Dad’s Visit to Australia

Friday 9th September

The night before dad arrived me and Tarsh were sat at the kitchen table drinking wine and realising that I was leaving over the next few days and that my dad was actually arriving the next day.

I then get a text from him saying that his flight from Singapore has been cancelled – WHAT!!!!

So me and Tarsh were then trying to find another flight for him to Melbourne but we weren’t having much luck.

In the end he ended up getting a flight to Sydney and from there he then had to fly to Mildura which was the opposite way to where we were heading the next day.

It was all a bit of a drama but it all worked out in the end.

Saturday 10th September

So we all wake up nice and early to get Dan fed and Tarsh was going to take my van to swan hill to get a wheel alignment and me, Andy and Dan were going to go to Mildura to get my dad.

Dad then messages me and tells me that his plane is actually delayed to Mildura by 2 hours, what is going on? He’s not having much luck is he!

But anyway, me and Andy leave the house around 9:30am to go and get him and it takes around 3 hours to get there because of how wet the roads were leaving the farm.

But we got there and he got there so it all worked out in the end.

I ran over to him and gave him a big hug, he looked really tired (well I’m not surprised!)

Then back in the car to go back to the farm, Dad sat in front with Andy and he was telling him lots of stuff about the farm etc.

When we got back there Andy had to go back out to pick Tarsh up as it was too wet to bring the van back in, so Me and Dad had a couple of beers and had a stroll around the farm with Dan and I showed him the cottage he was staying in and all the old staff sheds etc., which he enjoyed.

This was his very own cottage for the next few days….


The rest of the night we spent drinking a lot of beer and wine and catching up and also Andy and Tarsh telling my dad’s lots about the farm. I think it’s safe to say that my Dad ended up being rather drunk!

Sunday 11th September

We woke up around 8am the next day and I did my usual chores and my walk but took my dad with me and Dan this time.

So we took the bins out to the incinerator to be burnt, then onto the chooks to collect the eggs and give them their food, then we went and got the dogs and took them for a walk up round to where the tip is and down to where the magpie kept swooping at the dogs all the time, I had pre-warned him about the magpie so he brought along some sticks with him to throw at the magpie which did seem to work! He didn’t swoop as much as normal and gave up sooner! If only I had brought along sticks with me to begin with!!

Then we walked up to the house dam where the dogs go swimming and I usually stand there and throw in sticks for them to catch so we did that and let the dogs race to the sticks, well not Cashie as she just stands there barking at the other two and trying to bite Nate when he comes back in.

When we came back to the house everyone was ready to go out so I quickly went and got changed and we all drove to Kyalite to go to the pub there. It’s the closest pub to them really and takes about 40mins to get to.


It’s a nice little pub though with lots of room and lots of things on the walls, like fish and crocodiles and even a boat.

We had dinner there and the food was really good, we all had fish and chips apart from Andy who had steak.


We also had quite a few beers there (well of course you have to in a pub don’t you)

After food we went down to an old shearing shed for my dad to have a look at, it had lots of information in their about shearing and had some old wool in there and even some info on Keri-Keri. It was really interesting to see.

We then went back to the farm and went straight up to the dam by the woolshed to watch the sunset and also watch a group of birds flying around and catching all the mosquitos which was really cool.

After that we went back to the house and had dinner and more drinks around the kitchen table.

Monday 12th September

I spent a lot of the day packing up all my stuff that I had left around the house as I was leaving the next day after nearly 6 months there.

Tarsh drove dad around the property and he got to see the eagles nest with the massive brown eagles and what they had dropped out of their nest like bones and bits of fur.

He also went up to the shed to watch the guys doing the wool side sampling of the rams that were being sold.

I finally got all my stuff together as we were leaving quite early so my room looked really empty and it hit me that I was leaving so I felt quite sad, but I still enjoyed the evening.

Tuesday 13th September

We woke up around 7am and had breakfast and got the last things together. I left my message in the visitor’s book and then we all jumped in the car and drove over to the van ready for me and my dad to drive away from the place I had called home for so long.

It was a very emotional goodbye – (by me and Tarsh anyways haha) and because I was crying my dad drove the first bit out of there.


First stop was about a 3 hour drive and it was to a place called Dunolly which is in the middle of Victoria. I was meeting a guy there about a fridge for my van which I ended up buying off him, so my van is pretty much all set now for the big adventure next year which is great.

We stopped there for a little while for food and coffee too and then set back off to Wincanton (Tarsh’s sister’s farm).

We arrived there around 5pm and as soon as we got there in typical Austin style of being a whirlwind of energy and excitement we got back in one of the cars and took a drive down to Coleraine to see where it had all been flooded just days earlier. It was also due to flood again so everyone was getting prepared with big sandbags blocking the doorways. Di said that it was the worst that it had flooded in about 50 years.

Then it was back to the house for dinner and to plan what we were going to do the next couple of days. Because the weather had been so bad a lot of the roads were closed and there was even a closure of the Halls Gap national park which I had been planning to go to. So that was off the list.

Jack and Harry were chatting to my dad about sports and showing off their high jump tricks.

Harry also showed us his birthday present, a crossbow! Of course! That’s what every 9 year old boy gets for their birthday!! Haha.

Wednesday 14th September

We woke up early and had a look at the roads online to see if anything had changed but nope!

Di let us borrow one of their cars, so we decided to drive down to the waterfalls close to Hamilton which were absolutely incredible.

The one was called Nigretta falls and because of the amount of rain they had been having it was massive. It was pretty incredible to see especially considering that normally it is hardly a waterfall at all.

After the waterfalls we drove down to Port Fairy and Logan beach where they often have Whales.

It was really beautiful but no whales and was raining quite a lot – typical haha.

Then we drove back up to the house and had some dinner and watched some TV, and then had an early night ready for the next day.

Thursday 15th September

Again we woke up and thought that we would check out the roads to see if we could go to halls gap but they were still shut. So Di wrote down a list of places that we could drive to which was really nice of her.

First we drove down to Portland which is a town that exports lots of goods on shipping containers so we went down to the port and had a look at that, we also went to a café that she had suggested and had lunch there which was really good!

After Portland we drove along the coast to a town called Nelson where we went to look at the beach which was pretty incredible, they did have two beaches to look at but one was inaccessible because of all the flooding the road there was underwater.

Then it was up to Mount Gambier which we had to cross the Victoria/South Australia border to get to.
While we were there we visited the blue lake which was an old volcano, it was really beautiful.

Then we went and grabbed some coffee and drove over to an old sink hole which was turned into a garden and that was amazing! I’ve never seen anything like it!


Volcanos and sink holes……..glad I didn’t live there in those times!

Then back to the house for dinner, while dinner was cooking, we all went up to the shearing shed because Jonny had been waiting for us to be back to shear some sheep, so dad could watch and even have a go on his own.

Jonny makes it look so easy but it is really difficult, but dad had a go anyways as you can see here…..

Haha that was funny!

Then back to the house for dinner and a movie.

Friday 16th September

We were up really early as we were leaving the Austin’s to continue our journey in Melbourne, so Di took us to the bus in Hamilton around 6am.

I left the van the capable hands of Jack and Harry Austin…….god I hope it survives! haha

We got to Melbourne around midday and took all our bags to the hotel but our room wasn’t ready so we decided to go for a walk around until it was.
I took dad to the graffiti streets, down the little café laneways and over the bridge to Southbank.


Then we got a call that our room was ready so we went and checked in and showered etc. Then we went back out for some lunch at Grill’d in the laneways.

Then we jumped on a tram over to Melbourne central and had a look at the shopping centre built around an old clock tower.

After that we decided to go over to Richmond and have a walk around the MCG, we couldn’t go in as the footy finals were on but we walked around the gardens and then jumped on a tram over to chapel street and got a few drinks in a bar.

We also ordered some nachos for us to nibble on and only realised a few mouthfuls in that it had chili on, which obviously has beef in and as dad is a vegetarian he probably should stop eating it haha. He decided to carry on but try to miss the bits with meat on! Lol

After the nachos and beer we went to a restaurant called Richmond oysters which was absolutely amazing. We only went in for oysters as we weren’t really hungry, but ended up getting oysters, and full meals too! All the fish was freshly caught and you could go and have a look in the fridges at the fish before buying it, it was absolutely amazing!

Once we finished our food we walked down to the jam factory and got tickets to watch sausage party, and while we were waiting jumped into TGIF for some cocktails.

Dad fell asleep during the film, and I nearly did! Not because it was boring, far from it! It’s absolutely hilarious! But because it had been a busy day.

Luckily we were just a short train ride away from the hotel so we jumped on the train and then as soon as we got back to the hotel fell into our beds and were out for the night.

Saturday 17th September

We didn’t have to check out the hotel until 11 so we had a bit of a lie in but still made it out in time for breakfast. So we packed away all of our stuff and left it at the hotel while we went and enjoyed our last day in Melbourne.

First stop was a café in the laneways for eggs on toast and some coffee.

Then we jumped on a tram over to St Kilda and strolled around the beach, and the shops and then the botanical gardens which was really nice.


We walked up the big peer on the beach where the turtles are during the morning and we were hoping that we might see some but we didn’t! Typical again! Haha, but it was a nice walk up there and the view was good too.

I kept having to stop because my feet were hurting as I had been walking around all day yesterday with the wrong shoes on so I ended up getting big blisters on the balls of my foot again, which happened nearly a year ago when I started travelling! Surely I should have learnt my lesson when it comes to shoes! – Clearly not!

After the peer we decided to go and grab some food in one of the restaurants along the seafront and we had to wait a little while for a table as it was lovely weather which it hadn’t been for a while so everyone was out making the most of it, but we didn’t mind as we wanted a good table.


We both got some seafood and I ended up getting the biggest platter I have ever seen! Is this seriously for one person??

When we finished lunch we got a tram back to the city and went to Kathmandu (it’s like an outdoor shop in Australia) dad bought himself a new backpack as his one was breaking, and he got some walking shoes.

I got myself a lightweight waterproof coat as it rains a lot in Malaysia and Bali as they are so tropical so thought it would be a good idea, and I also got myself some sensible sandals as I obviously need better shoes!

After the shopping we went to the hotel and dad changed over his backpacks then we headed back out again – with the old backpack because I said I thought it would be nicer for him to give it to a homeless person (there are so many in Melbourne)…anyways all the homeless people we walked past had bags galore and don’t think they really needed another one so we ditched it and went to a couple of bars by the river instead. The bars were really nice and it was a nice way to leave Melbourne.

Then back to the hotel, time for an uber and onto the airport… stop Malaysia!!

(I can’t believe I’m leaving Australia after a year!! It feels so strange!


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Malaysia With Dad

Sunday 18th September

We arrived into Malaysia airport around 6am and it was hot hot hot already, and really humid.

I was absolutely knackered because the flight was awful! They put us in the seats right by the emergency exit and while that meant we had all the leg space in the world it also meant that the seats were a lot smaller because the trays fit in the side of the chairs so my butt only just about fit in the seat! – Thankyou donuts!

There was also a screaming baby right next to us so I hardly slept at all even though I had popped a couple of sleeping tablets! So when we got off the plane and into the taxi I fell asleep straight away.

We got to the hotel and paid a little bit extra so we could check in straight away, I had about an hour’s nap and then dragged myself out of the bed so we could go and enjoy the day.

we walked out of the hotel and down to a road with a load of bars and restaurants on called and then at the top of that road was a another road called ‘Jalan Alor’ which had lots of restaurants on and also lots of closed street stalls which opened later in the day.

We walked down that street and went into one of the restaurants for some breakfast and we had absolutely no idea what we were ordering.

You go up to the buffet and point at the things you want and it’s served with rice. Whatever we ended up getting it was beautiful!

We are doing pretty well with all the delicious food we have been having over the past week!

After breakfast we walked to the twin towers using my maps, as I had downloaded the maps for offline use which is a great thing for you to do if you go travelling anywhere!

The system they have there for people walking is great, there was a big air conditioned walkway above all the cars which had different routes to go down and it was all signposted so that was brilliant.


When we got to the twin towers, there was some kind of science fair going on outside so we had a walk around there and stayed to watch a street illusion act which was actually really good and all in English so even better.

Then we went and got our tickets for the twin towers and as we had to wait a while decided to go and have a walk around the gardens for a while which were really nice.

Then up the towers which was actually really funny as the Malaysian guys we went up with decided that they wanted photos with us, and they ended up taking hundreds while we were waiting to go up, when we were in the lift and while we were up there. Don’t know why they wanted photos of us two! Haha

The view from the towers was amazing, see for yourselves….

After the towers we jumped in a taxi and went over to the botanical gardens bird park, it was great in there as they have most of the birds free to walk around inside with you, and they also had some birds that I have never seen before.

The one downfall about this place was that it was all on a hill so for us it was knackering as we were already feeling pretty dead.

But it was great and really beautiful inside.

Once we had climbed back to the top of the park we decided to get a taxi back to the hotel and have a bit of a chill and a shower before heading back out to ‘Jalan Alor’ the street markets.

The street markets were amazing! We went to one place with lots of kebab sticks called ‘Fat Brothers’ and had a few sticks of fish and also some vegetables which was amazing. There was also a really nice boy selling fresh watermelon drinks with vodka in so we tried one of those and it was delicious.

Later we ended up in one of the restaurants on the side and ordered a few dishes and one of them was a dragon fish which we watched him cook on the BBQ under a bin lid (hopefully clean haha) it was really nice.

On the way back to the hotel we stopped for one drink at one of the bars and then went back for an early night ready for our rainforest tour tomorrow.

Monday 19th September

Today we were going on a rainforest and self-awareness tour with a guy called Happy Yen. I had found him online and he had good reviews about his tour.

When he came to pick us up he was bursting with energy and just seemed like a happy old man. We walked outside and got in his car.

It was just me and my dad on this tour, no one else haha.

So firstly he told us about the history of Malaysia and that they have 3 main settlers, which are Malaysian, Indian and Chinese, so that means that the food here is from these 3 countries and he wanted to introduce us to some of the food here.

He took us to an Indian restaurant out of Kuala Lumpur that was amazing, we had a bread called Poori and some dips to go along with it, it was amazing.

After breakfast we drove for about an hour to a temple where we went and had a look around and Yen was explaining to us how we don’t need to go to a temple to find peace, as the temple is in our minds.

Then after the temple we went to a rainforest, and drove through an aboriginal village, when we walked up through the rainforest we saw more aboriginal houses, there was a lot of rubbish just tipped everywhere too which is such a shame considering how beautiful the place is.

Then onto a stream where dad and happy yen had a bit of a swim (I didn’t because I had covered my blisters up with blister pads and all sorts of stuff so I didn’t want to get them wet) and we drank some milky green tea with water from the stream.

After the tea we walked back to the car and to the stream there to have lunch and we were joined by lots of dogs and big butterflies which was nice. The food was amazing too.

Then it was back in the car onto the next place which was a natural hot pool that gets to over 50 degrees. I again didn’t want to get my feet wet but dad got in straight away and didn’t even need to sing the song that Yen was trying to get him to sing to try and distract his mind from the hot water. After they got in the one pool, the moved onto 2 more which we even hotter and yen picked up buckets of water and began chucking them on himself and said for dad to do the same thing, which he did and Yen decided that he would help him with the last bucket to throw on his back. I was just laughing at all of this because it did look really funny.

Once all the water throwing was done we got back in the car and drove back to Kuala Lumpur to finish our day, we asked Yen to drop us at the train station instead of the hotel so I could buy my train tickets to Penang for when dad leaves, so we did that and had a stroll around the shopping centre under the train station.

We were right next to little India too so we had a walk around there which was quite pretty, and then went back to the hotel to shower and get ready to go out for some food and drinks where all the street food was.

We went back to the kebab guys because they were amazing, and then we got some coconut Ice cream which was absolutely incredible! I just want to eat that every single day! And then back to see the nice boy selling the watermelons.


Then as we didn’t have to check out the hotel until midday tomorrow we decided that we would go for a few drinks in a couple of the bars, which was nice.

Tuesday 20th September

We woke up around 10am and packed all of our stuff away and then went down to reception and checked out the hotel but asked them to keep our luggage while we went out as dads flight wasn’t until 11pm.

We ordered an uber over to the central market and found somewhere to grab breakfast from around there which was a mix of fish, vegetables and rice! – I’m getting used to this kind of breakfast! Who says you need Weetabix to fill you up until lunch time hey!! Haha

Then we had a stroll around the china town markets where I bought my brother his b’day pressies and also got a pair of hippie trousers (think I need to admit that I just can’t wear shorts anymore!) dad also bought himself a Kuala Lumpur T-Shirt.


After the market we managed to find somewhere with WiFi so we got an uber over to the Batu Caves  which we absolutely amazing, it is also a Temple, but as you walk up to them and look at those steps up there you feel like you already ache! There are a lot of them and they are very steep too! Do people seriously walk all the way up there to go to a temple every day? Omg!


We were about to go in and I was wearing some shorts (well old lady shorts that come down to my knees, so not really shorts at all) but there was a woman sat at the bottom of the steps that said I couldn’t go up there like that and I needed to either buy one of her scarves to wrap around me or put some trousers on, lucky I have just bought a pair then isn’t it! So I went and changed into those around the corner in the loos where there were loads of monkeys just eating out of the rubbish and I was thinking how cute they were clearly forgetting my last run in with a monkey when he tried to rob me in Singapore on a tiny bridge over the forest a year ago – (YOU CAN READ ABOUT THAT HERE IF YOU WANT)

Back to the bottom of the steps and we look up, take a deep breath in and begin the climbing! It didn’t take long for my legs to start burning, so we kept having to stop for them to sort themselves out and for me to get my breath.


When we get up there we see lots of men building and we were wondering how the hell they get all their stuff up the steps? I wonder if they have to carry it up there? It would take a long time!

It was really beautiful up there, although…….monkeys, monkeys, monkeys everywhere and one tried to grab the bag of clothes off dad that we had just bought from the market! Ahhh yes now I remember I actually hate monkeys! The thieves!!

There were so many of them and each of them kept trying to come over to us and everyone else to steal our bags, we eventually held our bottles of water up and went to throw it at them and they went away! – Bloody monkeys!!!

There was a cave called the dark cave up here that we decided to pay to inside to look at and it was really good. We had to wear hard hats and carry a flash light each, but we weren’t allowed to shine the lights up the cave as there were hundreds maybe even thousands of bats up there and that’s all you could hear. We were told not to shine the torches up high as it can disturb the bats and they are very sensitive to light.

The bits we did see though were really beautiful and we did even see a bat that had come close to the ground to die, so that was a bit sad to see a dead bat but hey that’s the fact of life I guess.


After the caves we got a taxi back to the hotel which cost a fortune! Definitely go for uber where ever has it! So much cheaper!!!

We quickly used their WiFi to find a rooftop bar we could go to have a drink and have a view of the twin towers. We found one called Heli bar and walked there but unfortunately once we had got the lift up to the 38th floor we found out they were closed for a private function, luckily there was another rooftop bar close by called Elysium which said you had a view of the towers so we decided to go there, and I’m really happy we did. The view was great and the bar was empty so we got a good seat. The drinks were very expensive but I guess that’s the same with any rooftop bar! You’re not really just paying for the drinks are you!


We stayed there for a couple of hours and then it was time to leave for the airport, so we ordered an uber who took us to our hotel and then to the airport.

We went and got dad all checked in and then said our goodbyes, it was a lot easier than last time as its only 2 months until I’m home for Christmas so that was good but I had such a nice time with him I didn’t want him to go home.


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Farm Life – The Final Chapter

As usual it has been a while since I last updated my diary, and this will be the last post on the farm which is sad, but I have been here nearly six months now which is a really long time in the travelling world.

So time to catch up….

25th July – 5th August

We got back from Melbourne on the 25th July and then spent the rest of the week just doing the usual, looking after Dan, going for walks and house stuff like doing the bins etc. nothing too exciting tbh.

The 29th was a trivia night in Moulamein and it was Mexican themed, so me, Tarsh and Dan went over while Andy went to a funeral in Adelaide and we had tacos which were bloody excellent! And then did some quizzes which I actually knew quite a lot of the answers to the TV and film one so I was pretty happy.

There were themed games and a taco eating contest, which I unfortunately did not participate in, I know I would have won that one! Ahhh well haha. It was actually a really funny night.

On the 5th August we went to swan hill for the day to do the shopping for the next few weeks and we decided to get there early so I could take Dan to the library for a thing called rhyme time, which was really cute as there were a few babies there and they put on some nursery rhymes and we have to sing to the babies. This was all going well until I was getting into my dancing a bit too much and my trousers ended up splitting right up the back. Some of the children even cried which is oh so shameful so have scared children for life with my fat ass!

How embarrassing!

I also started planning what me and my dad are going to do when he gets here, and what I will do in Malaysia and Bali after I leave him. I thought I might do my open water scuba diver course in Malaysia as I absolutely loved diving when I did it in Cairns and thought that I could start doing the courses and maybe one day be able to teach it and that means I can travel to lots of glorious places and teach scuba diving.

So I signed up for the course and they sent me over a manual and some videos that I need to watch, so I started learning about all of that.

6th – 16th August

The next week was pretty much the same for me but there were also some contractors here doing lamb marking which means they get the lambs and put them up in stirrups and they use a hot knife to cut off their tails and they put a ring around their balls so they will drop off, and also put an ear mark in. what an ordeal for the lambs! Not having the best day are they, although they don’t seem to mind too much, I thought they would be screaming their heads off but they didn’t make any fuss so that makes me feel a bit better about the whole situation.

They cut the tails off so they don’t get infections which they can get very easily if they keep their tails as it creates a dark warm patch where the tail hangs and they are very prone to infection. The ring around the balls means over time the balls will drop off which makes that lamb turn into a weather, as they don’t want them to turn into rams as one ram will be able to get around 100 ewes pregnant, so only some get kept as rams, who basically get to lead a pretty good life, they never get killed for meat and just get to live out their days shagging! – I know who I would rather be! Haha.

I also got to meet a little Chihuahua while I went up to see what it was all about, this little beaut is called Pippa!


She’s so small and I was getting worried about the eagles circling above us and that they would swoop down and take her! It was only a few weeks ago I was watching the news and that happened to someone’s dog near Melbourne! So sad! I don’t know what I would do if someone took my toby!! So anyways I insisted that she go in the back of the Ute for her protection haha.

We also went over to some of Tarsh and Andy’s friends for a bonfire Bbq which was really cool, they had loads of bonfires light up and used the hot ashes to cook the potatoes and meat, and it was really good.

17th – 29th August

Wayne came to visit who used to live and work here and he is from England but has lived in Australia for around 20 years, he stayed for a couple of weeks helping out with things that Andy needed and also did quite a bit of work on the van for me which is really nice of him.

I spent the rest of the time doing my scuba course and ticking things off my to-do list, just things like learning about my camera and sorting the van out etc.

Not long until I leave here now.

It will be sad for sure but I am getting a bit restless now, I like to keep moving and keep doing different things where it’s easy to get a bit bored here. But I am going to miss it so much when I go. It will be a sad sad day when I leave.

I did some more trying on of my clothes and had to throw my bikinis out as my fat butt can’t fit into them anymore, and nothing worse than a bikini that doesn’t fit! Makes you look even bigger and bumpy than you actually are!

On the 26th we all went to a clearing sale which is what happens when someone decides to leave their farm so they get all their stuff they want to get rid of together and then invite everyone over to have an auction on different piles of stuff. There was so much stuff there, like lots of farm machinery but also home stuff and even camping stuff. So I got Tarsh to do the bidding for me as I was too scared and nervous about not winning to do it.

I ended up getting a shower for the van haha, which I found absolutely hilarious picturing me and my brother holding the shower head up for each other! And I also got a big load of pans and mugs and knifes etc. so the van is looking pretty good and set up now ready for the big adventure next year!


When I leave the farm I have a pretty good set up!

Malaysia for 2 weeks

Bali for 2 months

Home for 6 weeks

Back out in Jan for the van adventure!!

I love this traveling life!!

The rest of the week just back to the usual, Dan, walking and cleaning etc.

Speaking of walking……every single time I take the dogs for a walk there is a magpie that just started swooping at Red, I had my suspicions that when he was off running around that he would go terrorise the bird so it wanted its revenge. This kept happening and I kept missing it on film. But then I finally got it one day and it seemed to start going crazy, swooping at all the dogs including me!

This magpie is a knob!!! See for yourselves. Haha

29th August – 9th September

The week starting the 29th was the same, just looking after Dan and me counting down the days until my Dad arrives. Getting quite excited about it now and I’m also getting restless being here as I’m getting a bit bored of doing the same things all the time.

I do love it here but I couldn’t live here forever. I need more excitement and different things going on.

The weekend came and the beautiful man Rocket came to visit and help Andy out with putting power into his shed.


He is so bloody beautiful it’s not even fair, too beautiful for me that’s for sure! Ahhh rocket! The things I would do to that man haha.

So he was here for a couple of days and the night before he left we went and had a bonfire up by the shed to burn an old tree down which was a really good night and then we didn’t end up eating until nearly midnight as we were drinking and talking about cocaine prices around the world and the ‘underground internet’ silk road! haha such good role models for Dan!

Tarsh was laughing saying that she has learnt so much from me being around haha.

Anyways….rockets visit was short lived and he soon left again and then it was back to the usual of looking after Dan and just getting all the final things I had to do ready before my dad arrived.

I went up to see them classing the rams ready for sale where they use the figures from the scanning and Andy also looks at the wool and decides if they will go up for auction, private sale or if they are to be culled (which means they will be sold for meat that ends up in sausages or dog meat!)

After they classed them they then had to crutch them which means the back of their wool around their bums gets Shawn as they literally just shit everywhere and all that shit gathers up all around their bums. It’s horrendous! So they get it all off so they look better for sale.

I had to move the van out on Wednesday ready to take to swan hill on Saturday for new wheels etc. as its supposed to piss it down just before my dad gets here (Typical) so the roads are going to be awful to drive on and I’m pretty sure the van wouldn’t be able to deal with it!

And so here we are, my dad arrives tomorrow and we are staying here for a couple of days so he can have a look around and then I’m off!

It’s so strange that I’m leaving after 5 ½ months of being here, I will definitely miss it and everyone here! They have become like my Australian family and I am so thankful to them for everything they have done for me! They are truly some of the nicest people you could ever meet in your life and I feel so lucky that I got the opportunity to come here but more adventures await for me now. I will always stay in touch with them and hope to meet up again when I get back in January with my brother!

Next step – back to Hamilton for a few days and then Malaysia, so watch this space!

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What Technology Should I Take Travelling

You’re planning on taking the world by storm and seeing every inch of the place, so what technology do you want to take with you?

Technology items can take up valuable space in your backpack so you want to take as little as possible but still the essentials - that can differ from person to person, as it depends what you plan on doing while you are travelling, if you’re a photographer or creating videos or a graphic designer etc then you will want to take all your gear for capturing the memories or creating masterpieces which you will know more than me what you need to take.

So these are the basics that I would suggest you bring.

As always if you have any questions please feel free to ask, or if you have any suggestions yourself then don’t hesitate to let me know.


An Unlocked Phone

You will be wanting to call home no doubt and also take photos to share with loved ones back home, so you can easily unlock most phones these days by contacting your provider.
You may also find it useful to check out some brilliant travel apps that i recommend you to download to your phone HERE

A laptop or a tablet

If you like to stay online or watch films etc. then taking a reliable laptop or tablet or hybrid is a good option, I have a windows tablet that can take USB’s which is really good although the battery charging is horrendous so I probably wouldn’t recommend it to you now, but having a tablet or laptop small and light enough to carry around with you and to keep your baggage weight down is always a good option to go with and the fact it has USB ports means I can plug my phone Into it or a hard drive.

A Hard-Drive

Mega packed with series and films, you are going to have times when you’re a bit bored or just fancy a bed day, after all this is your life now and that means you want to have home comforts sometimes of just spending all day in bed watching a film, so I would definitely suggest you take one of these, lots of backpackers have them and you can all share what you have. – I would say get a terabyte hard drive that way you should never run out of space and have plenty of things to choose from on a bed or rainy day.

An iPod

Ok so you can use your phone but playing music off your phone takes up valuable battery time which you can use for other things, so I would definitely suggest getting a separate iPod – I don’t have one of these I am still using my phone but it’s on my list of things to get.

A Portable Speaker

Of course you are going to want to listen to some of that music you have on your ipod so bringing along a small Bluetooth speaker is a must.

A go-pro or other sports cam

I bought a cheap camera off amazon which was ok, but the exposure was awful and had to be reset every time you turned the thing on, it ended up breaking so my dad got me a new camera for my birthday, it’s a Veoh Muvi Kseries and I have to say its brilliant, I don’t think the app is quite as good as the go pro from what I have heard but it’s cheaper and the camera its self seems to do the trick.

Portable battery charger

the one I have can jump start a vehicle too as I have recently purchased a van for my travels so it means that if I were to get into any trouble with it not starting I can do it myself, assuming that I have charged the battery of course.

Travel plugs and chargers

For all of your technology, I have a universal travel plug which you can slide out different parts so it will work in any country and you can also plug in any countries plug sockets. Mine also comes with an attachment for USB ports.

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