!

Overall I think this was a nice place to stay. The maggots upstairs and the lack of lockers however make me rate this place 3 bees! If it wasn’t for that I would have gave a higher rating.

Cartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon Bee

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