Agnes Water – Brisbane (week 1)

It’s that time yet again where I have to update my diary, and I think this may be the longest I have left it but luckily I haven’t actually done much to update on so I should be able to remember, let’s begin then…..

Agnes Water – 14th – 16th November

So in my last post I was in Agnes Water, the hostel we stayed at was the Southern Cross Hostel – REVIEW CLICK HERE

I didn’t do a lot in this place, Beth and Christy had a surf lesson but I knew not to do it as let’s face it I can get a little bit angry if I’m not very good at something and also I don’t seem to do well trying to learn something new in large groups – plus I’m holding out for the sexy Australian man that I am destined to meet to teach me on his own! A bit of one on one training!

Hervey Bay – 16th – 18th November

After Agnes water we went down to Hervey Bay where we stayed at The Friendly Hostel – REVIEW CLICK HERE.

When we arrived here it looked like quite a big place but there wasn’t too much to do there, we spent most of the time in the hostel making the most of the oven and the free Wi-Fi by streaming movies and cooking fish fingers. It was nice to do this after all the travelling around we had been doing.

We went out walking the next day and I just felt miserable, it was getting closer and closer to the end of the month and I just wanted to feel settled somewhere and get a job and meet some friends that I was actually going to be with for xmas and new year’s, so on the same day I decided to grab a cab back to the hostel and just booked my bus to Brisbane.

That’s the thing about me, if I want to do something or get an idea to do something it needs to be done then and there, I’m very impatient (probably something I should work on) but I know what I want and I know what makes me feel comfortable, and travelling around for so long without a steady base around xmas time is not something I want to be doing (unless I’m with friends of course, and while yes I was with Beth and Christie I also knew we wouldn’t be spending xmas and new year together so I was feeling a little lost)

After I booked the bus I spent a few hours searching for good hostels for me to stay at as I know I am going to be spending a month or so there it had to be perfect or as close to perfect as I can get. After a lot of searching I came across a hostel called –The Aussieway and booked it. It seemed perfect for me as I read a lot of reviews on TripAdvisor and found that people tend to stay here long term while working and also read that there is a lot of weed smoking, which is perfect for me! –

(That is one thing I will not be putting in read at your own risk! WEED SHOULD NOT BE ILLEGAL!! END OF STORY!!!!!)


So after I booked the hostel I thought ok I will look for some jobs so perhaps I could just start working basically straight away, I went on gumtree and applied for a hostess job in a strip club. I got a reply almost straight away asking me when I could speak on the phone, so they gave me a call and arranged an interview for the next day after I arrived in Brisbane. So I started getting excited as it is just around the corner to my hostel and the place is called Honey B’s (seemed like it was meant to be with the Bee’s!!!)

Me, Beth and Christy spent the last night together watching crazy stupid love on Netflix and drooling over Ryan Goslings sexy body!! It was a beautiful evening.

Brisbane 18th – 24th November

18th Nov


I woke up in the morning said goodbye to the girls and then got the bus to Brisbane which took around 5 hours. When I arrived I went to the hostel and checked in had a bit of a swim in the pool and got to know some of the people staying here, I love this hostel it’s so chilled and everyone is really nice.

My interview was at 7pm so I didn’t venture out of the hostel and just chilled and walked up the road to the club I thought I was interviewing at, filled some forms out and went in for the interview and half way through we both realised I was in the wrong place and I was supposed to be in the club down the road. Luckily they were both part of the same company! (Such an idiot sometimes!)

I walk down the road to the correct place and wait a little while to go downstairs for the interview, as I’m waiting I see many girls walking around in their underwear or lack thereof and think wow these girls are HOT!!! One of the girls comes over to me and asks me what I’m interviewing for and I tell her the hostess job. She tells me that I should go for the dancer job and that it’s really easy.

When I go down to the interview the woman interviewing me starts telling me about the costs of some courses I would have to do and the uniform to be a hostess and as I’m not planning on staying and working in Brisbane for too long it would end up costing me quite a lot in these costs, she then mentions dancing and that I could give it a go!

‘Hmmm, I’ve never really thought I could do stripping as a job, can I really do this??’

She tells me I could come in for a trial and they will go through dancing on stage and a lap dance etc. and tell me how much money I could be earning.

‘I feel like I was supposed to come here, should I just give it a go?’

I decide to say ok and that I will go in for a trial shift and see what happens! I will give anything a go once, how else am I supposed to know If I will like something or be good at something if I don’t try it first? I tell them I will come back in 2 days’ time so it gives me a bit of time to prepare myself.

Fake tan, nail polish, waxing etc.…..god it’s been a while since I have actually looked after my body! I used to do it all the time at home but on the move it’s been hard to keep up with looking good and gets pushed to the back of my priorities!

‘I guess it will be nice to feel beautiful again’

I venture back to the hostel and have a chill with everyone downstairs and think about what I have just said yes to! Am I seriously going to do this??

After messaging my amazing mom she tells me to go for it and puts my mind at ease!

19th Nov


I woke up quite early and had a stroll down to the Southbank where I came across a free museum so I spent some time in there wandering around and learning about aboriginal culture and of course the dinosaur’s and Australian animals. – Who have I become! I don’t walk around museums on my own! I guess I’m growing up a little bit.

I came out and carried on walking around the south bank where I saw the ‘city beach’. It’s just a big pool with some sand and grass banks to laze around that’s right next to the river! It is really nice but I didn’t do any sunbathing!

I spend the majority of the day shopping for xmas pressies to send back home and buying some makeup etc. ready for my new job! It was a really nice day and the city was amazing! I think I’m going to really like living here for a while, it’s not small and it’s not too big either which is perfect! Everything seems to be in walking distance.

I went back to the hostel and chilled by the pool for a bit and then got a bit of an early night as one of the lads in my room suggested we go for a spliff! This seems to happen quite regularly here which is great but it also means that it’s taken me a long time to get around to writing my blog updates! I can see this may become somewhat of a recurring issue!

Luckily I had put on my fake tan etc. before the spliff, I can see that going horribly wrong while a bit spacey!!!

20th Nov

I again wake up quite early and walk down to the transit centre where I catch a bus down to a suburb called Toowong, where they have a K-mart for cheap underwear (sort of like a Primark for all those back home)

I buy myself 3 sets of new undies for $50 so that’s not too bad! And then buy a few more Xmas pressies, catch the train back to the centre and then walk into the centre to go post all my pressies home. The postage cost me more than the bloody presents! They didn’t seem to have much options for post! It was either pay $40 for 3 month shipping or $120 for 7 days! Well I obviously have to pay the 7 days don’t I!! Ahhh well.

Again back to the hostel to chill for a bit and then start getting ready for my new job which I needed to be at for 7!

Now while I am not in any way ashamed of what I am doing for work I know certain family members are not going to want to read about what I have to do so I am sticking it in read at your own risk! So CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT TO READ!


21st Nov

I got in around 4:30am and got straight into bed, had a few hours’ sleep and then got up and went downstairs to chill by the pool for a bit with everyone. We all decided that we would go watch the sunset from Mount Gravatt.

Beth and Christy called and said they were in Brisbane for a few days so I told them to join us on the sunset trip.

Shockingly I ended up getting rather stoned so everything went into slow motion and then it was time to leave. We met Beth and Christy at the bus station and off we went, we had to catch 2 buses there and we could see the sun coming down and down and we knew we were going to miss it. After 2 buses and a 2km walk up the mountain we finally got to the top and even though we missed the sunset we managed to see the beautiful sky and it was still a fantastic lookout of the city.

IMG_1701[1] IMG_1705[1]

SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS PLACE!!!! And I get to live here for a month or so!! Yayyy!!!

After the sunset we walked back to the road and went and got some food from a red rooster which is a bit like a kfc. It was so good!!! Then we got the bus back to the centre and walked back to the hostel for an early night as Me, Beth and Christy were planning on going to the zoo the next day.

22nd Nov

We woke up early and checked the weather and it was supposed to be raining all day at the zoo so we chose not to go to the zoo.

Instead I stayed at the hostel, got stoned and played the Aussie version of cards against humanity which was funny! I do love that game.

Then a group of us went to the cinema to watch the new hunger games at the cinema just down the road to us! (We are in such a good location, we have lots of bars and even supermarkets etc. around us)


TIP*** – if you say you’re a backpacker at palace cinemas then you can get the ticket for the price of a student – $13.50 instead of $18.50.


After the cinema we went to a bottle shop and got some wine, went back to the hostel and got ready. It was Nicole’s last night in the hostel so we were going to go out to some gay bars for the last evening as she had never been to one before! So we had to show her how good they are!!

Beth and Christy came and had a few sneaky drinks at the hostel with us (you’re not supposed to have an alcohol here but be sneaky and your fine)

We used an app called UBER to get a taxi which is usually a lot cheaper than a normal taxi as they are just normal people in their normal cars. We got dropped off in the valley and went to a club called Family, or Fluffy on a Sunday!

There’s me thinking Yayyy….Gay club means cheesy music and drag queens galore! Oh how wrong I was!! It was hard techno music, the drinks were extortionate and just not a great atmosphere really. So we didn’t stay too long in this club. We went upstairs for a smoke and spoke to some people who told us to go to another club called The Beat.

We went there and as soon as we walked in there was a big plate of cheese, pickled onions and olives we were told we could eat if we wanted to so of course while we were paying our entrance fee we did, and then we made our way upstairs where we found another plate of sandwiches which we started eating too! – What is this place?? I LIKE IT!! FREE FOOD!!!

This club seemed much better, it was quiet but they had all the cheesy pop songs on and we seemed to be the only girls in the place, the place was filled with lots of gay men who wanted to dance with us. After a lot of dancing on stage we went outside to the smoking area where one of the men wearing a long dress and pearls came and joined us and asked me if I wanted a tarot card reading!


I went for a general reading and he told me that it seems like I am on the track to being where I want to be, but that something isn’t quite right, he said he thinks I may have started a new job that I am not too sure about but that I seem to be in the right location and around the right people now. He also said that he thinks that if I continue to ‘push through the shit’ I will get to be exactly where I want to be and be happy.

I find tarot cards so interesting, as I hadn’t said anything to him about a new job but he knew! I don’t know if they are real or not but it was interesting to have it done.

We stayed in the club dancing and making up dance routines to the spice girls and vengaboys until they shut at 3:30 and then went and sat on the floor outside while waiting for Nicole, where we met 2 lads who wanted to go to a strip club! We said yes and started walking down the road only to find it was closed. But there was a man passed out on the floor covered in sick which a couple of us helped him up (I did not! I didn’t want sick all over me)

Of course I needed a kebab! So we went and got one of those and then got a taxi back to the hostel and finally got into bed as everyone else was getting up for work at 5am.

23rd  Nov


I woke up at 10am when Nicole was checking out and grabbed all my stuff off the top bunk and switched with her! Yayyy I have a bottom bunk! It’s so much easier to be on the bottom, and plus the top bunks here don’t have any railings so you can fall off! And obviously I am clumsy so it wouldn’t be long until that would happen!

I went to meet Beth and Christy down at the city beach and had a bit of a sunbathe, we then went for some Mexican food at a place called Cactus Republic. It was AMAZING!!!

I walked back to the hostel and had some food then went for a spliff with Luke and Tom which then made me feel so tired! After a few days of hardly any sleep I wanted to get a really good night’s sleep so I was in bed by 8pm!

24th  Nov


And that brings us to today! I am now sat in the common area at my hostel, I went for breakfast this morning at a place called Chelsea Bistro which is right by our hostel.

It was so bloody good it was unreal! I had a BLT but this was no ordinary BLT! It was spectacular! With a side of hash and feta! Mmmnnn my mouth is watering thinking about it again! I would definitely recommend this place!

I think I need to do a post on all the good places to eat around here! Everywhere looks and smells amazing! – Yep I’m going to start making a list of the good places!

I’m also pretty happy with the WiFi here as I can upload pics pretty fast so that means my posts should look a little better now! Smile

So after food with Beth and Christy I walked back to their hostel and chilled by the pool for a little bit and then said our final goodbyes! So its official I’m back on my lonesome again now, although everyone in the hostel is really nice so I’m not alone. But it seems so strange to have left them after travelling with them for so long, but I guess that’s the way of a traveller! You meet people who become a part of your life for a little while and then you go your separate ways!

That’s going to take some getting used to for sure!

Well I am now just waiting around until I go back to work again tonight which is going to be a quiet night but means I can practice a bit without feeling like anyone is going to laugh at me so that’s something.

And I will try my very best to update my blog again tomorrow! But let’s face it, we all should know what I’m like by now and know that’s probably not going to happen!

Oh well, it’s the thought that counts….right?








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Strip Baby Strip

So I arrive at Honey B’s at 6:45pm armed with my bag of underwear, I took 3 pairs with me to change into throughout the night as I was told.

When I arrived I was told I had to pay the $30 working fee, and I then went into the changing room where I was met by one of the hostesses who had to go through everything with me and the other new starter!

We had to fill some forms out and sign some contracts etc. and then we got down to the actual work. so when I went for my interview the woman told me that I would pay $30 to work there for the evening and that I would be my own boss and that I don’t actually work for them. Then anything I make I keep. – This was a lie!

So if I’m dancing on stage I get to keep anything I make in tips, but if someone pays for a lap dance I get to keep 60% of it! Which I think is a bit cheeky they make you pay to work and then take some of your earnings on top of that!

We had to make our own stripper name, I couldn’t think of one so they named me something like Jacinta but I kept forgetting to use that name throughout the night so I changed it to Cassie which is much easier for me to remember, as you are not allowed to use your real name.

So we were told we need to wear dark makeup, we are supposed to tan and also have about 3 changes of underwear for the evening!

They then took us upstairs to the lap dance area and went through the rules for this, basically you have to get completely naked regardless of what the men want, even if they tell you to keep your clothes on you have to take them off! And they are allowed to touch you but not between your legs or any mouth contact and you have to tell them this before each lap dance. If you don’t tell them and they do touch you then you don’t have anything to fall back on because you didn’t tell them the rules.

After we had gone through all the basics, we went back downstairs. They give us a couple of drinks for free to calm our nerves and then we wait for men to come in and get to talking to them.

It was a couple of hours before I started talking to someone who wanted a lap dance, he paid for me and the other new girl to give him a double lap dance for 20 minutes. This was in one of the booths downstairs so the rest of the club could see you take your clothes off. It was a bit awkward at first as there was 2 of us so it was a bit strange for us to know where to go etc. but it seemed to go ok.

After the first one I was feeling a lot more confident and then was told by one of the hostesses that a group of men had set up a tab for lap dances etc. and I should go and speak to them, so I did and then one of the men told me to give him one. He was from England and was around 50years old, he seemed really nice and we went upstairs to the lap dance room. As he only got 10minutes I had to take my clothes off straight away and straddle him and do things like bounce up and down. Or you can sit facing away from them and lean back on them. It was really surreal to do this, and I didn’t know what to do with myself really, but he seemed to be enjoying himself. I guess they aren’t really going to be judging my dance moves when I’m naked and lay or sat on top of them!

After this one we went back downstairs and they bought me some drinks and then I was asked to go back upstairs with another one of the group. Again he only wanted 10 minutes. So naked straight away, and back on their lap straddling them. You just have conversations while doing this, so you have to think of things to say which I got better with throughout the night as my mind stopped thinking – OMG YOUR NAKED AND GIVING A LAPDANCE!! WTF!!

I eventually got up on the stage but I found this bit even more stressful than the lap dance as you are in front of everyone. The pole also spins which I forgot about so I went to spin around the pole and it span with me, and I nearly face planted the floor.

They have a rule about dancing on stage, you have 4 songs each and then signal to change over. If there is someone in the club then there needs to be someone on stage at all times.

I wasn’t very good on the stage so I decided to go in on Tuesday as its quiet so I can practice without the embarrassment of a full club to laugh at me.

After a few more hours I had met another man who was buying me drinks and then took me upstairs for a lap dance, he seemed really nice and chilled and maybe a little down and upset. – You don’t ask them what’s wrong or about wives or girlfriends.

My feet were hurting so much from the massive shoes they make you wear so I decided to stay and chat to him for a while as he was buying me drinks and giving me cigarettes! He did pay me for another lap dance too and he didn’t want me to dance, so when I went up for the second time, I had to take my clothes off and sit next to him having a chat completely naked. That I did find strange. But he seemed to just want to help me out, and he was saying things like he wished he had met me last weekend when he had his whole weekend free.

So I think some men can come in there and get the wrong idea about the whole thing! It’s not like I would have met him outside of work, and we are also told that we are not allowed to do this and that’s why we have to use fake names.

When we came back down from the second lap dance we sat around and had some more drinks and he also gave me a massage because I was moaning about my feet hurting. He took my shoes off and massaged my feet but I got told off because you have to keep the shoes on at all times when downstairs which I thought was unfair as they are so big! And I never wear heals! So to go from not wearing anything to wearing the biggest ones in the whole world is HARD!! – Apparently I will get used to them!

20 mins or so later the woman who interviewed me asked me for a chat, and asked what I thought. I looked at the money I had made – $260 and thought I can’t really complain too much and that was with me not really trying towards the end as I was tired and lazy and couldn’t be bothered to walk around in the shoes. So once I get used to it I could potentially make more.

So I agreed to go back again. I said Tuesday so I could practice and then I think she’s put me down for the weekend too.

I have come to the conclusion that while yes it’s not something I really want to do, the money is good so I am going to do it for as long as I can be bothered to do it. That could be a week from now, it could be a month from now. I don’t really know.

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The Friendly Hostel – Hervey Bay REVIEW

The friendly hostel is a really nice place to stay. It’s a bit of a walk from most places but its very relaxed and isn’t like your normal hostel.

When we arrived we thought it seemed more like a shared house than a hostel, for starters they had a shared area with a lounge and a kitchen for 2 rooms of 4 people, so that was a nice surprise. The kitchen was big and actually looked like a kitchen back home.

THEY HAD AN OVEN!!!!!!!!  – fish finger time baby!!! Smile

They also had 4 hobs and a large fridge for everyone to share, and free tea and coffee (although you had to provide your own milk). In the fridge they had a big tub of margarine for everyone to use which is also a plus.

The lounge area was good, with 2 sofas and a TV it was a nice place to go if you just wanted to chill out and feel like you were at home for a few days. There was also a big book full of DVD’s you could rent and they had a good selection. We rented love actually as it was getting close to Christmas.

This place also offers free wifi which was very good as I managed to catch up on the episodes of the walking dead I had missed and watch a few films on Netflix without much loading time at all. So this was a massive plus for me as Hervey bay although it looks like a big place there isn’t actually that much to do there, so I used this place as a chillout time for the 2 days.

They do also let you borrow the bikes in the garage for free, but a few of the ones I tried didn’t have working brakes which is never a good thing when trying to ride a bike on the road in another country (well I think so anyway) so we walked around instead.

The laundry is cheap, it costs $3 for a full load of washing and they provide you with the washing powder too, and then if its sunny you can dry your clothes on the line next to the laundry room or you can use the dryer for only $2 so it was much cheaper than any other hostel I have stayed in.

The staff seemed nice, but I did hear one of the lads in our room having a bit of an argument with the manager on his leaving day saying he was being very rude but didn’t hear much more than that, they don’t seem to stay in reception for too long also which I found annoying at times, like when I wanted to rent a DVD or when I wanted to do laundry (you need to pay at reception to use the laundry)

At the front of the hostel there is a door to the right that says it needs to be kept closed at all times, if you go in there you will find some Guinee pigs wandering around that are really cute and you are allowed to go play with them which I thought was a really nice touch to this place.

You can also receive a free shuttle pick up from and to the greyhound bus stop if you call them to book and tell them when your bus is arriving.

Those are my only downfalls about the place really, it was just what I had wanted, a nice chilled out time where I could just relax and watch films so I am going to give this place 4.

I would have given 5 but I think it could have been made a little better in areas, just by the staff being available more and maybe a few hostel gatherings such as BBQ’s etc.


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Nomads – Southern cross hostel review AGNES WATER

Agnes water is a very small place, there isn’t too much to do there.

We stayed at NOMADS – the Southern Cross hostel, and I have to say it was amazing. It’s a little bit further out than the other hostels but you get around this by taking advantage of the hostels free shuttle service which runs every few hours.

The shuttle will drop you right at the greyhound bus stop and also the ‘shopping centre’ if you can call 3 shops and a supermarket a shopping centre.

The hostel is quite spaced out and all in little cabins which are named after countries, on the decking or balcony or whatever you want to call it, you get a table and chairs and also a hammock to laze around in. (my idea of heaven, I don’t know about you?)

The hostel has its own bar so it means no alcohol allowed on site, (but what they don’t know can’t hurt them right!) plus the drinks aren’t too bad, you can get a bottle of beer for $4 and a bottle of wine (PROPER WINE – NOT GOON) for $11. So compared to your average bar that’s cheap as chips!

They do sell food but only at dinner time or you can buy pots of noodles that you make yourself from the reception area. When I stayed there they had a pizza night where they hand make pizzas and cook them outside in (have no idea what they are actually called) a pizza oven that they use sticks from trees to cook with, it was pretty cool.

The free Wi-Fi is really good at certain times (when it’s not busy) I managed to upload a YouTube video in under 2 hours which is the best I have had yet for free Wi-Fi, and I managed to facetime home no problem. Free Wi-Fi is always a massive plus for me.

If you can’t get on the free Wi-Fi or don’t have anything to use it with then you can use the computer room where they have a few desktop computers free to use.

The rooms themselves were your average hostel room, they were clean and had private bathrooms, the max in a room was for 4 people so it’s nice a small – no long waits for the shower.

The kitchen was big and they did have an oven but it was out of order when I went so you may want to check this before going to the supermarket and buying lots of fish fingers or whatever else you want to stick in the oven. The only downfall about this place was the amount of flies in the kitchen. They were EVERYWHERE! Like turn around to wash your chopping board to find them all over your food everywhere.

They also had a cinema room with 2 big benches with cushions on and a stack load of DVD’s to choose from if you fancy a lazy day.

The hostel also offer you a couple of experiences to book, one of them is riding around on chopper motorbikes listening to ACDC and having fake tattoos plastered all over you. It was very funny to watch everyone practicing doing this in the gardens before they are let out loose on the roads (luckily it’s such a quiet place so going on the road is fine.)

You can also book a 3 hour surf lesson for $17 which is by far the best price I have seen travelling down the east coast so far, so take advantage of this while you are there.

The staff are really friendly and they also take on people looking to work for accommodation which includes looking after the gardens and driving the shuttle bus into the centre.

I give this place 4 Bee’s, they would have got 5 if they had more food to offer and the flies weren’t everywhere.

Cartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon Bee

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Mission Beach to Agnes Water

So since I last wrote on here I have been to Magnetic Island and popped my driving a car in another country and just a different car to my good old Nissan Micra called Benny! And what a first car to drive, a Barbie car which we named Cindy.

I wrote a review on the place we stayed in as it was a package deal so rather than writing everything out twice you can read about what we got up to HERE

We stayed there for 2 nights Friday 6th November to the 8th and then got the bus down to Airlie beach where we stayed in Magnums hostel for one night and then me and Beth went off to the Whitsundays for 2 nights on a boat with a company called pride of Airlie, again I have wrote a review on this so if you want to read about that then click HERE

When we came back on the 11th we had 2 more nights booked in at Magnums in Airlie Beach where I have got bitten to death by anything that flies or crawls! I am absolutely covered from head to toe in bites! I’m not a celebrity but get me out of here NOW!!!

Airlie is a little bit of a party place but nowhere near what Cairns is like, thank god! Where’s my beach parties that I dreamt of so much? – think that will be coming very soon as we caught a 10 hour bus to a place called Agnes Water last night and it’s a little bit closer to Brisbane where I think I’m going to settle for a while.

Before our bus we met Christy’s Cousins and had a BBQ at the lagoon as in Aussie style they again have lots of BBQ’S dotted around that are free to use! It’s such a hard life! Although I have to say I am actually looking forward to getting some work soon and up my funds!

I was going to go straight in and do my farm work but have reconsidered this option as it is coming into their summer and I am already finding it hot, so I don’t think I will do too well working throughout their summer outside in the baking heat and doing hard work! Yep that’s asking for trouble! So I’m now going to just get a normal job until after summer and get some farm work when its cooler! Just need to make sure I do it!

The place we are staying at now seems very chilled out and not much around which actually makes me very happy. I don’t want to spend any more money until I know I have work coming my way, so I’m really looking forward to moving down to Brisbane or Byron bay in the next week or so.

I am actually writing this sat in a hammock on our balcony which I think is pretty cool! It’s so chilled out here, just what I want and need!


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Magnums Hostel at Airlie Beach Review

Magnums is a nice place to stay, its right in the middle of the main street at Airlie beach and when we booked our bus and trips with Greyhound Travel we got some vouchers for various hostels. So we got a night here for $15.

They have a variety of rooms and we were lucky enough to get a little cabin again with our own little balcony. The rooms themselves were alright and seemed clean enough, we had our own fridge in there and also a bathroom. Although the doors to the bathroom were rubbish! They were like half doors so didn’t touch the top or the bottom which can be a little embarrassing when going to the loo in front of a room full of strangers.

The shower was also a bit annoying, it was super strong but it also couldn’t make its mind up if it wanted to be hot or cold. Other than that it was alright.

The room was also absolutely freezing as they had air con that was timed to come on every couple of hours, and when I asked at reception they told me that they couldn’t do anything about this. Why on earth do hostels keep putting air con on so bloody cold?? I threw away all my warm clothes damn it!!!

The one big plus for me for this place was that they offered free Wi-Fi! It’s so nice to be somewhere that doesn’t charge a bomb for using Wi-Fi again! Surprisingly these places are actually hard to find over here. They only offer it in the free Wi-Fi zone but this has lots of benches and even a BBQ for you to use.

The kitchen area was just a usual hostel kitchen area and they have 2 areas! 1 is at the front of the hostel and the 2nd one is at the top of the hostel. They also have a laundry room which is the cheapest one I have found so far for $3 per wash.

You are not supposed to take your own alcohol into the hostel as it is a licenced premises but we all did and the security guards don’t even seem too bothered about it which is really good.

We were also really lucky as we had to check out at 10am but because it’s such a big place and spaced out we handed our keys in and managed to stay in the room until 2pm when we decided to go to the lagoon for a swim and a sunbathe – the hostel does not have its own pool, but the lagoon is just over the road.

It’s also in a really good place as Woolworths is right next to the hostel as is the booze place!

You can store your luggage at this place either for a few days if you’re going on a Whitsunday trip or just for a few hours. They do charge for this but if I were you I would just turn up and wait at the opening times and just walk to put your bag in. I didn’t get asked for me ticket once!

I’m going to give this place 3 Bee’s as I think the storage in the rooms could have been better, the bunk beds didn’t have rails on the top bunks, along with the rooms being cold and the shower not being the best. But they do have their pluses so I think 3 is fair.

Cartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon Bee

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Magnetic Island YHA Koala adventure deal review


The YHA on Magnetic Island was fantastic it’s not like your usual hostel, they have little log cabins all over the place and are very clean inside. The beds are very comfy and the shower is also very powerful.

We went to Magnetic Island on Friday 6th November, and booked with the YHA as they had a deal to stay at the hostel called the koala experience. It cost $140 and you got 2 nights in the hostel and your ferry to the island and back was included in this price.

Also included was your entrance to the animal sanctuary and you get to hug a koala and have your photo taken with one?

The animal sanctuary is at the YHA so means you don’t need to go far, it is well worth the money. You get to hold many animals including parrots, cockatoos, lizards, baby crocodiles, snakes and even a turtle (which was the highlight for me)

All the animals seem happy and well looked after, and they have a few koalas sleeping in their trees and munching on eucalyptus plants. They eat so much of this stuff that when you hold one that’s all you can smell.

When we came out of the sanctuary we walked over to the bridge leading to the kitchen and got to feed a lot of brightly coloured birds called Lorikeet. You get given a lot of mushed up bread and hold it in your hand and all the birds will come and land on you and eat out of your hand. I enjoyed this part so much as I just wasn’t expecting it and especially with so many of them landing on you. I had a few on my head at one point.

The hostel also had a large swimming pool with a few hammocks dotted around it and a bar area with big beanbags for you to sit on and chill out.

The kitchen was big and generally quite clean for a hostel, they also have a camping area out the back if you wanted to turn up in your campervans.

With this deal you also get free snorkel gear including a stinger suit which makes you look oh so sexy! (Got to be safe guys) you do have to put down a $50 deposit but you get that back when you bring back the gear.

The staff are also really friendly and helpful and a more than happy to point you in the right direction if you ask for any help at reception, they pointed us in the direction of the forts walk where you can go and see the remains of the buildings used during the war with gun points and amazing lookouts and if you’re lucky enough you will see some wild koalas hugging some trees.

They also pointed us in the direction of where to hire a Barbie car, which is a MUST on this island, they are small open top cars which you climb into and are usually pink and white although you can get a range of different colours (but why would you?)

Again with this deal you get a free bag of wallaby’s food which you can find them at Geoffrey bay jumping around all of the rocks. – We went there on day 2 to feed them and of course take lots of photos of the little guys! We also did a bit of snorkelling here where if you swim out to the buoys floating about 20meters back you will come to a reef.

The downfalls of this place are:

The Wi-Fi is not free (although if you get this deal then you get a free 30mins) and it is also very expensive to use! The most expensive YHA for Wi-Fi I have found so far.  It cost $4 for 2 hours and that is the max amount of time you can use here.

You also had to put down a deposit for plates and cutlery, which you do get back so I can’t knock them too harshly for this.

All in all I give the YHA 4 bee’s as this deal was very good and well worth the money, you do end up saving quite a bit with this deal once you add up the costs of everything.

Cartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon Bee


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The Whitsunday’s Review

We went to visit the Whitsunday’s on the 9th November. We booked a 2 night and 3 day trip through Greyhound Travel with a company called Pride of Airlie.


We chose this company as it was the cheapest option and still cost around $500! This one was for 50 people and was an Island stay rather than sleeping on the boat as most of them do.

We got to Airlie Beach and with this tour they picked us up from the bus stop right outside our Hostel which was pretty good going, the bus was packed with every seat filled and we were told that they were going to crank the tunes up and we could drink on the bus, however this was rather difficult as the bus was so full.

The bus took us to Shute Harbour and when we walked over to the boat we were a little shocked at how small it was. It was quite hard to find somewhere comfy to sit as it was so small and full with 50 people on board.

We set sail and headed over to Mollie Island where we would be staying, this took around an hour although I think it only took this long as the boat we were on seemed to be the slowest boat in the world. When we got to the Island we all sat around the pool and waited for us to be booked in. the place looked really nice, the swimming pool was big and so was the dining area, with views of the other islands and the crystal blue waters.

While we were waiting lots of cockatoos were roaming around and I was determined to befriend one! This did not happen before getting called to book in to our room. When we walked up to our room it all looked very beautiful as there were palm trees, and coconuts everywhere.

The rooms were all little cabins and looked a bit run down from the outside, but it wasn’t anything too bad. The rooms themselves were ok although the bathroom was quite grubby and the top bunks did not have a barrier on so I was a little nervous about falling out as I am quite clumsy!

As soon as we put our bags in the room we got to talking with the other people in the room who were all really nice, and as we were out on the balcony getting to know each other a cockatoo landed on the railings, I then got very excited about this and ran and got the bag of nuts in Beth’s bag. I ran back out and handed the cockatoo one which he took from me very gently! Then everyone else got involved. He must have told his friends because before long we had 7 of them on the balcony all after the peanuts! They did get quite cheeky at one point as we went back in the room and one of them walked into the room and was trying to hunt down the nuts.

After a couple of hours of feeding the birds and drinking goon we headed to the bar where they served us dinner. We had spaghetti bolognaise and it was really nice, although they didn’t really make enough for us. After the food they got us playing lots of drinking games and we all had a bit of a dance and a few more drinks which then lead to someone daring everyone to go in the pool naked which of course we all did! – well not everyone but the big group we made did so there was around 20 people in the pool, that was the first night ended and we then headed off to bed.

We had an early start as breakfast was served at 7am, although the breakfast was not great! They had bread and different spreads for it or cereal. No sausages here!!! I was really hoping for an English breakfast but I guess that was hoping for too much.

After breakfast we had to meet on the Jetty at 8am to get back on the boat and head off to Whitehaven beach (the best beach in the world) the trip took us around 2 hours again I think it could have been quicker but we were on the slowest boat EVER!! They let us plug phones into the speakers and play some tunes while sunbathing on the front of the boat. Where I got so burnt!!!

When we finally arrived at Whitehaven beach it was incredible, the photos don’t even do it justice! It is something I would definitely recommend to anyone to go and see in person. The water was so blue and the sand was so white – I was in heaven! Although with this company we were dropped off on the left hand side and were told we would not have time to go walk over to the right and have one of the most iconic photos taken (a naked photo behind the Whitsundays sign) so I was not very happy about this but let’s face it, I can’t complain too much, after all I am on the best beach in the world.

We had the option to either jump in the water and swim to the shore or catch a little boat over, I obviously chose to jump in the water and swim over, you get given snorkel gear including a stinger suit but the staff on board said that it was our choice if we wore the stinger suit or not and that they could not tell us what to do but casually told us that they wouldn’t be wearing theirs here.

When I jumped in the water was warm and it was just so beautiful, I could see the sand on the bottom and a few fish swimming around, I have never been in water this clear before it was absolutely amazing.

I swam over to the shore and met up with some of the people in my room where they told me to rub the sand in my hair, I did do this and later when I washed my hair it was so soft. The sand is so fine it looks and feels like flour, it’s the finest sand in the world and was actually used to make the Hubble telescope lense. (That’s the really big one in space for anyone who doesn’t know)

After some swimming around and spotting sting rays I decided to go and do some sunbathing, walking on the dry sand was such a nice feeling and even laying on it felt so much nicer than your average beach so I immediately fell asleep. After about 30/40minutes I got woken up to say we were leaving so I ran back into the water and swam back to the boat and when I got on they had served lunch.

The food was not that great, there was a big bowl of salad, some chicken, pasta and bread. It was ok but not amazing like the food was on our barrier reef trip. I was just hoping for a bit more really. After everyone had had food we set sail again for about an hour and stopped off somewhere for some snorkelling over a reef. I saw lots of fish and some of them were huge. A lot of people saw turtles but I didn’t (im doomed to never see a turtle in the water! Waaaa)

We had about 45 minutes of snorkelling and then back to the boat where we headed back for the resort. I had a shower and then it was dinner time again where the served chicken curry, I think they had learnt their lesson from the night before because there was so much food everyone managed to have 2 full plates of food and it was actually really good and really filling.

After food was done they told us all we would be doing some karaoke and the members of staff joined in and embarrassed themselves with their lack of knowledge of the lyrics for some iconic songs. And my friend Beth even got a lap dance by one of the older men staff.

I didn’t stay out too long this evening as again the next morning was an early start and I felt rather drunk from the drinking on the boat and then in the bar.

So on day three we woke up again at 7am and went for food, then at 8am it was time to go on a bush walk which was on the Island. It was about a 30minute walk up to the top where you got some really beautiful views of more of the islands around. Then walked back down to the resort where we got a chance to open some coconuts, however after watching people try and fail I thought it best that I did not have a go at this! 1. I am pretty weak! And 2. I can get a bit angry or stressed when I can’t do something!

When we got back we went to the jetty where the staff told us they were going to be feeding some fish and we could get in the water, so I put on my stinger gear and my snorkels and swam over to where they were feeding the fish. I think they were called Bat Fish but I’m not 100% about that. All I know Is they were massive fish that kind of looked a bit like a Dory from finding nemo! And they were not afraid of getting right up in our faces at all. It was amazing to do this.

We then had lunch was a mixture of meats, salad, rice and bread! Again this was OK, not great but it wasn’t awful food. And then it was time to go home.

We got on the boat and just as we were pulling away from the Jetty and saw a massive sea turtle swimming around – Yayyy!!! Finally saw a turtle (ok it wasn’t swimming with one but at least I saw one)

I think this was a good trip but it could have been a lot better with the amount of time it took us to get anywhere, the rooms could have been a bit cleaner as a lot of people woke up with bites all over them (me included) and I think the food could have been a lot better too for the money we paid, and I do also wish we got to spend a bit more time on Whitehaven beach and get the photo. But the staff were really friendly and helpful and everything that we actually did was amazing.

I’ma going to give the company 3 Bee’s!

Cartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon Bee

But Whitehaven beach gets 5!!

Cartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon Bee

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What it’s like to Skydive at Mission Beach


I woke up around 6:30am having not been able to sleep the night before I was feeling really tired. I kept having to tell myself to breath properly.

I just couldn’t quite get my head around the fact that I was going to be jumping out of a plane today!

‘What if the parachute doesn’t work?’

‘Am I going to feel sick?’

‘What if I pass out on the way up there?’

And breathe!!

Its 7am and the shuttle bus to the sky dive centre arrives, we get on and I feel like I look white! When we get to the centre we are asked to sit down and watch a film about skydiving, this doesn’t make me feel any better at all. I’m starting too really panic now.

Our names get called to go up to the desk to pay the levy fee of $35 and hand our forms in. The man at the desk realises that we are feeling nervous so tells us a little bit what it’s like…

Your brain stops registering height at around 2000 feet. So when you’re at 14000 feet it still looks the same. Everything looks flat from that high so your brain doesn’t really register that you are up that high when falling.

My worry was feeling like my stomach was turning the whole time, I can deal with that feeling on a rollercoaster but it only lasts a couple of seconds, what’s it going to be like doing this?

He then tells me that you don’t get that feeling, your stomach never ‘goes’.

This immediately made me feel a lot better, for some reason my nerves were disappearing and now I’m getting excited. It does help that you see everyone go off looking scared and coming back with big smiles on their faces. It’s the same instructors each time too and they said they do between 6 and 11 jumps a day, so it can’t surly be that bad can it??

I was put in the third group, so I had to wait around 2 hours before my name was called to go and get ready, when my name was called my heart started pounding a little bit.

You go downstairs and your instructor will call out your name and get you ready for your dive, they strap you in to your harness and then make a few jokes about them never having skydived before. Grab the camera and take you off to one side and record you at the beginning looking scared and saying hi to people back home.

Screenshot (24)

I was feeling nervous so I say hi to my mom, dad and friends and after I had said this I wished I had given a shout out to my dog toby!! Ahhh well.

So I’m ready, I’ve done my intro video and off I go to the bus. It takes about 15mins to get to the plane and I’m shocked to see how small it is (don’t really know what I was expecting)

My instructor comes out of the bus and starts filming me again and tells me to get on the plane, we get on and sit right at the back!

‘Great that means I’m going last’

As the plane gets higher and higher I start feeling less nervous, everything looks so beautiful. It’s a really sunny day and you can see the bright blue waters, the many surrounding islands, and of course the beaches and rainforests.

When I look down at the ground at think we are really high now he tells me we are only half way up! 14000 feet is a very long way up, starting to panic a bit again now! But I breath and look around outside again and I feel calmer.

Screenshot (29) Screenshot (25)

After another 5mins or so, the door at the front opens, in comes a rush of wind and I see my friend Beth sitting at the front – she’s the first one out.

Its crazy sitting and watching everyone jump out. You hear screams on the side of the plane and then they just drop away and then you hear nothing.

One by one they all make their way to the front and one by one they drop out leaving only me and my instructor!

‘Are you ready?? – yep I’m ready’

Screenshot (33)

He pushes me over to the door on the plane and I do as I was told, hang myself out of the plane while he hangs on, tuck my legs under and lean my head on his shoulder.

‘Omg…..omg… heart is pounding’

Screenshot (8)

Then I feel a push and we go out the plane, sideways. (Feature pic of this post)

I felt a rush of energy go all over my body. My stomach didn’t feel at all like it does on a rollercoaster. We eventually settle out and we are free falling at around 160mph and it feels incredible.

My mouth almost instantly feels dry, I have to open it quite wide as I found it hard to breathe through my nose. I can feel the wind racing past my body and I just keep telling myself to look around. (excuse the horrendous picture but it was too funny not to put up!! – cant stop laughing at it!!)

Screenshot (14)

The views were insane! Everything was so beautiful and the electric rush that was going through my body was the best feeling I have ever had. (I wish you could buy that in a bottle!!)

After what seemed like only 10seconds I hear a whooshing sound and I get pulled up by the parachute!

‘Was that really 60seconds?’

After a few seconds of me regaining my thoughts and realising what I had just done I felt really happy and proud of myself. (Especially as I am terrified of heights)

Then you have a few minutes of gliding down with the parachute, he let me have a go with it too which was cool. Although my muscles are not that strong so found it quite hard to pull down on the one side. He took control again and did some spins.

Screenshot (36)

It was really good going last as I got to watch everyone jump out (something I thought I would hate) but when we were doing the parachute part I got to see everyone else below me landing. It was truly an amazing experience and I want to do it again!

Screenshot (38)

As we get closer to the beach he then tells me to lift my legs up for landing and we come into the beach, I was expecting to have a bit of a bumpy entrance but it was so smooth. I stand up and he takes of the parachute and loosens up my harness. He then records me at the end asking me how it went and there I am with the biggest smile on my face!

Screenshot (47)


If I could have done another one then and there I would have done it.

I read that mission beach was voted the best place on earth to do your first one and they do not disappoint at all. The views are incredible, they have their own little ‘resort’ on the beach where you can grab food and drinks from and chill out until it’s your go and the staff are really helpful and friendly.

100% recommend using them.

And of course I have to give it 5 Bee’s!

Cartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon Bee


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Mission Beach

So as usual I have not updated this is a few days which is always a mistake as so much can happen in even a day, so back to the updating!!

Sunday 1st November

We got the bus from Cairns to mission beach and arrived around 4pm, checked into our room and then went out for a stroll to the beach which was just at the bottom of the drive of our hostel. The beach there was beautiful and you were actually allowed to go in the water (not for too long though as the stingers start turning up in November) the water was warm so we went for a swim, did some sunbathing and did some dancing on the beach then headed back to the hostel had some food and got an early night as we were jumping out of a plane the next day and we had the first pick up of 7am! – scared now!!

Monday 2nd

We woke up around 6am and got ourselves ready for the skydive (not that you can prepare yourself). I have wrote a separate post about this so if you want to read about it then click HERE.

After the sky dive I was feeling AMAZING! We got back to the hostel before midday and we tried to book in for a couple of nights in Townsville, but the hostel had been fully booked so we were unsure of what to do. I got stressed trying to look online and went outside for a ciggy. When we got out there a group of blokes were there talking and they then started talking to us, we said we were trying to leave but couldn’t get a hostel. This is when we met john, he said he would take us on a trip on his jet ski and it didn’t take long to convince me and Beth at all, we went back inside and told Christy and she said she was fine with it too. So we cancelled the bus, rebooked the bus for the next day, booked the hostel and paid for another night in mission beach.

Me and Beth then go get changed quickly and go off to meet john (Christy stayed and chilled all day) we go down to the beach and see him coming over on the ski, we go and jump on and off we go to the islands. He took us on a bit of a tour of the islands and even get to see where the cast of pirates of the Caribbean stayed when they were filming on the gold coast.

After a few tours of some of the islands we get to an island that is completely deserted and covered in coral rather than sand or pebbles. It was beautiful. The beers come out as does the reggae music. We stayed on the island for a few hours drinking and climbing rocks, having naked photos taken on the rocks and trying to drive the jet ski (never had before! So I wasn’t very good)

While we were there john started telling us that we needed to stay longer and he would let us stay at his and he would take us water rafting on Wednesday. We said we would need to check with Christy as she wanted to go to Townsville.

When we got back we had a shower and sorted ourselves out and then went over the road to the only pub in mission beach, The Tavern and john is the manager. We went for food and drinks but didn’t have to pay for anything and then john came and convinced us all to stay for another 2 nights and we could stay at his. We stayed at the pub until close and then made plans to meet up the next day and we went back to the hostel.

Tuesday 3rd

We woke up on Tuesday and checked out of the hostel and went and sat on the sofas in the common area for a bit, catching up on writing posts and then one of the blokes who works at the hostel got talking to us and told us about a creek that we could go to where we would see turtles swimming around and we can jump off the sides into the pool, this sounded really cool so we said we would like to go and he then went and found someone who could help us as we would get lost.

He went and found a lad called nick who was really nice and he strolled down there with us. It was about a 30min walk and you go to the beach, walk under a bridge and then come to a little tunnel you have to walk under, after you get through the tunnel you walk through the water that comes up to your thigh and carry on for about 10/15mins. You walk through bits of the forest so it all got quite tight.

This was scary!! You couldn’t see what was in the water and the floor was all muddy and had leaves and twigs everywhere which feel a bit scary when you’re not used to it. Is it snakes? Is it fish? Am I going to get eaten by a crocodile? After 15mins of this and me just wanting to turn around and go somewhere else, we make it to the natural pool, which did look quite pretty but the water was murky and it was also really enclosed with lots of spider webs and huge blue and yellow spiders on them. I felt on edge!! Beth and Christy climbed up the side to jump off the ledge but both didn’t jump and climbed back down. We just wanted to get out of there.

So we walked back through the scary water and when we got to the beach had a sigh of relief that we were out in the open we walked back to the hostel and then went for some food and then met up with John where he picked our stuff up and took us and our things back to his house, and OMG.. The house was HUGE!! Big open plan kitchen, comfy sofas, a big TV with hundreds of movies on and a fridge full of beer, what more could we possibly need? Wi-Fi! Nope he didn’t have Wi-Fi but that was the only thing wrong with this place.

The showers were so nice too and the beds were soooo comfy. That night me, Beth and Christy stayed on the sofa all night watching girly films like Bridget Jones, eat pray love and pretty woman. This was perfect!

I mentioned to John that I wanted some aloe vera for my sunburn and he went out and got us a whole plant which we used throughout the night to rub on our burns and bites! Fresh straight from the source! It was soooo good!

We were about to go to bed when 2 of johns friends turned up with 2 English girls and they went out on the porch and started dry humping each other and we just sat and watched them! It was very funny to watch, John came back and then his friends ended up leaving because all the beds were taken so they had nowhere to have sex! I went to bed shortly after leaving Beth with John, where she got an hour long massage! (Not jealous at all!)


Wednesday 4th

I got woken up in the morning to Beyoncé drunk in love blaring through the house, what better way to wake up? After we had some breakfast we decided to stick on another film – 22 jump street and have a nap on the sofa, we made some food and then got picked up to go rafting at 1pm.

We drove for about 45mins to Tully and had some lunch before grabbing our rafts and getting in the water. Me and Christy went together at first and we were awful. Neither of us knew what we were doing and we kept getting stuck, we also were supposed to go over to the side before going down one set of the rapids as they were really big but we couldn’t make it over to the side even though john had got in the water to try and save us but he missed us so me and Christy went flying down the rapids, luckily we got down there in one piece – thank god!!!

After this we ended up swapping over, I got in the boat with John and sat at the front and didn’t have to paddle at all once I was in there. Yayyy!!! I then started to enjoy myself a lot more, it was really stressful at the beginning, now I was just sat around looking at all the birds and the rainforest we were going through, it was really beautiful.

After a few more rapids to go down we finally got to the end where we sat on the side of the road and had some beers to celebrate, then we got back on the bus and drove back to mission beach.

We had about 1hour to get ready back at johns before we needed to leave to go to a hostel bar just outside of the strip called Scotties. When we got there we used john’s data to hotspot my laptop and booked the busses for the next morning, Christy booked the 8:30am bus and me and Beth booked the 10:30am one.

We then had some food which was beautiful and again we didn’t have to pay anything. We then ended up in the nightclub in the back which was empty so we were all using our phones to put on our own music which was fun! John put $700 behind the bar and said he wanted to spend all of it, we drank so much I don’t remember even getting home.

We did naked table dancing, surfboarding on the dancefloor, and Beth went behind the bar for a bit where she did some surfboarding behind there. It was a very very eventful night. I ended up crying in the toilets because the Paul Walker lookalike wasn’t interested in me as he was after the blonde German girl, and this was obviously extremely upsetting to me at the time.

Apparently we got a lift home around 5am (I do not remember this at all) and I was shouting at Beth and BROKE MY FUCKING DICK FLUTE!!!!!! MY LIFE IS OVER!!!!!

Dick flute oh Dick flute

Oh how I shall miss you

Wrap my lips around and give you a toot

Smashed into a million parts

At the same time so did my heart

Life will never be the same

But I’ve only got myself to blame

I will never forget the times we had

Though it is sure to make me feel sad

You brought laughter and joy into my life

And now I feel deeply cut like a knife

So now I must say my goodbye

I will miss you I say as I cry!


Thursday 5th

I woke up at 10:30am which is when the bus was leaving. I was still drunk with no idea of what happened the night before. I was asleep on the bed in the front room and I don’t know why. I had a ciggy out the front and couldn’t speak or see properly. After I had realised we had missed the bus I went and lay back down on the bed and slept.

I woke up again at around 3pm and we tried to book the bus for that afternoon but Beth’s data wouldn’t work so we got up and went to the pub to use the Wi-Fi there. When we did we booked the bus for the first thing the next morning and also booked our magnetic island trip to go and hug koalas J

I went and grabbed some food and we went back to the house where we lay on the sofa and watched P.S. I love you, which made me feel a mess! Lots of tears and feeling rubbish about my lack of someone to love me. We then thought we would opt for a more cheerful film so we watched 17 again.

I then went to bed ready to get up early for the bus.


Friday 6th

I woke up at 7:30 and got all my stuff together. John took us down to the bus stop and got us some food and water as it’s a four hour journey and then we actually got the bus!!! Despite John trying to persuade us to stay longer! We said no obviously as we have lots booked, but he was promising us a lot to get us to stay! Koalas, crocodiles, you name it he said he would give it to us! But onwards we must go!

Next stop is Townsville where we will meet up with Christy and then onto magnetic island to go see some koalas and sleep in some hammocks.


I have also wrote a post about what its like solo travelling after a month – all about how I feel etc. so if you want to read that then click HERE


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