A week at Keri-Keri

Tuesday 24th Jan

Me and Jim woke up around 6am and checked out of our hostel, then walked down to the main street in St Kilda to jump onto the tram to Southern Cross Station.

Our train was delayed for about 10/15mins because they hadn’t attached the front onto the train, but we got on eventually to start the 5 hour journey up to Swan Hill where Tarsh would be meeting us.

We arrived into Swan Hill around Midday and Tarsh came to meet us at the station, it was so nice seeing her again and I couldn’t wait until I saw dan although I did have to wait until 4pm when he got out.

We helped tarsh with her shopping for the next week and also went and grabbed some lunch and before we knew it 4:30pm came around and it was time to go see Dan. Me and jim waited in the car while she went and got him and when they came out I ran over to him hoping for his eyes to light up and remember me….but nope! He was pushing a lot a little pushchair and when I ran over and said his name he looked up at me and then looked back at where he was going and continued! Waaaaaaa my poor heart has broken!!

We drove back to the farm and I sat in the back with dan with a mission to force my love upon him and to annoy him until he remembers me which seemed to sort of work.

When we got back we of course had wine o’clock and had some pizza and stayed up chatting around the kitchen island.

Ahhh it was so lovely to be back here and even though it was only a few months ago it felt like longer, especially as dan had grown up so much, I got him to wear one of the Birmingham city hats that my dad had sent them over for a thank you for looking after me.

Me and Tarsh took over mine and Jim’s stuff to the cottage where we would be staying, which will be strange for me as I was in the house the last time I was here.

Wednesday 25th Jan

I woke up quite early because the sun was coming through the blinds and I could hear Mr. Rooster doing his wake up call, so I strolled back over to the house and got my self a coffee and then Dans little face appeared screaming loudly and running all around the kitchen island. My god where has that tiny little boy gone that I was looking after?

After breakfast we spent the day driving around in the UTE searching all the dams for trapped sheep, as there legs get stuck in the mud around the dams because the dams were getting low and all the mud/silt that was on the bottom of the dam was now out in the open for them to get stuck in as they had to come in further for a drink.

Tarsh drove while me and jim had dan on our laps and then I would look after dan while jim helped tarsh get the sheep out of the dams by throwing a hooped piece of rope around their neck and pulling them out. – don’t worry about it being around their necks, sheep have got very short but strong necks so they can take it, and also when they are as stuck as they are you cant really get it anywhere else, so its either get pulled out of the dam by the neck or stay stuck in the dam and die basically.

After we had drove round a few dams and saved a few sheep we headed back to the house and chilled for a while looking after dan while tarsh used me and jim to her advantage and managed to go and get some work done in her office.

Not long after it soon became wine o’clock again and Jim started helping tarsh make some potato bake to go with our Bbq, while I gave Dan a bath, when i had finished giving him a bath I had to go and get changed because I was absolutely soaking wet, he was finding it absolutely hilarious to start throwing buckets of water all over me but what a cutie pie he is! Cant stay mad at that little face for long.

Jim was helping Andy with the Bbq when I got back while me and tarsh drank some more wine and had a catch up in the kitchen, it felt so nice being able to do that again but also sad as I knew I was only there for a week this time.

Thursday 26th Jan

We went back out to check the dams for sheep but we had to go in the normal car this time as the Ute’s battery was dead.

When we got back Tarsh needed to get some work done so I looked after Dan while she did that and we did some painting which ended up in Dan being completely covered in paint and then mud as he had been watching Hughey dig up mud in a little corner which he thought would also be a good idea to do, so he was filthy, and I had to give him a bath to clean him up.

While we were doing that Jim went out in the other ute with andy to go and check all of the water they had running through the channels, to move the sheep away from the dams to stop them getting stuck.

Friday 27th Jan

We went back out again to check some Dams and one of the ones we had pulled out the day before had died, there was also a little lamb that was stuck and we thought it was the same one that kept getting stuck every day so Jim and Tarsh carried it over to the car so we could move her to another dam that wasn’t as low as the others. Jim got in the back of the car with her to keep her in one place while we drove her over to the other dam.

When we got back to the house everyone was nakered and had a bit of a nap while I did some job applying for places in Adelaide. I found one ad that I really wanted which was to work for a couple of hours a day in a hostel in Port Elliot which is in South Australia and you get your accommodation for free in exchange for a couple of hours work in the day helping with cleaning and painting etc. and they wanted about 4 people to come and help out so I sent over an email asking if me and Jim could go and work with them.

When everyone woke up after their naps we went over to one of Tarsh’s friends houses which is another farm and about 30mins drive away, there house is beautiful and had a swimming pool so we attempted to get dan in the water but he seemed to hate it and was crying as soon as we tried to get him in.

Then it was back to the house for dinner and a couple of drinks, then bed.


Saturday 28th Jan

The ute was all fixed for today so Jim did the driving to go and check the Dams. We found a small lamb without a mother and looking very week so we decided to bring it back to the house and let it sleep in the chook house. Tarsh made up some milk for it and we both had a go at feeding it.

In the evening when it was cooler we both did some motorbike practice, Jim was actually really good and picked it up really quickly. I was really nervous as the last time I tried riding the bikes here I fell off, so It took me a little longer to get used to riding it.

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After our bit of practice with andy and tarsh watching us we then felt more confident riding and went out to check one of the dams, as we pulled up there were lots of kangaroos at the dam that had come in for a drink as it was close to sunset.

Once we had pulled the sheep out of the dam we sat really quietly by the dam hoping that some would come back for a drink which they did. It was really nice to watch.

Before we left we noticed that one of the sheep was stood by the dam hardly moving, and we were a little worried about it so thought we would come back first thing to see if it was ok, when we got back to the house we told tarsh about it and she said that It may have been bitten by a snake if it wasn’t moving away from us.

Poor thing.


Sunday 29th Jan

When I woke up in the morning I went over to the house for my coffee and shortly after Jim turned up looking a bit sad and when he came in he told us that he had gone to feed the little lamb in the chook house and it was dead.

Unfortunately lambs are really hard to keep alive when they are that young as they rely so much on their mothers.

After we got over the trauma of the dead lamb me and jim went out on the bikes to go and check all of the dams, it was so hot and really hard as the wind blowing in our faces was hot and felt like a hair drier, Jim seemed alright but I found it too hot and I felt really dissy and like I was going to pass out at one point. My bike was a kick start bike and I even found that hard, obviously im not cut out to be a farm girl at all! At one point I was following an old track to one of the dams and then it suddenly disappeared and the bike sort of got stuck in some very soft crumbly mud, I put my foot down to try and stop it getting stuck but it didn’t work and I ended up banging my shin on the foot peddle and then the bike fell over. Lol.

God that hurt!!!

when we checked the dam with the possibly snake bite victim from last night we unfortunatley found the sheep dead stuck in the dam, so we had to pull it out of there which was difficult, and when we did we noticed that it had a bit of foam coming out of its mouth so we are pretty sure it did get bitten by a snake.

When we got back to the house, I had to have a bit of a lie down as I was absolutely baking hot and then realised it was around 43º no wonder I was feeling so hot.

It was then time for me to start getting the next few days organised like trains and work etc. so I went over to the cottage to grab my laptop and bank card only I couldn’t find my bank card anywhere. Uh-oh! I spent the whole day looking for it and couldn’t find it anywhere.

While I was sorting all of that out, Jim was busy riding motorbikes and driving the ute over to the tip to find bits of wood that he could use to sort the chook house out for tarsh.

Monday 30th Jan

It was the last day at the farm which was sad as it has been such a great week. I spent the day again searching for my bank card but couldn’t find it, so I had to call the bank to get a new one sent to a post office in Adelaide for me, and then I spoke to my nan and grandads friends, Alec and Marie who live close to Adelaide and they said that we could go and stay with them for a few days when we arrive there which is really nice of them.

I kept pestering the man in port Elliot about working with them and he finally called me back so I managed to have a chat with him and he said he would give us a call on Thursday or Friday to let us know if we can go and help him out.

Then I got our hostel booked for the following night and figured out what trains etc to get while jim was building the chook house and then doing some shooting with andy down the airstrip.

I spent a while with a naked Dan in the garden running around after him, giggling at his little bum!! what a body!! haha


While i was packing all my stuff Jim was out shooting targets up the airstrip.

Cant believe its time to leave again, after such an amazing week with them.

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Dad’s Visit to Australia

Friday 9th September

The night before dad arrived me and Tarsh were sat at the kitchen table drinking wine and realising that I was leaving over the next few days and that my dad was actually arriving the next day.

I then get a text from him saying that his flight from Singapore has been cancelled – WHAT!!!!

So me and Tarsh were then trying to find another flight for him to Melbourne but we weren’t having much luck.

In the end he ended up getting a flight to Sydney and from there he then had to fly to Mildura which was the opposite way to where we were heading the next day.

It was all a bit of a drama but it all worked out in the end.

Saturday 10th September

So we all wake up nice and early to get Dan fed and Tarsh was going to take my van to swan hill to get a wheel alignment and me, Andy and Dan were going to go to Mildura to get my dad.

Dad then messages me and tells me that his plane is actually delayed to Mildura by 2 hours, what is going on? He’s not having much luck is he!

But anyway, me and Andy leave the house around 9:30am to go and get him and it takes around 3 hours to get there because of how wet the roads were leaving the farm.

But we got there and he got there so it all worked out in the end.

I ran over to him and gave him a big hug, he looked really tired (well I’m not surprised!)

Then back in the car to go back to the farm, Dad sat in front with Andy and he was telling him lots of stuff about the farm etc.

When we got back there Andy had to go back out to pick Tarsh up as it was too wet to bring the van back in, so Me and Dad had a couple of beers and had a stroll around the farm with Dan and I showed him the cottage he was staying in and all the old staff sheds etc., which he enjoyed.

This was his very own cottage for the next few days….


The rest of the night we spent drinking a lot of beer and wine and catching up and also Andy and Tarsh telling my dad’s lots about the farm. I think it’s safe to say that my Dad ended up being rather drunk!

Sunday 11th September

We woke up around 8am the next day and I did my usual chores and my walk but took my dad with me and Dan this time.

So we took the bins out to the incinerator to be burnt, then onto the chooks to collect the eggs and give them their food, then we went and got the dogs and took them for a walk up round to where the tip is and down to where the magpie kept swooping at the dogs all the time, I had pre-warned him about the magpie so he brought along some sticks with him to throw at the magpie which did seem to work! He didn’t swoop as much as normal and gave up sooner! If only I had brought along sticks with me to begin with!!

Then we walked up to the house dam where the dogs go swimming and I usually stand there and throw in sticks for them to catch so we did that and let the dogs race to the sticks, well not Cashie as she just stands there barking at the other two and trying to bite Nate when he comes back in.

When we came back to the house everyone was ready to go out so I quickly went and got changed and we all drove to Kyalite to go to the pub there. It’s the closest pub to them really and takes about 40mins to get to.


It’s a nice little pub though with lots of room and lots of things on the walls, like fish and crocodiles and even a boat.

We had dinner there and the food was really good, we all had fish and chips apart from Andy who had steak.


We also had quite a few beers there (well of course you have to in a pub don’t you)

After food we went down to an old shearing shed for my dad to have a look at, it had lots of information in their about shearing and had some old wool in there and even some info on Keri-Keri. It was really interesting to see.

We then went back to the farm and went straight up to the dam by the woolshed to watch the sunset and also watch a group of birds flying around and catching all the mosquitos which was really cool.

After that we went back to the house and had dinner and more drinks around the kitchen table.

Monday 12th September

I spent a lot of the day packing up all my stuff that I had left around the house as I was leaving the next day after nearly 6 months there.

Tarsh drove dad around the property and he got to see the eagles nest with the massive brown eagles and what they had dropped out of their nest like bones and bits of fur.

He also went up to the shed to watch the guys doing the wool side sampling of the rams that were being sold.

I finally got all my stuff together as we were leaving quite early so my room looked really empty and it hit me that I was leaving so I felt quite sad, but I still enjoyed the evening.

Tuesday 13th September

We woke up around 7am and had breakfast and got the last things together. I left my message in the visitor’s book and then we all jumped in the car and drove over to the van ready for me and my dad to drive away from the place I had called home for so long.

It was a very emotional goodbye – (by me and Tarsh anyways haha) and because I was crying my dad drove the first bit out of there.


First stop was about a 3 hour drive and it was to a place called Dunolly which is in the middle of Victoria. I was meeting a guy there about a fridge for my van which I ended up buying off him, so my van is pretty much all set now for the big adventure next year which is great.

We stopped there for a little while for food and coffee too and then set back off to Wincanton (Tarsh’s sister’s farm).

We arrived there around 5pm and as soon as we got there in typical Austin style of being a whirlwind of energy and excitement we got back in one of the cars and took a drive down to Coleraine to see where it had all been flooded just days earlier. It was also due to flood again so everyone was getting prepared with big sandbags blocking the doorways. Di said that it was the worst that it had flooded in about 50 years.

Then it was back to the house for dinner and to plan what we were going to do the next couple of days. Because the weather had been so bad a lot of the roads were closed and there was even a closure of the Halls Gap national park which I had been planning to go to. So that was off the list.

Jack and Harry were chatting to my dad about sports and showing off their high jump tricks.

Harry also showed us his birthday present, a crossbow! Of course! That’s what every 9 year old boy gets for their birthday!! Haha.

Wednesday 14th September

We woke up early and had a look at the roads online to see if anything had changed but nope!

Di let us borrow one of their cars, so we decided to drive down to the waterfalls close to Hamilton which were absolutely incredible.

The one was called Nigretta falls and because of the amount of rain they had been having it was massive. It was pretty incredible to see especially considering that normally it is hardly a waterfall at all.

After the waterfalls we drove down to Port Fairy and Logan beach where they often have Whales.

It was really beautiful but no whales and was raining quite a lot – typical haha.

Then we drove back up to the house and had some dinner and watched some TV, and then had an early night ready for the next day.

Thursday 15th September

Again we woke up and thought that we would check out the roads to see if we could go to halls gap but they were still shut. So Di wrote down a list of places that we could drive to which was really nice of her.

First we drove down to Portland which is a town that exports lots of goods on shipping containers so we went down to the port and had a look at that, we also went to a café that she had suggested and had lunch there which was really good!

After Portland we drove along the coast to a town called Nelson where we went to look at the beach which was pretty incredible, they did have two beaches to look at but one was inaccessible because of all the flooding the road there was underwater.

Then it was up to Mount Gambier which we had to cross the Victoria/South Australia border to get to.
While we were there we visited the blue lake which was an old volcano, it was really beautiful.

Then we went and grabbed some coffee and drove over to an old sink hole which was turned into a garden and that was amazing! I’ve never seen anything like it!


Volcanos and sink holes……..glad I didn’t live there in those times!

Then back to the house for dinner, while dinner was cooking, we all went up to the shearing shed because Jonny had been waiting for us to be back to shear some sheep, so dad could watch and even have a go on his own.

Jonny makes it look so easy but it is really difficult, but dad had a go anyways as you can see here…..

Haha that was funny!

Then back to the house for dinner and a movie.

Friday 16th September

We were up really early as we were leaving the Austin’s to continue our journey in Melbourne, so Di took us to the bus in Hamilton around 6am.

I left the van the capable hands of Jack and Harry Austin…….god I hope it survives! haha

We got to Melbourne around midday and took all our bags to the hotel but our room wasn’t ready so we decided to go for a walk around until it was.
I took dad to the graffiti streets, down the little café laneways and over the bridge to Southbank.


Then we got a call that our room was ready so we went and checked in and showered etc. Then we went back out for some lunch at Grill’d in the laneways.

Then we jumped on a tram over to Melbourne central and had a look at the shopping centre built around an old clock tower.

After that we decided to go over to Richmond and have a walk around the MCG, we couldn’t go in as the footy finals were on but we walked around the gardens and then jumped on a tram over to chapel street and got a few drinks in a bar.

We also ordered some nachos for us to nibble on and only realised a few mouthfuls in that it had chili on, which obviously has beef in and as dad is a vegetarian he probably should stop eating it haha. He decided to carry on but try to miss the bits with meat on! Lol

After the nachos and beer we went to a restaurant called Richmond oysters which was absolutely amazing. We only went in for oysters as we weren’t really hungry, but ended up getting oysters, and full meals too! All the fish was freshly caught and you could go and have a look in the fridges at the fish before buying it, it was absolutely amazing!

Once we finished our food we walked down to the jam factory and got tickets to watch sausage party, and while we were waiting jumped into TGIF for some cocktails.

Dad fell asleep during the film, and I nearly did! Not because it was boring, far from it! It’s absolutely hilarious! But because it had been a busy day.

Luckily we were just a short train ride away from the hotel so we jumped on the train and then as soon as we got back to the hotel fell into our beds and were out for the night.

Saturday 17th September

We didn’t have to check out the hotel until 11 so we had a bit of a lie in but still made it out in time for breakfast. So we packed away all of our stuff and left it at the hotel while we went and enjoyed our last day in Melbourne.

First stop was a café in the laneways for eggs on toast and some coffee.

Then we jumped on a tram over to St Kilda and strolled around the beach, and the shops and then the botanical gardens which was really nice.


We walked up the big peer on the beach where the turtles are during the morning and we were hoping that we might see some but we didn’t! Typical again! Haha, but it was a nice walk up there and the view was good too.

I kept having to stop because my feet were hurting as I had been walking around all day yesterday with the wrong shoes on so I ended up getting big blisters on the balls of my foot again, which happened nearly a year ago when I started travelling! Surely I should have learnt my lesson when it comes to shoes! – Clearly not!

After the peer we decided to go and grab some food in one of the restaurants along the seafront and we had to wait a little while for a table as it was lovely weather which it hadn’t been for a while so everyone was out making the most of it, but we didn’t mind as we wanted a good table.


We both got some seafood and I ended up getting the biggest platter I have ever seen! Is this seriously for one person??

When we finished lunch we got a tram back to the city and went to Kathmandu (it’s like an outdoor shop in Australia) dad bought himself a new backpack as his one was breaking, and he got some walking shoes.

I got myself a lightweight waterproof coat as it rains a lot in Malaysia and Bali as they are so tropical so thought it would be a good idea, and I also got myself some sensible sandals as I obviously need better shoes!

After the shopping we went to the hotel and dad changed over his backpacks then we headed back out again – with the old backpack because I said I thought it would be nicer for him to give it to a homeless person (there are so many in Melbourne)…anyways all the homeless people we walked past had bags galore and don’t think they really needed another one so we ditched it and went to a couple of bars by the river instead. The bars were really nice and it was a nice way to leave Melbourne.

Then back to the hotel, time for an uber and onto the airport…..next stop Malaysia!!

(I can’t believe I’m leaving Australia after a year!! It feels so strange!


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Farm Life – The Final Chapter

As usual it has been a while since I last updated my diary, and this will be the last post on the farm which is sad, but I have been here nearly six months now which is a really long time in the travelling world.

So time to catch up….

25th July – 5th August

We got back from Melbourne on the 25th July and then spent the rest of the week just doing the usual, looking after Dan, going for walks and house stuff like doing the bins etc. nothing too exciting tbh.

The 29th was a trivia night in Moulamein and it was Mexican themed, so me, Tarsh and Dan went over while Andy went to a funeral in Adelaide and we had tacos which were bloody excellent! And then did some quizzes which I actually knew quite a lot of the answers to the TV and film one so I was pretty happy.

There were themed games and a taco eating contest, which I unfortunately did not participate in, I know I would have won that one! Ahhh well haha. It was actually a really funny night.

On the 5th August we went to swan hill for the day to do the shopping for the next few weeks and we decided to get there early so I could take Dan to the library for a thing called rhyme time, which was really cute as there were a few babies there and they put on some nursery rhymes and we have to sing to the babies. This was all going well until I was getting into my dancing a bit too much and my trousers ended up splitting right up the back. Some of the children even cried which is oh so shameful so have scared children for life with my fat ass!

How embarrassing!

I also started planning what me and my dad are going to do when he gets here, and what I will do in Malaysia and Bali after I leave him. I thought I might do my open water scuba diver course in Malaysia as I absolutely loved diving when I did it in Cairns and thought that I could start doing the courses and maybe one day be able to teach it and that means I can travel to lots of glorious places and teach scuba diving.

So I signed up for the course and they sent me over a manual and some videos that I need to watch, so I started learning about all of that.

6th – 16th August

The next week was pretty much the same for me but there were also some contractors here doing lamb marking which means they get the lambs and put them up in stirrups and they use a hot knife to cut off their tails and they put a ring around their balls so they will drop off, and also put an ear mark in. what an ordeal for the lambs! Not having the best day are they, although they don’t seem to mind too much, I thought they would be screaming their heads off but they didn’t make any fuss so that makes me feel a bit better about the whole situation.

They cut the tails off so they don’t get infections which they can get very easily if they keep their tails as it creates a dark warm patch where the tail hangs and they are very prone to infection. The ring around the balls means over time the balls will drop off which makes that lamb turn into a weather, as they don’t want them to turn into rams as one ram will be able to get around 100 ewes pregnant, so only some get kept as rams, who basically get to lead a pretty good life, they never get killed for meat and just get to live out their days shagging! – I know who I would rather be! Haha.

I also got to meet a little Chihuahua while I went up to see what it was all about, this little beaut is called Pippa!


She’s so small and I was getting worried about the eagles circling above us and that they would swoop down and take her! It was only a few weeks ago I was watching the news and that happened to someone’s dog near Melbourne! So sad! I don’t know what I would do if someone took my toby!! So anyways I insisted that she go in the back of the Ute for her protection haha.

We also went over to some of Tarsh and Andy’s friends for a bonfire Bbq which was really cool, they had loads of bonfires light up and used the hot ashes to cook the potatoes and meat, and it was really good.

17th – 29th August

Wayne came to visit who used to live and work here and he is from England but has lived in Australia for around 20 years, he stayed for a couple of weeks helping out with things that Andy needed and also did quite a bit of work on the van for me which is really nice of him.

I spent the rest of the time doing my scuba course and ticking things off my to-do list, just things like learning about my camera and sorting the van out etc.

Not long until I leave here now.

It will be sad for sure but I am getting a bit restless now, I like to keep moving and keep doing different things where it’s easy to get a bit bored here. But I am going to miss it so much when I go. It will be a sad sad day when I leave.

I did some more trying on of my clothes and had to throw my bikinis out as my fat butt can’t fit into them anymore, and nothing worse than a bikini that doesn’t fit! Makes you look even bigger and bumpy than you actually are!

On the 26th we all went to a clearing sale which is what happens when someone decides to leave their farm so they get all their stuff they want to get rid of together and then invite everyone over to have an auction on different piles of stuff. There was so much stuff there, like lots of farm machinery but also home stuff and even camping stuff. So I got Tarsh to do the bidding for me as I was too scared and nervous about not winning to do it.

I ended up getting a shower for the van haha, which I found absolutely hilarious picturing me and my brother holding the shower head up for each other! And I also got a big load of pans and mugs and knifes etc. so the van is looking pretty good and set up now ready for the big adventure next year!


When I leave the farm I have a pretty good set up!

Malaysia for 2 weeks

Bali for 2 months

Home for 6 weeks

Back out in Jan for the van adventure!!

I love this traveling life!!

The rest of the week just back to the usual, Dan, walking and cleaning etc.

Speaking of walking……every single time I take the dogs for a walk there is a magpie that just started swooping at Red, I had my suspicions that when he was off running around that he would go terrorise the bird so it wanted its revenge. This kept happening and I kept missing it on film. But then I finally got it one day and it seemed to start going crazy, swooping at all the dogs including me!

This magpie is a knob!!! See for yourselves. Haha

29th August – 9th September

The week starting the 29th was the same, just looking after Dan and me counting down the days until my Dad arrives. Getting quite excited about it now and I’m also getting restless being here as I’m getting a bit bored of doing the same things all the time.

I do love it here but I couldn’t live here forever. I need more excitement and different things going on.

The weekend came and the beautiful man Rocket came to visit and help Andy out with putting power into his shed.


He is so bloody beautiful it’s not even fair, too beautiful for me that’s for sure! Ahhh rocket! The things I would do to that man haha.

So he was here for a couple of days and the night before he left we went and had a bonfire up by the shed to burn an old tree down which was a really good night and then we didn’t end up eating until nearly midnight as we were drinking and talking about cocaine prices around the world and the ‘underground internet’ silk road! haha such good role models for Dan!

Tarsh was laughing saying that she has learnt so much from me being around haha.

Anyways….rockets visit was short lived and he soon left again and then it was back to the usual of looking after Dan and just getting all the final things I had to do ready before my dad arrived.

I went up to see them classing the rams ready for sale where they use the figures from the scanning and Andy also looks at the wool and decides if they will go up for auction, private sale or if they are to be culled (which means they will be sold for meat that ends up in sausages or dog meat!)

After they classed them they then had to crutch them which means the back of their wool around their bums gets Shawn as they literally just shit everywhere and all that shit gathers up all around their bums. It’s horrendous! So they get it all off so they look better for sale.

I had to move the van out on Wednesday ready to take to swan hill on Saturday for new wheels etc. as its supposed to piss it down just before my dad gets here (Typical) so the roads are going to be awful to drive on and I’m pretty sure the van wouldn’t be able to deal with it!

And so here we are, my dad arrives tomorrow and we are staying here for a couple of days so he can have a look around and then I’m off!

It’s so strange that I’m leaving after 5 ½ months of being here, I will definitely miss it and everyone here! They have become like my Australian family and I am so thankful to them for everything they have done for me! They are truly some of the nicest people you could ever meet in your life and I feel so lucky that I got the opportunity to come here but more adventures await for me now. I will always stay in touch with them and hope to meet up again when I get back in January with my brother!

Next step – back to Hamilton for a few days and then Malaysia, so watch this space!

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Farm Life Part 5

29th June – 8th July

I last updated just after I got back from Adelaide, so the 29th June was the day we left Adelaide and headed back to the farm.

Since then It has been pretty quiet with not much to do other than the usual stuff of looking after Dan and the dogs etc., and I had decided that I was yet again going on a major health kick so I was doing my couch to 5k and also the 30 day shred, eating healthy etc. as I have put on 2 stone since leaving home! NOT GOOD!

Dan’s birthday was coming up so we did lots of preparing for that with decided on kid’s games and what food we were going to have for the adults.

The Chooks also got a new boyfriend the Rooster which we called Matt after the guy who gave him to them.

So pretty boring few weeks for documenting things to be honest.

New rooster on the farm named Matthew #rooster #chooksgotaboyfriend #makesomebabies

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It had been raining a lot for the past few days so everyone was worried about getting here as most of the roads are dirt roads and it’s easy to get bogged and slip off the road and being out of range on the phone and quite a way away from anyone that can be a little bit worrying.

But people started arriving the night before so on the 8th and said it wasn’t too bad which was good, and we all sat around the table for dinner that night.


I was out of my room for the next few nights as it was needed for family staying so I said I would stay in my van, Tarsh and Andy were out of their rooms too and staying in the cottage so I said I would get up for Dan.

The problem with that was that it ended up being one of the coldest nights there, really frosty and just plain bloody freezing so when I got up in the middle of the night to get Dan as he was screaming I was just so cold and couldn’t bear going back in the van so I ended up sleeping on the couch with him.


Everyone started turning up the next day – Dan’s b’day, around midday, I was absolutely knackered as I had hardly slept because of being cold and also Dan waking up so much so I was really tired!

Oh well nothing a bit of bubbles won’t help!

I did end up going and napping in the van for a bit of the day too but it was still really cold in there! Deffo won’t be travelling around anywhere cold in winter next year thank you very much!!

The day was really good, Dan was just passed around everyone and seemed to be having a great day which was good!



One by one everyone dropped off and I was downing the wine as ya do! Forgetting that I had to get up for Dan again so I was pretty drunk by the time I went to bed and passed out and the next thing I knew was hearing Dan screaming his head off on the monitor so up I got to help him, and that happened a few times so another night without sleep.

Why do kids have to require so much attention?? Haha


10th July -22nd July

Everyone left quite early on the 10th and then it was back to normal life again for a while, the next few days me, Tarsh and Andy ate our dinner down on the sofas watching movies which was nice.

Then Andy was back to work with matt building his new shed for all the cars they have.


I got back onto the health kick of my running and healthy eating after the weekend but my hips started to hurt and I still pushed through thinking I was just aching because I was working out well but I don’t really know what happened to me.

All around my hips were hurting and felt like it was my bones and then after that it felt like the muscles in my groin were hurting like throbbing and I could barely walk, so I had to stop exercising completely as It just seemed to be making it worse. – What the fuck is going on with me? I feel like a 90 year old woman, and now I can’t even bloody exercise to get rid of this belly fat!!! Arghhhhh I’m doomed to get fatter and fatter and not be able to walk haha.

During these couple of weeks I applied for my second year visa and also my tax return and got them both come through so that was good, although I didn’t really understand about applying for the second year visa so as I applied while I was still in Australia they added onto the visa I already had which now gives me until 11th October 2017 which is great but I’m leaving Australia in September and going to Malaysia and Bali for a couple of months, then home for xmas and then I was coming back in January for another year, I spent ages on hold on the phone to the border control but they said that my old visa was now invalid and that I can’t do anything about it, but gave me an email address to call so I did and just waiting to hear back from them, fingers crossed I get good news but I doubt it.

Then it was time to go back to Melbourne for a few days as Tarsh and Andy were going to a 50th birthday and needed me to look after Dan for the night, so to read about that then click HERE.


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Farm Life – Part 4

Wednesday 1st June – Sunday 5th June

So it was back to the farm which felt really strange after being away for a few weeks.

I decided that it was time to go on major health kick as the belly had got out of control and also the booze drinking was a nightmare!

I just really don’t like the person I become when I’m drunk (not that I remember all of it but still the bits that I do remember I don’t like at all!) – So healthy healthy healthy for now anyways haha.

I had also upped my price when looking for vans because it was seeming like I just wasn’t going to get one for the price I wanted to pay which was $1500, so I messaged I guy with one on for $2500.

He got back to me and said that it was still available but it wasn’t starting so the price had been dropped to $1500 – OMG! OMG! OMG!!!

Time to speak to the beautiful men (Rocket and Charlie) in Melbourne and ask them to go and look at it for me, Rocket said that he would go round on Tuesday after work! 🙂


Monday 6th June – Thursday 9th June

Monday was spent again being extra healthy, salads and exercise all the way.

On Tuesday, one of Tarsh’s friends came over to stay for a couple of nights while they scanned and documented the data on the rams ready for the Ram Sale in September.

Each Ram has a number tag clipped onto their ear and they get mustered together and brought up to the shed where each one is then pushed through to a crush, they get their balls measured, and then they get scanned like a sonogram where they look at the muscle and measure thick the muscle is or – EYE MUSCLE DEPTH, and then measure how much fat there is on the top of the muscle.

The ones with higher muscle depth, lower fat and a large scrotal area are the ones that will be worth more at auction.

On the evening of the Tuesday Rocket called and said that the van was purring! She was going! Haha so I naturally got extremely excited and decided then and there that I wanted the van to be mine all mine so I spoke with the guy who was selling it and told him that I wanted it and just wanted to sort a few things out first like the registration and insurance etc. which is actually quite difficult to get your head around here as there are all the different states.

On Wednesday I went up to the shed and took over from Tarsh doing all the data entry on all the rams for a few hours at the end of the day.

Then came back to the house and did some more thinking about what I was going to do about the Van as I wanted it in my possession then and there, I’m so impatient.

Thursday was back to normal, with not much to do so I was looking after Dan and doing more van thinking, Andy said that he was going to Swan Hill the next day and could give me a lift to the train station so I decided that I would do that and get the van on Saturday morning to drive it back up here.

Friday 10th & Saturday 11th

I got into Melbourne around 5pm and went straight to my hostel to check in and then back out to meet little one at central station.

We went to Woolworths and grabbed some food to take back to her place and we made some dinner and listened to some music.

She also had some rabbits at the flat now so I was playing with them, she was going out so she was drinking but I have decided that I don’t want to drink at all anymore at least for a while as I turn into such a fucking dick head when I do drink and I then spend the next few days after feeling really guilty about my life and I don’t want to feel like that! So no drink for a while until I sort my head out I think!

So I went back to the hostel and jumped into bed to get an early night ready to pick my glorious van up the next day, but surpirise surprise there was a very overweight man in the room who was snoring all fucking night!!

Actually he was really strange because firstly he wore a skirt and was wafting it around like he was in some kind of tribal dance, and then he would get into bed and fall to sleep and snore for a while and then wake up, put his coat on and leave the room for like an hour, then back into bed to snore again and repeat! I was really confused by him but luckily I had decided that I was leaving the room at like 6:30am!

I went to reception and complained about the guy and the fact that they had put me in a 6 bed when I paid for a 4 bed and they gave me a free hot breakfast! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!


After breakfast I walked around the Vic markets to get some fruit and veg to take back to the farm and then hopped in an uber over to Brunswick to GET THE VAN BABY!!! WOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPP….!!!!!

I got to the guys house and he went through all the paperwork with me, I didn’t need to sign anything as the registration had already ran out, he then offered to take me over to the van and help me check the oil and coolant etc., and also helped me to get it started as It needed a jump start. He then said he was worried that I might stall it and not able to get it started again so he offered to drive it round the blocks a couple of times which I thought was really nice of him.

He then left me and I was on my own! A 6 hour journey ahead of me and me panicking that I actually had purchased a van and I had never drove one before and had no idea if I would be able to! – Well no time like the present to find out if I can or not hey!

Off I went feeling extra tense and slightly worried but all was ok, the gearstick was a bit dodgy to get it into certain gears but I survived, and I did get a bit emotional at one point as I felt all grown up and happy that I had done it and that I was driving it back all by myself.

I got back to the farm around 3pm feeling stressed as it was such a long journey! But had a relax and all was good.

Tarsh’s friends Jando and Kurt had come to visit and they brought their dog named Toby along with them……wait what????


Erm….nah! But he was a right beauty though, so we did lots of hugging and playing for the rest of the day and Sunday which was nice, and I did lots of cleaning out the van and planning what I needed.



Monday 12th – Thursday 16th

Jando and Kurt left on Monday morning so I had to say an emotional goodbye to Toby number 2, I got back on the exercise although not so much the diet as I was eating lots of chocs and cheese! Ahhh well hey – YOLO and all that crap! I also started my meditation course so let’s see what comes of that, I think it would be good if I could learn to settle my mind as it does go a bit crazy sometimes and I get upset and angry very easily.

I ordered a few things for the van and did lots of planning with it getting all excited but then also realising that it did need a bit of work and got worried about my money situation….hmmm maybe I shouldn’t have bought a van!

I also found out that my second year visa is going to cost $500 too! Waaaa, so I got a bit upset about all of that and also I have been feeling quite homesick for a while, it comes and goes in waves but felt especially homesick on the Wednesday of this week as I knew my b’day was coming up, and it just going to be a strange one.

I just feel pretty far away from everyone and worry that people have forgotten about me lol, I know that’s silly but its true! I can’t help feeling like that! Ahhh the joys of anxiety hey!! So I had a bit of a cry, a cigarette and a wine and then off to bed and woke up the next day feeling better!

Sometimes a good cry is what you need!

Back to feeling happy and enjoying myself! No point moping around is there otherwise I will just end up feeling even more miserable, and I don’t want that now do I!!

Friday 17th – MY BIRTHDAY

I woke up around 8am and walked out to grab Dan as I could hear him crying in bed, why does he never wake up happy, always wakes up screaming haha.

Me and Dan went into the kitchen and I was surprised to see lots of boxes waiting for me from home, so I opened all the pressies from home and I also had a couple of pressies from Tarsh, Andy and Dan which was really nice of them.

After all the present opening me, Tarsh and Dan drove to swan hill where we did some of the shopping for the next few days back at the farm, and also grabbed some lunch with some of her friends.

We then did a bit of normal shopping, I grabbed some stuff for the van, like a new bed and sheets and then I also manged to find a soda machine in target for $20 which I was really happy with, it was the best buy of the day for me haha.

Then we got a Chinese and headed back to the farm where i popped open the bubbles that my mom had sent over for me and I actually had a really nice day. I was a bit worried about feeling homesick but all was good. It didn’t actually feel like my birthday at all but it was a really good day.

Saturday 18th –Wednesday 22nd June

Saturday and Sunday, I literally didn’t do anything other than laze around, eating English Cadbury’s and trying to learn about my new camera and laptop.

Andy was working on the van, which is great that he is helping so much but I feel really bad that he is doing so much for it and I feel like I don’t do enough or deserve him to help me that much.

Monday and Tuesday was rubbish weather so me and Dan watched Disney movies and ate chocolate lol and I spent Tuesday night packing ready to go to South Australia tomorrow.


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Farm Life – Part 3

Sunday 1st May

I got the train from Melbourne (CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT MELBOURNE) to swan hill and Andy came to pick me up, before he got there I went to target to buy some work out trousers as I had decided that I was getting on the case with the exercise from tomorrow onwards!

We went food shopping and then drove back to the house which is a couple of hours from swan hill. When we get to a certain area on the roads (once it gets to their land basically) the beers come out! So we drank a beer on the way back and then when we got back made food drank beer and waited for Tarsh and Dan to get back from South Australia where they had been visiting her parents.

Mon 2nd – wed 4th may

The first 3 days back I spent cleaning the house, looking after Dan and getting on the case with my exercising! I downloaded an app with 7 minute exercises so I would do a few of those a day and also take Dan for a run in the pram!

He likes to watch me do the exercise videos, I guess it’s because I look so stupid when I’m doing them, oh well just as long as he isn’t crying and I can get them done that’s all that matters.

I had gone healthy crazy and was making lots of healthy food, like quiches and avocado truffles and a dip with the radish leaves! – healthy healthy healthy – it always starts off so well doesn’t it haha.

Thursday 5th May

I woke up feeling absolutely awful! I felt so ill and couldn’t breathe properly or anything but I didn’t just want to sit in bed and feel sorry for myself so I thought I would get out and do some exercise still, so I did some videos and then decided to go for a jog with one of the dogs but not Dan this time as he was in bed.

So I’m running around the dam and see something in the corner of my eye and think…

‘Hmmmm….is one of the other dogs off?’

I carry on running then I see something in the corner of my eye again running up the bank and think

‘Fuck…..I know it’s not the dog as it’s just ran down by me, fuck it’s a fox!’

So the fox comes running out of the dam and then the dog is chasing the fox! I don’t really want to see this fox get massacred in front of me so I’m screaming at the dog to stop chasing the fox and running after them!

‘It’s a pretty big fox!!’

The dog then bites the fox but jumps up and then I think it realised that I am trying to save it from the dog so the fox then starts trying to run over to me, I have to start running away but trying to tell the dog not to kill the fox, eventually we go past a tree and the fox then jumps in the tree away from the dog but the dog is still trying to kill the fox. I eventually go over and grab her and make her come with me!


I go back to the house and tell Tarsh about the eventful run I have just had and wait a little bit and then decide that I will go back out for a run but go the other way around so the dog can’t come with me, but when I go back out the dog is there staring into the bushes and I walk over and there it is……the fox!!! Having a staring contest with the dog! I just grabbed cashi and then ran at the fox and then it ran away, thank god!

Ok so I am definitely done with running for the day now, so I went back inside and then me and Tarsh went out with Dan to go try to move some cattle, there was a baby cow and its mother that didn’t go with the rest of the group so we were trying to move them towards the group, the mother was having none of it and kept running off, we finally got them near the cattle yards where we could leave them over night and try push them a little further the next day when the mom jumped over the fence leaving her calf behind, she did this 3 times so we just gave up and knew that the calf couldn’t get through the fence so they would stay there and we could try again the next day when

I just started feeling worse and worse. I felt so so ill I just had to lay on the sofa and have a nap and dose myself up on tablets while Tarsh made dinner and woke me up for it, I hardly ate any and then went to bed feeling sorry for myself.

Friday 6th May

I woke up feeling surprisingly better which was nice because I felt like I was nearing the end last night and all I wanted was to be home around my family and of course Toby the Chihuahua to come and cuddle me – Waaaa I miss him so much.


Of course I got out did some exercise by doing my workout videos while Dan sits in the pushchair watching me probably wondering what the hell I am doing jumping around in front of him, and then we all went back out to move the cattle again, but now there were more cattle as there were 2 other mothers who had heard the ones we had moved and gone over to them. It took us a couple of hours to move them but it was a lot easier this time that there were more of them, the one from the day before did want to keep running away but didn’t because the others were there. On the way back Tarsh let me ride the bike again, I was pretty nervous but managed to do it without falling off this time and actually got over 30km and managed to stop ok haha, so I was pretty happy with my self.

After this me and Tarsh went and got ourselves ready and headed on into Moulamein as Tarsh had got us tickets for a woman’s night called women in water, where there would be a few speakers on how to manage the water supplies out here because water is so valuable here. We went and picked up her friends from farms on the way and of course we get there late and have to sneak in through the kitchen – the main thing I was upset about was that we missed the starters!

After the first guy finished talking about water pipes and other stuff I didn’t understand we managed to find a table but no one else was sat there so it meant that when they brought all the food out we had it all to the 3 of us instead of the supposed to be 9. So that was me all sorted for the night, the food was really good too and add some Canadian club into the mix and I had a winner!!

Then there was a guy on talking about succession planning in farming which was actually really interesting to listen to as it’s not something I would ever have thought about but long story short is that a lot of farms here are run by families and they don’t seem to plan for the future properly. They pass the farms onto their children who may want to run the farms in different ways to what they had wanted and they still stick around, or they give the farm to one of their children in their wills and then when the time comes the will gets disputed etc. and can cause a lot of family arguments.

After him we had a really nice guy come on and talk about depression and suicide, and I was just thinking we had come to hear about water!! He told us his story about how he owned a farm and would work work work, hardly getting any sleep at all, and he eventually became depressed and suicidal but that he got help and wanted to help others.

I feel for him as it’s such a difficult thing to try and deal with let alone stand in front of people talking about especially while still dealing with it as I could see him shaking up there. So everyone was listening to him and feeling for him when this bloody woman on the table in front of us started shouting things out to him. He was talking about feeling like he wanted to kill himself and she screamed – woooooooooo!!!

He brushed her off and continued speaking and then she shouted out ‘we live to die…’ I was in shock at this woman because she looked a mess anyway and then she was being so rude to him, I felt so sorry for this man but luckily he brushed it off quite well and got a big round of applause when he finished.

So anyways……after all the speakers were done, everyone got up and moved around and this crazy lady came over to the table we were sat on and started speaking to the woman next to me, she nearly fell off her chair a few times and starting hugging everyone, she then turned to me and asked me who I was, she then told me I was kissable and grabbed my face and started kissing me all over my face! Brilliant! Thanks a lot for that. – Lets go now please!

We get back to the house around midnight and Andy is in a terrible mood, Dan is still awake in his cot with the light on screaming his head off, Andy comes out shouts and says he’s going to bed, so we get Dan up and give him a bottle and get him to go to sleep, laughing a bit at Andy! – It’s not the easiest thing in the world looking after a screaming little baby haha.

Saturday 7th May

I spent the day looking after Dan, doing the rubbish etc. and just a chill out day mostly, until the evening and then we went over to a farm just past Moulamein for an art evening, as they started doing these art evenings a few years back where they have an artist come over and stay with you for a week and make things out of items they find on the farm and then lots of neighbours come round and there’s a bonfire and food and people sing.

So I had a brilliant night here, the food was absolutely amazing!! There was pumpkin soup, and then some sort of Thai curry broth thing which was a god damn sensation and Singapore noodles. I had some of each and I also went up for seconds on the noodles they were so good.

There were pieces of art all over the place lit up by candles which made everywhere look really pretty, with a big bonfire in the middle and then at the back was an old shearing shed where all the food was and they had a few people singing, it was a really good night.

I obviously ended up being rather drunk chatting shit to anyone and everyone, Tarsh and Andy’s friend was making me laugh his name is suddo, he was telling me that a proper Australian does say AUSTRALIA it’s called STRALIA! So I was walking around with my wine saying I’m travelling STRALIA.

Then a girl from England came over to me who was working as an au pair for another family, she was from somewhere up north and a little difficult to understand for Tarsh and Andy, but they were finding us both quite funny to listen to, as she was saying she sounded like a man and I sounded very posh.

We went back home around midnight, and cracked open a bottle of wine and chatted around the table for a bit before deciding to go to bed, I had been smoking all night so decided to have another ciggy outside. I was quite drunk at this point and I remember finding a frog hoping around because it had started pissing it down. So I started chasing the frog around trying to touch it and then went back inside to get into bed, but it took me about 20minutes to take my trousers off because I had socks on over the top of them at the bottom, and naturally I was making a heap of snapchats……oh the drunken snap chat shame! At least they disappear within 24 hours. The 11minute long video saved on my phone of me trying to remove my trousers with my huge belly in the shot to however not so much! And no I am not putting it up on here! Haha.

Although I did try to upload it to my YouTube channel by the looks of it but thankfully the WiFi here is rubbish so it didn’t work!! Thank fuck for that.

Sunday 8th May

Naturally I woke up feeling rather hungover and ashamed of myself. I woke up quite late feeling ever so sick and without any water by the side of my bed so I felt like I was drying up! I dragged my body out of bed and went into the living room/kitchen to find that it was absolutely pissing it down outside which means nothing can be done anywhere, so we all sat on the sofas all day long watching movies, eating 2mintute noodles and napping!

It was glorious!!!

Monday 9th May

We all woke up quite early on Monday and were out of the house by 8am, it was mother’s day in Australia yesterday so we were going to see Andy’s parents today. They live about 2 hours away in a small town.

There were a couple of dogs there for me to play with and I stayed at the house with Dan and Andy’s parents while Tarsh went shopping for food and Andy went to go pick up his new car and wouldn’t be back that night.

We stayed there for a couple of hours and then me, Tarsh and Dan went back to the house, had some food and then sat in front of the telly with some popcorn and chocs watching Sweeney Todd.

Tuesday 10th – Saturday 14th May

The rest of the week was spent pretty much the same way, looking after Dan, doing exercise, bits of cleaning and making healthy food and helping with the odd bits of sheep work.

I also gave Dan his first chocolate experience and I think its fair to say he got a little bit addicted…

Then Saturday we all had to pack up as Tarsh, Andy and Dan are going on holidays and I am going to stay with Tarsh’s sister for a couple of weeks and also go and see Tarsh and Andy on their holidays, to be honest I am not completely sure what I’m doing so I guess we shall find out soon hey……….

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Farm Life – Part 2

So after I last posted on the 10th here is what has happened…..

On the evening of the 10th Andy’s sister Lisa and her husband Phil decided that they were going to come over as their son Ted who is 15 was on school holidays and wanted to come over to help with mustering the sheep as shearing started the next day which means a lot of sheep need to be pushed through the shearing shed.

They live around 5 hours away but the dad is a pilot and has his own plane so they decided to fly over and land on the airstrip…..as you do!

So naturally I got quite excited and went down to watch them turn up and land, which was pretty cool to watch, and what I also found really cool was the fact that this little beauty came running off the plane! What a dog! Her name is Princess Grace and well obviously she is a princess, she has her own fucking plane!

So that night we sat around drinking wine and eating food, I tried to get Princess Grace to sleep in my room but she got rather upset as she gets a bit of separation anxiety from Lisa oh well hey!

For the rest of the week it was all pretty much the same, looking after Dan, hanging out the washing, burning the rubbish, feeding the chooks and also going over to the woolshed to help with drafting the sheep into different gates ready for the shearing.

Mustering the sheep was difficult at first but once you understand how they move it gets easier, plus I had one of the sheep dogs called Red helping me, although he does get a bit distracted looking at the little lambs and then just doesn’t listen to me. We use big paddles which you can shake to make noise and also give them a little pat of the bum to get them moving if they aren’t moving forward.

So what we had to do is move them from one gate into another and then it pushes them into a tiny gate called the crush which then goes into a single lane with different gates at the end which is where Andy stood and drafted them into different gates and he can count 3 ways which I don’t understand how he can do that but no one can speak to him when he is counting or he would obviously loose count!

So from there they then go into the shearing shed which again gets split into lots of different gates for the different shearers. At the bottom of this gate are a set of swinging doors where the shearers will come through and grab a sheep to bring through to the shearing station.

I watched them all shearing and they seem to go pretty fast, they seem to compete against each other for how many they can do and they also want to get paid a lot as they get paid per sheep, it’s really easy for the sheep to get cut while they are getting Shawn because they move around a lot, and I even saw one running around on a bent leg because one of them got the hamstring which I am told is really easy to do, poor things!

So after they have Shawn a sheep someone comes along and picks up the fleece pops in on a table in the middle and they then rip of the bit around the bum as its all stained, so that bit gets used in any black wool items. After that they take off all the edges as that’s the lower part and has more prickles in and that goes into one bin. Then they class the wool based on how far it stretches, the length and how much yellow is in the fleece, if there is a lot of yellow then it’s of lower quality as it’s some kind of impurity.

If any of the sheep that they shear have any black wool at all they have to shout out ‘black wool’ and someone will come along and pick up that wool and rip out the bit with the black wool in or if it’s got bits of black throughout the whole fleece they will put the whole fleece into a separate bin, the sheep itself gets blue chalk put on its nose so that when the drafting starts again afterwards Andy knows they have black wool and that means they need to be tagged with a certain tag so that when the ram sale begins they also know to sell the ram or the sheep with the black wool as they don’t want to continue to breed black wool.

After the wool has been classed someone else will grab big bunches of it and put it into a pressing machine which will compress the wool so they can wrap it up ready to be sold, I was told that one of these big packs would typically be sold for around $1000 depending on the quality of course.

I found it really interesting watching and learning about all of this as I never really thought that that much effort went into my woolly jumpers back home, and now I can understand why wool can be quite pricy, it takes a lot of people, a lot of dogs and a whole lot of sheep a lot of time and effort to get your woolly jumpers ready!

So for the next 2 weeks that’s pretty much what was going on, Andy and Ted would go out in the morning to muster the sheep and I would look after Dan and do all the household stuff while Tarsh got on and did her office work and then in the afternoon me Tarsh and Dan would drive over and help draft the sheep ready for the shearers the next day, while Dan would sit in his pram and watch and be happy and excited about the sheep or start to cry so I would have to try carry him and draft the sheep which was actually really difficult to do.

On the Friday of my second week here me, Tarsh and Dan drove over to the closest city called Swan Hill which is a good 1 ½ hour drive away, it was a very busy day of food shopping, going to a few different places to get everything. Then new clothes for Dan as he has grown out of most of his clothes now, seeing potential day care for Dan, servicing cars and sorting internet out, and then trying to fit lunch into all of that too.

On the way to swan hill we saw a few kangaroos on the roads dead and even saw on the side of the road alive but not able to move properly as looked like it had a broken hip, Tarsh called Andy and left him a message telling him about the kangaroo and asked if he could come out and shoot it to put it out of its misery, on the way home we called Andy and he said he hadn’t got time to go out so there I was thinking we were going to have to kill a kangaroo and feeling very upset and scared about this but when we arrived to where the kangaroo was I saw it was missing a head! What the fuck?? Someone chopped his head off!? Poor thing! I hope it was quick and at least it wasn’t in pain anymore!

On the Saturday I drove up to one of the dams with one of the dogs to watch the sunset which was incredible, I have never seen anything like it, across the flat land that just goes for hundreds of miles I could see the sun completely disappear and wow to the colours in the sky! They were insane! Pinks, oranges and reds! It was so pretty.

After the sunset we had food and lots of wine and I ended up being rather drunk by the end of the night, which meant I spent most of the next day trying not to die in bed as I am now getting on a bit and clearly getting useless at handling my booze! Oh the shame!

After this I decided that I was going to stop drinking every night and have a bit of a detox, that lasted all of 2 days until the Tuesday (19th) Princess grace flew in on her private plane again and we all sat around the table eating curry and drinking wine! Then after that night it seemed to go back to normal, drinking wine in the evenings around the table! Well I’m not going to complain about that haha.

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The next few days were back to looking after the dogs, and chooks, and Dan until the Friday which was the last day of shearing and we needed to do inject the rams with a little bit of sedative so they were easier to shear and I also ended up shearing my first sheep. (Well 2 of them but not the whole thing) It’s a lot harder than it looks and you need to be really careful not to end up cutting them, I was scared to do it because I didn’t want to hurt it, especially around the hamstring. The guy helping me was really nice and had to move me around to get in the right position, he was also quite tasty too which is always a good thing to have a hot teacher! I did end up getting kicked a few times by the sheep but it didn’t actually hurt that much so that was good! So it was definitely an experience and I’m glad I gave it a go!

After the sheep shearing happened me, Tarsh and Dan drove to Moulamein, Tarsh drove with Dan and I followed in the Ute which is the first time I have drove on the actual roads here (apart from the Barbie car on magnetic island but that doesn’t really count now does it) and on the way there 2 Emu’s ran out in front of Tarsh’s car but luckily she didn’t hit them, that was the first time I’ve seen Emu’s in the wild.

So we went and dropped the car off at the garage and then next door is the coffee shop/art gallery where we had a coffee and I felt like I was getting investigated by the police officer about how I was going to get my second year visa signed off, I just pretended not to hear most of the questions, then Tarsh went with Dan to see someone while I went over the road to the shop to get some food in for the week and then to the place next door to that to grab the meat and beer.

Moulamein is tiny, there is one pub, one small and expensive supermarket, one garage, one coffee shop and one takeaway food place where we got 2 pizzas from and headed on back home, on the way Tarsh’s Cousin Charlie came up behind us and followed us back home too.

He was nice but omg doesn’t he talk a lot, he just went on and on and on, I don’t understand how he gets anything done or how he manages to breath when he speaks so much about just anything and everything. I just zoned out most of the time but then he would say ‘Sami, Sami, I’m trying to tell you something’ or ‘I haven’t finished my story yet’

Tarsh walked down the corridor out of the kitchen to go to the toilet and we all must heard her scream at the top of her voice and then shout ‘SNAKE!!!’ we all ran to her rescue and Charlie managed to get the snake and kill it, when we saw the colour of it, it was brown which is one of the deadliest snakes in the world and even though it wasn’t a big one it would still be big enough to kill you! And that was the first snake I have seen since being in Australia! Remind me why I’m here again?

After we had calmed down from the snake situation Me and Tarsh kept drinking and drinking just to get over the near death experience and as Charlie was telling us more and more stories and he brought in a hat made from a cat and then a briefcase full of posters and whips telling us stories about them, and eventually me and Tarsh were pretty drunk I ended up smoking to chill me out and finally got to bed around 1am.

We woke up the next day which was the Saturday and just had a bit of a chill day as we were feeling slightly hungover, I wonder why? And later on that night a guy called Henry turned up and they call him rocket and omg he is bloody beautiful! He’s my age, tall, dark and extremely good looking! Which is all well and good for me to have a bit of eye candy but also a bit annoying when I am making sure I stay away from all men at the moment due to my track record with the dickheads I seem to go for!

He stayed for a few nights and helped them out around the place putting lights in as he’s an electrician, I tried my best not to talk to him too much so that I didn’t end up doing anything stupid haha, but still continued to look at his beautiful face! Yummy, yummy, yummy!!!

So he left on Tuesday and I spent the day looking after Dan and trying to get all this updated and then pack ready for Melbourne, as they are going away for a couple of days so I am going to Melbourne and getting a lift down with Andy. We are actually meeting sexy man rocket there and going for food and a couple of drinks before they go off to watch a show and I will go and see the beautiful Christy again.

They have also got me and her tickets to see Aussie rules football so I am looking forward to going to see that! Should be a good night


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First week on the farm

Monday 4th April

So I got picked up at 10 by a man named Darryn and his son Lachlan and we started the 5 ½ hour trip up to Keri-Keri, which is a 60,000 acre sheep station to the north of a small town called Moulamein in NSW!

We stopped a couple of times to grab some food and some work boots and I slept quite a lot on the way but each time I woke up I noticed how different the landscape was, it went from city buildings to town houses and shops, to trees and lakes, to bushes, to red soil and Barron land, to black soil and yellow fields, and then back to red soil and bush land with a few trees here and there before arriving to what Darren called the front drive way up to Keri-Keri.

This drive way went on and on and on and we drove for another 5/10mins before I saw a big bunch of trees, but greener trees than what the rest of the land we had just drove down had, we drove in between a bunch of trees and there it was the house in the middle of the land, an oasis in the middle of nowhere, really hard to imagine that this would be here!

So when I arrived I met with Andy, Tarsh and dan. Tarsh showed me around the place and showed me my room for the next week or so as Darryn and Lachlan are staying in the cottage this week, as Lachlan is learning how to look after the sheep and cattle for his school work experience.

We had a cup of tea and a chat and then had a wonder around the outside with Dan, where the chooks (aka chickens) were and introduced me to the sheep dogs, although the sheep dogs were not what I was expecting at all, I was expecting collies but got these little cutie pies instead.


We had a bit of a wonder around and then made some dinner and had an early night.

Tuesday 5th April

I woke up around 7am and headed out to the kitchen to grab a coffee and some breakfast. Everyone was in there pottering around doing the same, and we all had a chat around the big island in the kitchen!

A girl called prudence who is 17 turned up to help out gathering or mustering the sheep ready for shearing next week with Lachlan and Andrew and those 3 all went out to go and work on motorbikes, we had to turn the radio on just in case they called back to the house for help, which was really loud and crackly and hard to understand at first.

Tarsh took me out in the morning and showed me how to feed the dogs, and chickens and what to do with the bins, as they don’t have any bin men who come out here so they have to burn all their rubbish, so in the house there are 3 bins. 1 is left over food which goes into a tub which gets mixed with water and thrown into the chicken pen. The second is for all tin cans and bottles etc. which go in the tip, and the third is for all other rubbish which will get burnt.

So all the rubbish that goes in the burning bins gets brought out and tipped into a big steel bin outside, some newspaper gets put on top and you then light that in the morning and let it burn throughout the day.

The chicken bin gets thrown on the floor of the chicken pen and you open the gate so they can get out and roam around.

The washing line is around here too so that’s also a daily or every other day job.

Then it’s over to the dogs to feed them and let one of them out of their cage at a time as they can either run off somewhere when they are together or worse and get into fights and kill one another, which had happened with some of the dogs they had in the past.

Where the dog kennels are, is where the old staff quarters used to be (well some of them anyway) and it looks all run down but in a good way, it looks old and like it has a story which I love, everything here does its amazing.

So I was mainly looking after Dan while Tarsh got all her computer stuff done and doing a little bit of cleaning, Andy also came back and asked me if I wanted to go and help gather in some lambs that had got separated from the heard.

So I went off with him over to where the lambs were and Lachlan and Prudy were there trying to get them together but they are really hard to catch as they are jumpy and only a few of them, I did try to help a little bit but not too much as I didn’t really know what I was doing, we were there for a little bit but it wasn’t working so Lachie and Prudy had to bring the whole heard back so they would join them.

Later on that day me, Tarsh and Dan drove up to the woodshed to watch the sheep go through the lanes where they get marked with paint to show what breed they are, after we watched them do that we headed back to the house and made dinner, had some wine and a chat around the big island in the kitchen.

12974442_10154110888346912_8203725669845684462_n (1)

Wednesday 6th April

I woke up around 8am and had breakfast and a coffee and then headed on out to do the laundry, bins, dogs and chooks.

I played with the dogs for a bit and then went back to the house and chilled with Dan while Tarsh got some more of her work done on the computer, we watched frozen and played with toys all day and also went out for a walk around the farm to see the dogs as he loves animals which is pretty good seeing as he will have to living here.

Later on in the day Darryn took me out on the buggy to teach me to drive it over to the tip which is where the other bin goes, so we grabbed all the beer cans and headed over to the buggy or as they call it the rhino and I started it up and put it into drive and went on over to the house tip which I was told had been going for around 20years. The rhino was easy to drive, it’s really loud though sounds a bit like a go-kart.


There were also lots of other things around here that has been dumped like old fridges and kids toys like swings and slides and then there was all the vehicles that had stopped working so they left them there, and this one had loads of cactus growing out of it which looked really cool. They say rubbish I say something cool to look at, a bit of garden art if you will!

After we were at the tip we got back in the rhino and drove a little further back towards the house where there were more rundown buildings with old cars in and rusty old tools and even some baby prams that looked really old, Darryn was telling me lots of story’s about the history here and that these buildings were from the 1920’s – 1950’s, I found it fascinating.

Then just before getting to the house we looked in one more of the sheds which were some old workshops for the horses where blacksmiths used to work, they don’t have any staff here now and just have the sheep for the shearing, it’s still really interesting to hear all their stories and makes me love it here even more.

Then we got back and hoped in the Ute and Darryn drove me down to the highway which took around 20mins all the way there and the whole way there we were driving through their land which was insane, and that was just one tiny portion on it.

The rest of the day I spent looking after Dan and then in the evening we cooked food again and sat around the island in the kitchen drinking wine, such a hard life!


Thursday 7th April

I woke up again around 7:30am and headed on into the kitchen for coffee and breakfast and then me and Tarsh went out to gather up the horses as they had a farrier coming to look at them that day in the afternoon to see if they needed to be put down or could keep on going.

They have 4 horses (well Tarsh does anyway) and 2 of them are very old, one is 28 and the other one is 36 and I was told that horses only live to around 24/25, and the 2 old ones are not looking so great, they have been left to themselves in the paddocks for a while so they are like wild horses.

We went over to the big shed and got in the Ute which is this big thing below, and Tarsh told me to drive I was quite scared as the biggest thing I have ever drove is my Nissan Micra which obviously isn’t that big at all, but I jumped in and turned it on and then realised that I couldn’t reach the floor with my short legs haha so we had to try and pull the chair closer which didn’t seem to go forward that much picking up bullets off the floor while trying to do so. Once it was close enough tried again and it seemed to work and off we went, after all the worrying it wasn’t actually that hard to drive but I was feeling pretty proud of myself!

We drove down to where the horses were and Tarsh got out and went over to them and started to lead them back, she asked me to drive back to the house and get her a radio and also open one of the gates for her, I was then a little nervous again as I had to drive the Ute on my own but again wasn’t actually all that scary at all, so I did that and went back over to her and we eventually rounded up the horses and got them into the cattle yard to separate them up and have them somewhere easy to get to for when the farrier arrived in the afternoon.


We headed back to the house and had lunch and looked after Dan some more and then the carrier arrived so we went back over and I watched him doing their feet where he would cut big chunks off and then file them down so they were all smooth and even and then he checked their teeth, when he checked the 2 old ones he said their teeth were quite bad which would explain why they weren’t looking to great as it probably hurt them to eat and he also thought that the one had an infection and advised us to give him some antibiotics.

After he left we went and jumped in the rhino and got some hay to take over to them and some anti biotics for the ill one, we let the other 2 healthy horses out to roam around and then dumped the hay in the cattle yards for the 2 old ones as Tarsh was calling the horse dentist to come out to look at them and also so we could give the ill one the injections.


Then it was back to the house for dinner and wine around the kitchen island again, I’m starting to like all this wine!


Friday 8th April

I woke up again around 7:30 and headed over to the kitchen for coffee and breakfast, we got Dan all ready and then packed up a little basket of toys and his bottle, nappies etc. and then we headed on out.

It was time to round up the cattle, as Tarsh has lots of cattle that Andy wants to get rid of because they keep trashing his fences and breaking them down. So our job was to go find them and round them all up into one big mob of them and lead them back to the cattle yards, so they could get sorted into the ones that they were going to keep and the ones that they were going to sell and the ones they were selling are going straight to an abattoir as Tarsh knew they needed to be sold but didn’t want to sell them to anyone that going to miss treat them and they would end up there eventually anyway and it’s good to do it when they have had a happy and good life. She had been researching abattoir’s also as she wanted them to go somewhere they were treated well and it happened fast, no halal killing as they die in a really horrible way for halal meat!

The horses got moved into another paddock that is close to the house so there was room for the cattle and off we went!

I was driving the Ute and had Dan in there with me and Tarsh and Lachie went out on the bikes, we let Nate out and he jumped on the back of Tarsh’s bike……. What a dog!!

We drove up through the paddocks and I followed the bikes until we finally found the sheep, doing this really made me see how big this place was and how much the animals must feel like they are in the wild! I saw so many kangaroos jumping in front of the Ute and also lots and lots of animal skeletons. Tarsh and Lachie drove off on the bikes and I drove down by the fence ready to get behind them when they got down there, I ended up getting stuck in a hole and had to radio over to Tarsh to come and free me, and she put the Ute into four wheel drive so it didn’t happen again.

We all had radios on us but mine seemed to be the best one because I was in the Ute and it had a big antenna for the signal so everyone kept having to talk to me for me then to relay the message to everyone else, this ended up causing quite a few laughs as I sounded like a post English girl on the radio which they are not used to so they were all laughing at me a bit haha, and saying that if their neighbours tuned in and heard me they would be wondering who they had working for them which I found quite funny.

It was a long day as cattle move quite slowly so it did take a while and Andy and Darryn went off back to the house to cook some pies and sausage rolls to bring out to us for lunch, I did a lot of sitting around with Dan and feeding him while the others rounded up the cattle, and even had 2 little brightly coloured birds fly over to us and hover around the Ute as they must have been confused as to what the Ute actually was, but I thought it was pretty cool to watch.

After all the other cattle had been rounded up by the big dam that I was waiting at we all started to get them going back towards the house again, and we noticed there was a tiny little calf that looked only a few days  and very out of breath. We backed off a bit so the calf could rest and feed of the mother for a little bit and then pushed on.

We were very nearly back and then Tarsh told me to head on back with Dan which I did and put him to bed and then had a bit of a clear up, they came back not long after and again we had dinner and wine around the kitchen island.

Saturday 9th April

This was quite a quiet day, I did the regular things like the chooks and bins and then spent most of the day with Dan, who was not a happy bunny at all.

He was crying all day long, I think he had finally got fed up of my face, everyone else were in the cattle yards separating the cattle into the keep and sell paddocks, I went over in the afternoon with Dan to watch and it was really interesting to watch this as they have to get them one by one into a little lane called the race which goes into a small space called the crush where they lock them in and push their heads through the front and lock their heads in the head bail so they can’t move and then come over and tag their ears with electronic tags so they know they are theirs!

Dan started crying again so I took him back to the house and put him to bed for a nap and then did some cleaning and then me Tarsh and Lachie had some dinner and some bubbles and watched some prison break before having another early night.

Sunday 10th April

Another quiet day today in the morning, I woke up a little later around 9am and headed on into the kitchen for coffee and breakfast.

Dan turned 9months old yesterday which means he can go onto solid food now so I decided I would make some egg muffins for him (and us) to have at lunch time. I also gave him some promite on toast (which is like Marmite but not as nice!) he seemed to like that although he didn’t do much eating of these solid foods! More like picking up and squashing in his hands and shoving it on his face! Haha


Tarsh was out most of the morning rounding the cattle up that had jumped over the fences last night and also getting all the ones that were being sold on the trucks to take them away, and Andy was rounding up the sheep ready for shearing tomorrow.

I chilled for a bit writing up the rest of this and then went out in the afternoon to help with the sheep. So we drove up to the woolshed and there were lots of sheep that needed to be sorted. They were all in big caged areas and we had to push them into another cage which then lead to a small lane with a gate on the end that can change what paddock they would lead to, so me and Tarsh jumped in to the paddocks with the sheep and one of the sheep dogs called red came in to. We had big paddles with like rattles inside to make noise so the sheep would run away from the sound, but they all huddle together and if you just run at them they won’t go just straight forward, they will split of and go all over the place so you need to go around them and kind of go in at an angle to push them into the corner. It was a lot harder than it looks as the mob got smaller and smaller they were harder to get to go in a direction that you want them to.

But we did manage to get them all done, and gave me an idea of what I will be doing for the rest of the week once shearing starts tomorrow.

So that’s one week done and it’s been amazing so far, I love it here and love that this is my life now, yes it’s been a bit of hard work looking after Dan so much as I am not used to it but it’s been good to do, and also being around all the animals and learning to drive all the different cars (if you can call them that haha) let’s see what next week brings then hey!





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A week in Sydney

Sunday 6th March

I arrived quite early on the Sunday and I would have to wait until the next day to see my dad so I thought I spend the day visiting my cousin Mandy for a catch up as I hadn’t seen her in probably around 10 years and she is over here working in Sydney in an Irish bar called Scruffy Murphy’s which you should go pay a visit too if you’re in Sydney! Cheap food and drink!

So I spent the morning walking around the harbour as I couldn’t check into the hotel until 2pm so I thought I Mayas well go and have a look around. I fell in love with the place already, much better than Brisbane! (God I’m so fed up of Brisbane haha)

It’s such a nice walk around the harbour here, so beautiful and not what I was expecting at all, anyways I nearly made it to the opera house and then got a text from Mandy saying she would be ready soon so I grabbed an uber over to the pub and thought I would grab a Guinness while I was waiting. – Well it’s an Irish pub so it would be rude not to!


It was so nice catching up with her even though it was only for a short time, she had work shortly after we met but I stuck around for a little while and had some food as it was so cheap!

Then it was time to go check into the hotel which I have wrote a review on and if you want to read it then CLICK HERE. So I did that and had a shower, and then passed out for a bit as I was sleepy! My flight was at 6am and I got picked up at 3:30am.

After my little nap I went out again and walked around china town and grabbed some food which was extra tasty and then headed back to the hotel and had an early night as I knew my dad was arriving early the next morning.

Monday 7th March

My dad arrived around 8am, it was so nice to see him and felt a little surreal but so so nice

He jumped in the shower and then we decided to go out for breakfast so we walked up to the harbour and started to do the walk that I did the day before as it was so nice.

12803191_10154001690571912_3013935056930180501_n (1)

We got to the top of the Darling Harbour and then bought and attraction deal to see 3 attractions for I think around $80 and we chose the sea life centre, the sky tower and the wildlife park. We went into the Sea Life centre straight away which was really good. They had lots of tunnels you could walk under and see sharks and other fish.

I love Sea Life centres and this one is a good one.

After the Sea Life centre we carried on walking around to the opera house and then we were hungry again and we were looking at restaurants but they were all really pricy, and you know me being stingy as I am I was saying I thought we could find somewhere cheaper, so we carried on walking and ended up finding a bloody gem!


It was called ‘Aussie Goody’s’ and it was just by all the ferry terminals by the opera house, we had a fish burger and it was incredible! And only $8 compared to the $50/$200 for fish in a restaurant! So I can definitely recommend this place to anyone in Sydney!



We went at sat down on the grass looking at the opera house and had our lunch which was really nice.

Then we decided to head back over to Darling Harbour to go to the wildlife park. This place was pretty good too and where dad saw his first kangaroo, he really liked them and was asking lots of questions about them.

After this place we went over the other side of harbour to hard rock café and had a couple of beers and some jalapeño poppers which I thought were really spicy but turns out they weren’t spicy at put the sauce that came with it was and I had been covering them in the sauce to try and take away the spiciness until I couldn’t handle it anymore and gave them to my dad! What an idiot I am sometimes hey haha.

After the hard rock we decided to go back to the hotel feeling very tired and worn out, had a nap for a little bit and then headed out again to a Mexican but a fast food one so we weren’t out for long and went back to the hotel so dad could catch up on his sleep! After all he had been travelling for 24hours.

Tuesday 8th March

We woke up really early and decided to walk up to the opera house harbour but we walked up through the city this time so we walked up through china town and then went to Hyde Park. We then decided to go grab some breakfast from somewhere and while we were there we thought we Mayas well go up the sky tower as we were right by it.

It wasn’t quite as good as the one in NZ but it was still pretty good, the only problem is that other buildings are taller than it, and blocking the view to the opera house so I found it a little strange. I don’t know if it was built a while ago or what but I would have thought it would be the tallest building and also that you would be able to see the opera house, but it’s still good to go up and have a look around at the city.

After this we walked up to the harbour and got a ferry ticket over to Mossman Bay, as it was the next available ferry, and we were super happy that we decided to go over here as a quick Google search told us to walk up to Bradley’s Head, which was around a 40min walk but the views the whole way there were amazing.

We even went to a little beach in a cove where there were lots of dogs, and we had to stand and protect one little chap from a big dog who’s owner didn’t seem to have much control over! Some people are idiots and shouldn’t be allowed dogs! This was the little chap we had to rescue!


Then we carried on walking around to Bradley’s Head, stopping along the way to look at more of the sights, once we got there I picked up some nice shells for my dad to take home for my sister to put in her fish tank haha.


Then we caught the ferry back over to the Harbour and went to the fish place – Aussie Goody’s again as it was just oh so good. After we had eaten we felt really tired so we decided to go to the cinema and have a a bit of a relax so we watched ‘How to be single’ which I actually really enjoyed especially as she doesn’t just end up with someone for the sake of it at the end and that’s quite relevant to me at the moment so I did enjoy that.


After the cinema we went back to the hotel for a shower and yes you guessed it another nap, before going back out to the harbour for dinner at an Italian restaurant and then onto the oldest pub in Sydney for a drink, only the one though as we were both really tired so we ended up going back to the hotel and passing out again.

Wednesday 9th March

We woke up nice and early and decided to try the hotel breakfast which was ok, it was a bit strange though as it had noodles and spring rolls on but they did have a lot of Asians staying there so I guess it makes sense and yes of course I had some.

We decided to hire a car so dad went and picked it up and then we started our journey to the Blue Mountains, but we decided to go to Featherdale Wildlife park on the way as we had read about it and It looked really good, so to read about that the please CLICK HERE.

When we came out of here all happy after cuddling toby the kangaroo we carried onto our hotel called Echo Point Motor Hotel and if you want to read the review on that place then CLICK HERE.

We checked into the hotel and then went out for some lunch in the town which is actually big compared to the other towns I went to when I was doing my fundraising job. After that we went back to the hotel and yep again you guessed it had a nap.

When we woke up it was getting towards the sunset so we decided to walk down to the view point, turns out it was just 2mins away from the hotel which was amazing and the view was absolutely incredible. We decided to do a walk around and see the sunset which was beautiful.


Then we went and got a Chinese and while we were waiting for it to be ready spotted a hat shop which my dad really wanted to go in called the hatters, I thought it was called the haters as I clearly do not know how to spell (thank god for spell check on here! Haha) anyways he decided he wanted to buy an Aussie hat for the rest of the holiday so we thought we would go back tomorrow.

We went back to the hotel and had the Chinese and watched a film.

Thursday 10th March

Today we woke up a little later than usual, around 9am which is late for us on this holiday! We went into the town and grabbed some breakfast and then drove down the road to the hat shop, we were in there trying on hats for a while and then finally chose our beautiful hats, and here they are in all their glory…..


Once the hat buying was over we headed on over to scenic world where they have the worlds steepest railway and a cable car ride over the mountain. It was pretty incredible. CLICK HERE to read more about the Blue Mountains and scenic world.

When we came out we realised that we still had time to drive over to the Jenolan Caves which was about an 1 ½ away which Is really close for this country lol, anyways we were so happy that we did go because they were incredible, I have never seen anything like it.


To read more about them then CLICK HERE.

After the caves we drove back over to the hotel and watched another film while eating the rest of the Chinese from last night.

Friday 11th March

Dad woke up early to see sunrise but he couldn’t see it because we were in a cloud lol. Still I actually really like this photo lol.


We decided to head back over to Sydney but on the way back we got drawn in by Featherdale wildlife park again, its toby the kangaroo! He was just so god damn cute!!!

After the wildlife park we went over to Manly Beach and had a bit of a stroll around and then went for some food while we had a look what else there was to do around there. We found that there was a lookout so we drove over to that and walked around there which again was stunning.

Then headed over to our next hotel on Darling Harbour – the Ibis to read the review on them then CLICK HERE.

We headed straight back out and had a walk around the harbour and then went for some drinks in a few bars as it was happy hour and at different times in most of them so we hoped around until happy hour was over and then grabbed some food.

We were on the way to go and get a drink somewhere else when we got stopped by a street performance, and I ended up sitting down to watch them and the crown got bigger and bigger and we were watching them for ages expecting a big finish by this guy jumping over 5 people, turns out he did do It in the end but they were all crouching on the floor as low as they could go so wasn’t really that impressive at all and felt like we had wasted an hour of our lives.

We started heading back over to the hotel and I decided to go to the loo around the harbour where I found a mouse in the toilet well I don’t think he was a mouse actually as he was rather big but he looked mouse like, who was having a nap in the middle of the girls toilets and I got worried he was going to get squished so tried to move him but then screamed when he moved and he ended up going further into the girls toilets lol so my mission of the evening failed.

We went back to the hotel and passed out again!

Saturday 12th March

So it the last day together and we spent it having breakfast on the harbour and then heading off to see Botany Bay which is on the way to the airport.

It’s really nice around there and where Captain Cook first docked his ship. We spent a little while walking around the beach and the views and then before we knew it it was time to head off to the airport.

We checked the car in and then found out where we needed to go and that was that.

A quick hug goodbye and tell each other we love each other and then my dad was off. It’s always a quick goodbye or the tears will start coming and there’s nothing worse than looking like a girls blouse when you’re a bloke haha.

So it was a fantastic week, I loved every second of it and we did so much! I can’t believe how much we actually did, no wonder it’s taken me so long to get this updated!!




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Jenolan Caves – Orient Cave

Jenolan caves were absolutely incredible, we didn’t see everything there we only saw one cave which was called the Orient Cave, but they did tell is there that it was by far the most beautiful of all the caves so I’m pretty happy we went in this one.

It truly was absolutely incredible, the photos do not even do it justice at all.

I completely forgot what it was like to see crystals in a cave and the ones in this cave were massive. Seeing these caves really does make you remember how amazing this planet is and beautiful Mother Nature is.

God I want to live in a cave now, well maybe not in a cave as it was a bit cold in there! But by a cave would be nice.

They do have a hotel around the caves that you can stay at if you are exploring more of the caves which seemed like a nice hotel, it did seem quite quiet and secluded and it was quite a drive down to them so I would probably suggest looking at staying at the hotel there if you did want to see all of them as we were told it would take about a week to see them all.

Even the drive in to the meeting point for all the caves was incredible see this pic…..

And when you buy a ticket to see one of them you get free entry into a self-guided walk around cave at the entrance which unfortunately we didn’t do as we ran out of time.

So although I am unsure on the other caves they have here I can 100% vouch for the Orient Cave! It was absolutely incredible.

5 Bee’s for sure.

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