A Few Weeks In Port Elliot

Tuesday 7th Feb

We woke up around 9am and got all our things packed up and said our goodbyes to Alec and Marie. We jumped in the van ready to go and Jim turns the ignition and nothing happens. He tries again and absolutely nothing happens.

GREAT! The battery is dead! – This bloody van is going to give me an aneurism!

Well I guess it’s time to check out the battery pack I purchased last year that comes with jump leads then! Yep it works and she’s on!!

Why has the battery drained overnight though? Everything was off! What on earth is going on? Should I have even bought this bloody van? I’m starting to doubt it!

So we manage to get her started and then drive to a super cheap auto to pick up a 12v charger for the van that splits into two so we can charge our phones and the fridge while we are driving, but of course the battery is super low so Jim stays in the van keeping it running while I go in and grab the adaptor.

Then back on the road again to start making our way to port Elliot beach house. We need fuel too so we make sure we drive for a while to get the battery charged and then stop when it’s very near empty to fill up, only when we pull up the van wont now turn off!

The key turns to the off position but the engine is still going, ahhh ok so maybe that has something to do with why they battery got drained overnight, maybe something happened over night that means the power is always on, so we don’t know what to do and I just tell him to stall it as we need to put fuel in. when we stall it, the engine stops but the power is still on.


Well not much we can do about it now, onwards to port Elliot, when we arrive we were amazed with where the hostel was, right by the beach and some amazing views. We pull up and of course the van won’t turn off again so we decide to unplug the battery to try and save the power, so it doesn’t drain again. Not ideal at all but it will do for now.

When we go into the hostel we meet Bridget and Steve who own the place and they show us around the house, which is amazing. It’s the best hostel I have ever seen and I get all giddy and happy thinking that this place is going to be our home for the next few months. Steve then tells Jim that he may have some work for him on the vineyards with his friend which is great, already got some work lined up. So now I just have to find myself some paid work too and then we should have a good few months here saving and not spending much money on accommodation.

After we had checked in we went for a stroll around the footpath that goes around the coast and again it was so beautiful it just made me feel so happy that this was our home for a while.

Feeling super happy and motivated to find paid work now!!

In the evening we all had a Bbq together to say welcome and to get to know each other along with some wine and beers which was really nice.

Wed 8th Feb

We woke up around 8:30am and got ourselves some breakfast and coffee and then got ourselves ready to start our new jobs as cleaners. I was on bed duty, so I was remaking the beds in the rooms and also wiping the rooms down and vacuuming. Jim’s job is cleaning the bathrooms which is a bit of a shock for him having never cleaned a bathroom in his life haha. I managed to snap a picture of him looking oh so happy about mopping those floors. Haha.

Once we had finished our cleaning we decided to drive over to Victor Harbour to get some food shopping in for the next few days but first we had to get the van back up and running. So connect the battery back together and then we can go, and of course when we arrive at Coles we have to stall it and then disconnect the battery. FML! This is ridiculous! Seriously need someone to look at it, and we were hoping that Steve’s friend who Jim is supposed to get some work on the vineyards with could look at it, as we have been told he knows a bit about cars.

When we got back to the hostel we cooked up some curry with lots of veg and to Jims surprise he actually enjoyed it, I told him that vegetables are nice and if he just tries things he will be surprised what he enjoys, plus he has no other option on our tight budget!

After curry we grabbed a couple of beers and played some ping pong in the games room for a while.

Thursday 9th Feb

It was baking hot today, was 42° and everyone went down to the beach after cleaning in the morning but I was determined to find work so I spent the day trying to find work anywhere, but also getting annoyed because it is out of season so there is not much work around with such a small place and with the van playing up its going to be really hard to get anywhere.

I got my CV’s printed and walked around everywhere in Port Elliot and handed my CV in only to be told they were not looking for anyone….great!

Remain positive!! Something will come up I’m sure of it!!

Friday 10th Feb

After we had done our cleaning duties of the morning we decided enough was enough and the van needs to be looked at by someone rather than waiting around for this guy on the farm who may or may not be able to help us, so we took it to a mechanic that was nearby and they checked it over for us but unfortunately they said they weren’t able to help us as it needs to go to an auto electrician and they think that mice could have got in and chewed up some of the cables in the dashboard while it was stored on a farm. Waaaa, not good news at all.

We called the only auto electrician in Victor Harbour and he said he couldn’t fit us in until Wednesday morning, so I spent a lot of the day feeling annoyed and upset about this bloody van which is seeming like I should not have bought now and also the fact that we are really going to struggle to find work here.

After all my self-pitying I decided to snap myself out of it and go and join everyone in the TV room and Steve brought us all some pizzas out which is so nice of him. They really are nice people here.

We all started digging in, and this crazy lady who is staying here decided she would come and help herself so some too, although I’m pretty sure it was not for her as he was giving it to us as we were staff, but she managed to stuff at least 6 slices down her face.

She is so strange, she goes around chatting to herself and keeps everything in her car and keeps going out to her car to get things out of it which is directly in front of our window, and she chooses to wear these short dresses with stockings on and is always bending over so we get a full view of what she’s packing! Not a pretty sight at all haha.

After pizza, we all walked down to one of the 2 pubs in Port Elliot and watched a guy playing all sorts of instruments including a didgeridoo which was really cool.

Saturday 11th Feb

Me and Jim decided to go down to Victor Harbour again after cleaning to try and find work there and had a walk around everywhere handing our CV’s in and filling in application forms only to realise towards the end that I have managed to print off my old CV which has not got anything new on since 2015. NOT GOOD!!!! So I had to run around everywhere asking for email addresses to send them over the proper version when I got back home.


When we got back, I cooked up a stir fry and then me and Jim went down to the other pub with Steve and Bridget where we met Nigel (the guy with the Vineyard) he was really funny and had so much knowledge about everything, he was quite fascinating to talk to. He grabbed Jim’s number and said he should call him for a couple of day’s work this week, so that’s good.

Sunday 12th/Monday 13th Feb

My glorious breasts turned 4 years old on Sunday. Good old plastic fantastic beauty’s that they are, and to celebrate I decided that I would cook myself a roast dinner which took forever in the tiny oven they have here but so bloody worth it!

Ahhh…nothing better than I good roast potato.

Monday we didn’t really do anything other than our cleaning in the morning as it was quite cold and raining a bit. I spent a while applying for jobs at McDonalds and kfc, while Jim had a stroll around port Elliot going to caravan parks and shops we had not been in, including the butchers.

Then in the evening we watched a couple of films, including Iron Man, as I downloaded all the marvel films and series to watch in order this year which should take a fair while with all the TV shows they have out now.

I got a text later that night from a guy putting on a reggae festival next weekend saying that he needed help on the bars, finally some work to do! Although it’s only for one day, but better than nothing and plus it’s at a reggae festival so will be fun too.
Tuesday 14th Feb

The sun was back out, as were the shorts. After we had done our morning chores me, Jim, Tessa and Nesi borrowed the car and went to a wildlife park nearby where Jim got to stroke his very first koalas and kangaroos.

It’s a nice park, but lots of the enclosures either didn’t have anything in, or didn’t have signs for what was in there and some of it was very overgrown so you couldn’t really see the things inside the enclosures.

Me and Jim bought some kangaroo food and decided to walk around all the kangaroos, some of them were really big and were very impatient for their food, so can be a bit scary, one of them seemed to get rather excited when it was close to Jim and had his lipstick out for the world to see. Haha

I got another call from someone who had seen my add on gumtree looking work, they asked me to go to some lady’s house to clean the following day. Yayyy more work for me! And even better, as soon as I got that message I got another one from the festival guy saying he needs help setting up on Friday too if I want a bit more work. Whoooppp!!

Now I just need full time job and then I’m sorted. Fingers crossed baby!

Then it was back to the hostel for a chill, while Jim went down to the beach to do some body boarding with a couple of the girls and I chilled at the hostel with my cup of tea like an old person because I knew the water would be cold. I’m such a baby with cold water! I need my water to be tropical and even then sometimes I find it cold.

Wednesday 15th – Friday 17th Feb

We took the van in to be fixed on Wednesday and left it with him while we went back and cleaned the hostel, he called us back and quoted us $300 to get it fixed as some wires had melted through and that was what was causing it to not stop. He said he would call us when we could pick it up, which he did on Thursday. We went and picked the van up and when we got there the cheeky bastard decided to charge us $400, I asked why it was $100 more than he had quoted and he said that there was more work to be done on it than he originally thought. Not much we can do about that is there! But seriously pisses me off! Doesn’t help that the van is painted with the union jack on so they are bound to overcharge us.


Later on Wednesday I went and cleaned this woman’s house for a couple of hours, which was fine but it was only 2 hours which was $50, I seriously need more money than this!

Didn’t do anything on Thursday and Friday apart from search and search for jobs and get replies from the ones I had applied to saying they weren’t looking for any more staff. I think I’m going to have to start thinking about leaving early now as I can’t stay here for another month hoping to get full time work when it’s so quiet, and even if I do will Jim?

Jim actually went on Friday to do a full day’s work on a the vineyard, but that won’t turn out to be full time work so we do need to start thinking of something else….but that’s the beauty with travelling! If somewhere isn’t right you can just pick up and move on somewhere else.

Saturday 18th – Monday 27th Feb

The next week was rather boring, I spent most of the time either eating or trying to search for work and so did Jim, although he had a couple of days working on the farm.

We went to the beach a couple of times and I buried Jim in the sand. We also had a couple of nights all together with the people in the hostel, one for one of the German girls birthdays where we all had a Bbq and listened to Steve play his guitar, and then another night where Steve and Bridget cooked us all a lamb roast which was SENSATIONAL.

I got offered a job at a café but it was only part time so still won’t get me much money, but I said yes anyways as still need the cash for now.

They wanted me to work on Friday and Saturday 24th & 25th which is also the days I was working at the festival, so I had a whole week of nothing and then 2 very busy days.

The festival work was really fun, firstly I went there to help set up on the Friday and I was just drinking with them most of the time and then on the day of the festival I finished work at the café and then got picked up to go to the festival where I thought I was on the bar but they asked me to be the person on the door which was fine because It meant I got to sit down after running around the café so that was nice. I was also supplied lots and lots of free booze while doing the work so even better, and even better still plenty of good looking men for me to look at while I was working too.
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Band in the bar

Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014


I eventually stopped being on the door around 9pm and then went into the bar to help them out and that is where my memory fades quite a lot, I was so drunk and 9pm soon turned to 3am when the festival had long finished and the remainder of the people there had decided to bring all their band supplies into the bar area. It was a very funny night indeed and I was so totally drunk I don’t remember much at all but what I do know is getting paid $250 for a night of drinking and fun is always a good thing.

However as I didn’t rock up back to the hostel until about 20 minutes before I had to clean and also feeling rather sick and dizzy I felt like I couldn’t face cleaning that morning so I went to the reception desk and spoke to Steve and told him I needed to pay for the night at the hostel as I couldn’t work. He then told me that was fine but that I had to pack my bags and leave the next day because of it! Hmmm….not very nice but tbh I think it’s for the best anyway! This place is boring the hell out of me and other than the festival work it’s not looking to hopeful.

So I spent the whole day in bed recovering and found myself somewhere to stay in Adelaide and on the Monday morning I woke up, packed my bags and left.

Time to try and find some proper work in Adelaide now!


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Van Drama & Morphett Vale

Tuesday 31st Jan

Tarsh drove me and Jim to Swan Hill on the Tuesday and we went and bought our tickets to get to Ballarat where we would be staying for the night. When we got to the train station we found out that trains had been cancelled due to track maintenance and we would be getting a coach to Melbourne and then a train from there to Ballarat.

We left swan hill at 12:43pm and arrived into Ballarat around 7:20pm, jumped in a cab and went to our accommodation for the night which was also a fancy looking pizza restaurant. We checked in and went through to our room which was really nice and we had a TV. Turns out we were the only ones in the room for the evening which was nice.

Once we had showered and sorted ourselves out we thought we should get something to eat, but the pizza from the place we were staying at was actually quite pricy for us, luckily over the road was a take away pizza place that was much cheaper so we headed over there in stealth mode and then back to the room hiding our cheaper pizzas.

Wednesday 1st Feb

We woke up after a good night’s sleep around 8am and packed our stuff away, checked out and then went to the train station for breakfast before jumping on another coach which this time was going to Hamilton – the van is getting closer and closer!!


Di (Tarsh’s sister) came and picked us up from the train station in Hamilton and took us for a coffee and a drive around the kid’s school which was beautiful. They are so lucky to go to those schools.

We then drove back to Di’s where the van was waiting for me, looking beautiful as ever, although it had a lot of cobwebs on as not been used for a few months, so me and Jim did some cleaning of the van to get her ready for our journey to Adelaide the following day.

Not long after we got back the boys came home from school, and it was time to go and feed the sheep as it was summer all the feed in the paddocks had dried up so they didn’t have much to eat, so the boys job each night was to drive out into the paddocks and hook the Ute called Burnie (because there was a big fire a few years ago in one of the paddocks where the Ute was so it got burnt)

Jack went off on his motorbike and Jim jumped in Burnie with harry with harry driving, and I went in the new little go-kart type thing with Di to watch them doing it.

It was really funny to watch because normally sheep run away from you when you drive through the paddocks, but they were all running after the Ute because they knew they were going to get fed from it, so we all drove over to the big containers of barley and the boys hooked it up to the back of the Ute to start feeding it into the van, when it was full of they went and the sheep all following behind trying to get some of the seeds.

After watching the boys do that, we went back to the house for dinner and then me, Jim and Di decided to watch a movie. We watched girl on a train which I thought was really good, then it was time for bed when it finished which was after midnight and we had to be up and leave at 7am.

Thursday 2nd Feb

Thursday was just one of those days where anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

Firstly it all started off by oversleeping, not by long but I woke up at 7am instead of leaving at 7am, and we didn’t end up leaving until around 8:30am, which should still get us to the vehicle inspection place on time in Adelaide which we needed doing to get the van registered. Although on the way we had to stop a couple of times because the van got to hot so we had to leave it to cool down on the side of the road a few times.

We eventually made it to Adelaide and then noticed that our fuel and temperature gages and our indicators were not working, but we thought we should just get to where we were going as it was only 10mins down the road, so we did and then we were told we wouldn’t get the van in to be inspected that day – which in hindsight is actually a good job because they do more checking than I thought of just checking the van is what I have said it is and that it isn’t stolen. They do basic safety checks too which obviously it wouldn’t have passed without those working.

Before we left we asked some guys in the car park what they think it could be and they told me to check the fuses to see if one had blown. We drove out of the inspection place and parked it on the road and did some looking around at the fuses and we managed to find the blown fuse, luckily we had some spares in the back so I changed the fuse and to our surprise the gages were working again, quick high five feeling all proud of ourselves!

Get back in the van and fire her up, put in the locksmiths into the sat nav and off we go. I think we must have drove about 50yards and then the van started spluttering before just dying completely. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON TODAY??

I ended up calling the RAA and signing up for a year’s membership of road assistance although I had to pay a joining fee because I wanted to use it immediately, but it didn’t actually end up costing loads considering a year’s premium membership was including in the price, it came to $258 and by the seems of things we may end up using it more than once.

While we were waiting for the RAA to turn up we thought we would make the most of a bad situation and fire up the soda stream and get our chairs out, we didn’t have to wait for long before he turned up to have a look at the rust bucket.


He checked everything around the engine first and couldn’t find out what was wrong and then he checked the fuses and the one to start the van had blown which sits next to the one we had just replaced, and that one was about to blow! He pulled it out and it was just a big mess of melted plastic, how did that happen after only driving it around the corner, for less than 10 seconds?? But he managed to sort it out and the van was now starting which was great, and we had enough time to drive to the locksmiths.

When we got to the locksmiths one of the guys came out and had a look at the only lock on the van but it didn’t work, so at the moment we were having to leave it unlocked which isn’t very good. He said he had a box of the same locks in the shop which had been there for a few years and no one has bought so we could have them for $50, but they couldn’t fit it for us so we just thought as it was nearly 5pm and everywhere was closing that we would get them and try to change it ourselves.

Onwards to my Nan and grandads friend’s house (Marie and Alec) and then what happens? Of course the fuse for the fuel and indicators blows again!!!

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH…….this bloody van!!!

We got to Marie and Alec’s house which was really nice to meet them, as they are good friends of our grandparents and have been for years, but moved over to Australia around 40 years ago on a £10 ferry ticket from England to relocate here. We went inside and had a quick catch up and then we thought we better try and sort this lock out on the van while it was still light outside. When I say we….I mean Jim while I sit in the passenger side watching.

Alec came out to help Jim too and kept offering different tools for us to use, which is a good job we did this at their house because we wouldn’t have had all the tools to do this ourselves.

Well it eventually got done and we went inside for some food and to spend some time with them, and an early night.


Friday 3rd Feb

Alec had told us last night that there was an auto electrician just around the corner from them which was perfect, so we drove the van around to them and told them what was going on and they said they would have a look at it for us.

They ended up keeping it for an hour and it cost us $115 but they managed to fix it for us, they told us they had checked everything and found a dodgy wire by the engine which they have now fixed so it was back to working again! Yayyy!!!

Is our luck turning around??

We quickly raced back to the house and grabbed a few things and then headed straight back out to a different vehicle inspection place which was just north of Adelaide, when we got there we had to fill some forms out and I realised I had forgotten my driver’s licence, luckily Jim had his so he had to fill the forms out. We waited for a couple of hours and I thought I should call up the registration call centre to find out exactly what we needed to get her registered, and found out we needed a proof of address, which we could get a signed paper from the bank stating our address, and we both needed our passports. After the couple of hours we then got her inspected in less than 10 minutes.

We then drove into Adelaide city to go pick up my bank card from Australia post and then drove around for ages trying to find somewhere to park which was actually really hard as it was really busy and the van is actually too high to get into the multi-story carparks. We eventually found another commonwealth bank on google that was on our way back to Alec and Marie’s so we headed there.

By the time we had done all of that it was too late for us to get the van registered as we needed to go back to the house to grab passports and things, so we thought we would just stay for the weekend at Alec and Marie’s and get it registered on Monday instead.

So we went back to the house and had a stir fry with them while listening to some of their stories about their life which was fascinating to hear about all the things they have done and how much Australia has changed in the time they have been there.

Saturday 4th /Sunday 5th Feb

I went out on Saturday morning to go and grab some things for the van like oil and screen wash, and then I also got Marie and Alec some wine and flowers to say thank you for being so welcoming and letting us stay with them, which has been so kind of them.


When I got back from shopping which I almost didn’t because the van wasn’t starting and I thought I was going to be stuck, but Jim talked me through how he gets it started and it seemed to work. Thank god! I decided that I would clean the van up and let the airbed down so we had more room in there to store our stuff without it getting lost.

Then it was 4pm and we all went over to Alec and Marie’s daughters house who was having a birthday party for her 2 year old son called Bronx. It was really nice going round there and meeting everyone and Bronx was really cute.

Sunday was just a chill day, I caught up on my blog and also got all the documents together ready for the big day tomorrow of getting the van registered.

In the evening we all went out for food to a restaurant about 10mins away which was really nice.

Monday 6th Feb

We woke up nice and early and went off to the registration office to get her sorted.

When we got in there, we went to the front desk and they gave us a few forms to fill out and a ticket number. They were calling the numbers really fast and we didn’t even have enough time to fill out forms out before we were called up to the desk.

It turned out that Jim didn’t have enough information to give over to them for him to get registered so it’s only in my name, which is fine because he is still able to drive the van.


When we had finished all of that and changed the plates over to the new ones we decided that we would like to stay with them for one last night and cook them dinner to say thank you, so we went to the supermarket and bought all the stuff for spag bol and then went back to the house to chill for the rest of the evening and also managed to fit in a facetime call to our nan which was really nice.

It was so nice staying with these guys, they are such fantastic people, so welcoming and kind.


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Dad’s Visit to Australia

Friday 9th September

The night before dad arrived me and Tarsh were sat at the kitchen table drinking wine and realising that I was leaving over the next few days and that my dad was actually arriving the next day.

I then get a text from him saying that his flight from Singapore has been cancelled – WHAT!!!!

So me and Tarsh were then trying to find another flight for him to Melbourne but we weren’t having much luck.

In the end he ended up getting a flight to Sydney and from there he then had to fly to Mildura which was the opposite way to where we were heading the next day.

It was all a bit of a drama but it all worked out in the end.

Saturday 10th September

So we all wake up nice and early to get Dan fed and Tarsh was going to take my van to swan hill to get a wheel alignment and me, Andy and Dan were going to go to Mildura to get my dad.

Dad then messages me and tells me that his plane is actually delayed to Mildura by 2 hours, what is going on? He’s not having much luck is he!

But anyway, me and Andy leave the house around 9:30am to go and get him and it takes around 3 hours to get there because of how wet the roads were leaving the farm.

But we got there and he got there so it all worked out in the end.

I ran over to him and gave him a big hug, he looked really tired (well I’m not surprised!)

Then back in the car to go back to the farm, Dad sat in front with Andy and he was telling him lots of stuff about the farm etc.

When we got back there Andy had to go back out to pick Tarsh up as it was too wet to bring the van back in, so Me and Dad had a couple of beers and had a stroll around the farm with Dan and I showed him the cottage he was staying in and all the old staff sheds etc., which he enjoyed.

This was his very own cottage for the next few days….


The rest of the night we spent drinking a lot of beer and wine and catching up and also Andy and Tarsh telling my dad’s lots about the farm. I think it’s safe to say that my Dad ended up being rather drunk!

Sunday 11th September

We woke up around 8am the next day and I did my usual chores and my walk but took my dad with me and Dan this time.

So we took the bins out to the incinerator to be burnt, then onto the chooks to collect the eggs and give them their food, then we went and got the dogs and took them for a walk up round to where the tip is and down to where the magpie kept swooping at the dogs all the time, I had pre-warned him about the magpie so he brought along some sticks with him to throw at the magpie which did seem to work! He didn’t swoop as much as normal and gave up sooner! If only I had brought along sticks with me to begin with!!

Then we walked up to the house dam where the dogs go swimming and I usually stand there and throw in sticks for them to catch so we did that and let the dogs race to the sticks, well not Cashie as she just stands there barking at the other two and trying to bite Nate when he comes back in.

When we came back to the house everyone was ready to go out so I quickly went and got changed and we all drove to Kyalite to go to the pub there. It’s the closest pub to them really and takes about 40mins to get to.


It’s a nice little pub though with lots of room and lots of things on the walls, like fish and crocodiles and even a boat.

We had dinner there and the food was really good, we all had fish and chips apart from Andy who had steak.


We also had quite a few beers there (well of course you have to in a pub don’t you)

After food we went down to an old shearing shed for my dad to have a look at, it had lots of information in their about shearing and had some old wool in there and even some info on Keri-Keri. It was really interesting to see.

We then went back to the farm and went straight up to the dam by the woolshed to watch the sunset and also watch a group of birds flying around and catching all the mosquitos which was really cool.

After that we went back to the house and had dinner and more drinks around the kitchen table.

Monday 12th September

I spent a lot of the day packing up all my stuff that I had left around the house as I was leaving the next day after nearly 6 months there.

Tarsh drove dad around the property and he got to see the eagles nest with the massive brown eagles and what they had dropped out of their nest like bones and bits of fur.

He also went up to the shed to watch the guys doing the wool side sampling of the rams that were being sold.

I finally got all my stuff together as we were leaving quite early so my room looked really empty and it hit me that I was leaving so I felt quite sad, but I still enjoyed the evening.

Tuesday 13th September

We woke up around 7am and had breakfast and got the last things together. I left my message in the visitor’s book and then we all jumped in the car and drove over to the van ready for me and my dad to drive away from the place I had called home for so long.

It was a very emotional goodbye – (by me and Tarsh anyways haha) and because I was crying my dad drove the first bit out of there.


First stop was about a 3 hour drive and it was to a place called Dunolly which is in the middle of Victoria. I was meeting a guy there about a fridge for my van which I ended up buying off him, so my van is pretty much all set now for the big adventure next year which is great.

We stopped there for a little while for food and coffee too and then set back off to Wincanton (Tarsh’s sister’s farm).

We arrived there around 5pm and as soon as we got there in typical Austin style of being a whirlwind of energy and excitement we got back in one of the cars and took a drive down to Coleraine to see where it had all been flooded just days earlier. It was also due to flood again so everyone was getting prepared with big sandbags blocking the doorways. Di said that it was the worst that it had flooded in about 50 years.

Then it was back to the house for dinner and to plan what we were going to do the next couple of days. Because the weather had been so bad a lot of the roads were closed and there was even a closure of the Halls Gap national park which I had been planning to go to. So that was off the list.

Jack and Harry were chatting to my dad about sports and showing off their high jump tricks.

Harry also showed us his birthday present, a crossbow! Of course! That’s what every 9 year old boy gets for their birthday!! Haha.

Wednesday 14th September

We woke up early and had a look at the roads online to see if anything had changed but nope!

Di let us borrow one of their cars, so we decided to drive down to the waterfalls close to Hamilton which were absolutely incredible.

The one was called Nigretta falls and because of the amount of rain they had been having it was massive. It was pretty incredible to see especially considering that normally it is hardly a waterfall at all.

After the waterfalls we drove down to Port Fairy and Logan beach where they often have Whales.

It was really beautiful but no whales and was raining quite a lot – typical haha.

Then we drove back up to the house and had some dinner and watched some TV, and then had an early night ready for the next day.

Thursday 15th September

Again we woke up and thought that we would check out the roads to see if we could go to halls gap but they were still shut. So Di wrote down a list of places that we could drive to which was really nice of her.

First we drove down to Portland which is a town that exports lots of goods on shipping containers so we went down to the port and had a look at that, we also went to a café that she had suggested and had lunch there which was really good!

After Portland we drove along the coast to a town called Nelson where we went to look at the beach which was pretty incredible, they did have two beaches to look at but one was inaccessible because of all the flooding the road there was underwater.

Then it was up to Mount Gambier which we had to cross the Victoria/South Australia border to get to.
While we were there we visited the blue lake which was an old volcano, it was really beautiful.

Then we went and grabbed some coffee and drove over to an old sink hole which was turned into a garden and that was amazing! I’ve never seen anything like it!


Volcanos and sink holes……..glad I didn’t live there in those times!

Then back to the house for dinner, while dinner was cooking, we all went up to the shearing shed because Jonny had been waiting for us to be back to shear some sheep, so dad could watch and even have a go on his own.

Jonny makes it look so easy but it is really difficult, but dad had a go anyways as you can see here…..

Haha that was funny!

Then back to the house for dinner and a movie.

Friday 16th September

We were up really early as we were leaving the Austin’s to continue our journey in Melbourne, so Di took us to the bus in Hamilton around 6am.

I left the van the capable hands of Jack and Harry Austin…….god I hope it survives! haha

We got to Melbourne around midday and took all our bags to the hotel but our room wasn’t ready so we decided to go for a walk around until it was.
I took dad to the graffiti streets, down the little café laneways and over the bridge to Southbank.


Then we got a call that our room was ready so we went and checked in and showered etc. Then we went back out for some lunch at Grill’d in the laneways.

Then we jumped on a tram over to Melbourne central and had a look at the shopping centre built around an old clock tower.

After that we decided to go over to Richmond and have a walk around the MCG, we couldn’t go in as the footy finals were on but we walked around the gardens and then jumped on a tram over to chapel street and got a few drinks in a bar.

We also ordered some nachos for us to nibble on and only realised a few mouthfuls in that it had chili on, which obviously has beef in and as dad is a vegetarian he probably should stop eating it haha. He decided to carry on but try to miss the bits with meat on! Lol

After the nachos and beer we went to a restaurant called Richmond oysters which was absolutely amazing. We only went in for oysters as we weren’t really hungry, but ended up getting oysters, and full meals too! All the fish was freshly caught and you could go and have a look in the fridges at the fish before buying it, it was absolutely amazing!

Once we finished our food we walked down to the jam factory and got tickets to watch sausage party, and while we were waiting jumped into TGIF for some cocktails.

Dad fell asleep during the film, and I nearly did! Not because it was boring, far from it! It’s absolutely hilarious! But because it had been a busy day.

Luckily we were just a short train ride away from the hotel so we jumped on the train and then as soon as we got back to the hotel fell into our beds and were out for the night.

Saturday 17th September

We didn’t have to check out the hotel until 11 so we had a bit of a lie in but still made it out in time for breakfast. So we packed away all of our stuff and left it at the hotel while we went and enjoyed our last day in Melbourne.

First stop was a café in the laneways for eggs on toast and some coffee.

Then we jumped on a tram over to St Kilda and strolled around the beach, and the shops and then the botanical gardens which was really nice.


We walked up the big peer on the beach where the turtles are during the morning and we were hoping that we might see some but we didn’t! Typical again! Haha, but it was a nice walk up there and the view was good too.

I kept having to stop because my feet were hurting as I had been walking around all day yesterday with the wrong shoes on so I ended up getting big blisters on the balls of my foot again, which happened nearly a year ago when I started travelling! Surely I should have learnt my lesson when it comes to shoes! – Clearly not!

After the peer we decided to go and grab some food in one of the restaurants along the seafront and we had to wait a little while for a table as it was lovely weather which it hadn’t been for a while so everyone was out making the most of it, but we didn’t mind as we wanted a good table.


We both got some seafood and I ended up getting the biggest platter I have ever seen! Is this seriously for one person??

When we finished lunch we got a tram back to the city and went to Kathmandu (it’s like an outdoor shop in Australia) dad bought himself a new backpack as his one was breaking, and he got some walking shoes.

I got myself a lightweight waterproof coat as it rains a lot in Malaysia and Bali as they are so tropical so thought it would be a good idea, and I also got myself some sensible sandals as I obviously need better shoes!

After the shopping we went to the hotel and dad changed over his backpacks then we headed back out again – with the old backpack because I said I thought it would be nicer for him to give it to a homeless person (there are so many in Melbourne)…anyways all the homeless people we walked past had bags galore and don’t think they really needed another one so we ditched it and went to a couple of bars by the river instead. The bars were really nice and it was a nice way to leave Melbourne.

Then back to the hotel, time for an uber and onto the airport…..next stop Malaysia!!

(I can’t believe I’m leaving Australia after a year!! It feels so strange!


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Adelaide and Glenelg

Wednesday 22nd June – Saturday 25th June

We arrived into Naracoorte on the Wednesday to Tarsh’s Mom and Dad’s house, which everyone calls ‘The Resort’ because you get fed and you’re washing done etc. and it’s a nice time to relax…..and fatten up haha.

Di, Grace and the boys (Jack and Harry) came over on Thursday (they are the people that I stayed with at Wincanton – if you want to read about that then CLICK HERE.

So it was nice to see them and catch up and tell them all about the new van.

I went to the Naracoorte caves on Friday which was really nice, and I wrote a review on them so if you want to read about that then CLICK HERE.

Most of the time over the few days of being here though I was in my pyjamas for most of the day, ate so much food and cake, napped a lot and spoke to home a lot.

After a lot of food and even more cake and cups of tea it was time to leave, so Saturday morning we headed off to Adelaide where Tarsh and her mom and dad own a house just on the outskirts, which is really nice and quite close to the city.

Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th June

We got to Adelaide around 4pm, Andy turned up shortly after with another box from home, from my friends Kerry and Hannah which had more chocolate in and my favourite crisps ever called chipsticks, and of course Marmite as vegemite is disgusting!!  – I love my friends.


Then we had a couple of hours before we went out over to Tarsh’s Cousins for dinner which was really nice, the food was amazing and we even got a little dance show from her daughter which was really sweet.

On Sunday we went for lunch with a big group of Tarsh and Andy’s friends to a pub, I was planning on going into the city but I didn’t in the end as we were at the pub for a while, the food there was also amazing – diet has gone out the window for the next few days I think!!

After we got back from lunch we only had an hour before we had to go back out again to some more friends of Tarsh and Andy.

There was a dog there so I was happy, and one of the boys had a campervan so he was showing us his van, although it is a Volkswagen one which is the dream! Haha, rather expensive though, so my rocket van will do just fine for now.

Monday 27th June

I woke up on Monday with an awful migraine and spent most of the morning trying to get rid of it, I forced myself to get ready in the end and go out to see the city.

So I went to the Botanic Gardens first which we nice, but compared to some of the other botanic gardens I have been too they weren’t that well-kept, there were lots of messy places around, and I would just have expected the whole place to be pristine just like the rest of Adelaide is. I did enjoy it though, there was a lot to see there.

After I walked around the gardens I took a stroll down to Rundle Street and grabbed myself a plate of food from a Mexican joint! I love that there are so many Mexican fast food places in Australia, something me and my sister have always said should be brought to the UK! Then I went to a coffee place called Cibo and got a coffee and a cake crunchy pastry thing which was filled with vanilla and chocolate ricotta omg it was so good!!! – So much for healthy living.

I then walked up to the museum and had a walk through there which is free and also quite interesting. They have lots of information on aboriginal culture and about animals etc.

As you can see I was acting like a grown up in there…..

Next door to the museum is the art gallery which is also free, so I walked through there also trying to act like a grown up. I don’t really get art galleries, I mean anything can be art these days, I could take a shit on the floor and call it a piece of art! But to be honest this one was ok! But I just don’t really care about art well not that kind of art anyways, I like Banksy stuff and anything graffiti wise but your general paintings I find a bit boring to be honest.

After I came out of the art gallery I decided that I would give myself a bit of a treat that evening as Tarsh and Andy were going out on a date and I was looking after Dan, so I thought I would pop to see the Rundle Mall and while I was there I popped into lush and got myself a face mask, a hair mask and a massage bar.

I then hopped in an Uber back to the house and they went out and left me with a screaming Dan, which I soon managed to get him happy again with some Ice cream followed by a bath, he does love the water!

Then I ordered some food, popped my face and hair masks on and stuck a film on and of course had a glass of wine to go with! It was a really nice night! Got to spoil yourself every now and then don’t you!

Tuesday 28th June

Me, Tarsh and Dan all went out for a little walk around by the Adelaide oval, the river is there and Tarsh wanted to walk over the bridge, it was really pretty around there.

There were however some black swans walking around and with my experience of swans in the UK (being EVIL!!!) I was a little scared to say the least, but Tarsh was just walking right up to them and they were walking past Dan while she was taking photos with me being terrified standing away from them all. – What a pussy hey lol.

Tarsh and Dan had to leave as they had a few appointments to go to like the pediatrition and Tarsh’s naturopath, so they left me around by the train station.

Adelaide are pretty good with free transport, they have a free tram that goes down to Glenelg which is where the beach is, so I hopped on that! It took around 45 minutes to get down there but it was a nice journey to see how pretty Adelaide is.

When I got to Glenelg I took myself for lunch at a Spanish place and ordered an aubergine bake, which was delicious, I then thought I would go for a stroll along the sea front.

I walked down to the harbour and sat on a big rock wall for a little while watching planes fly in every few minutes as its right by Adelaide airport. Then I walked down on to the beach to see the pelicans and noticed something else, right next to the rocks was a sea lion. He was just lay around and I thought he was dead at first but he was moving every now and again yawning. The guy patrolling the beach came over and said that the sea lion was called henry and he was from New Zealand and comes over here all the time. – Awwwww that’s so cute!!


#sealion #chilling #glenelg #Australia #❤️ #Adelaide #love #amazing

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After a lot of henry time I had to run back to the tram as I wanted to go see finding dory while I was close to a cinema, so I caught the tram back to the city and some guy on the tram was just pacing back and forth constantly he looked a bit creepy so I was just holding onto my bag quite tightly with clenched fists ready to fight if needed haha. – But nothing happened, maybe he just wanted to get his exercise in lol.

I then went over to Norwood and went to see dory which I thought was amazing! I loved it. It was the first film I had ever gone to see on my own but I was pretty happy with the decision of first film haha, I was surrounded by kids and also 2 very inappropriate adults who sat right behind me and decided that they would talk and also start kissing during the kid’s film! Hmmm……keep calm Sami! Keep calm!!!

After dory, Tarsh came and picked me up and we went back to her cousins for dinner which was nice, then back to the house to pack ready to leave in the morning.


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Naracoorte Caves Review

I went to the Naracoorte caves on the 24th June, so it was in winter time and I really enjoyed it.

It was nice and fresh and not too busy, I have been to see other caves before with big groups of people which kind of ruins the fun for me as your focusing on following people and thinking would they please hurry up getting up these stairs.

When I got there I went over to the reception and I was firstly thinking I would just go to the wet caves and the fossil centre as they had a deal on for both of them, but I saw there was a tour of the Alexandra cave that was starting in just 15mins so I thought I would do that too.

I paid $29 for the Alexandra cave and the wet cave and they gave me the fossil centre for free which I thought was a pretty good deal.

I went and grabbed a coffee from the café while I waited which seemed to be really nice, although they didn’t have many staff on and I noticed people were waiting a while for their coffee, although I was looking at my clock and I think they noticed that I was waiting for a tour so mine came out before some people before me which I thought was nice, slightly annoying for the people in front of me but good for me haha.

I went down to the Alexandra cave first which was one that you had to go down with a tour guide. I thought it was really pretty and definitely worth the money to go down and see it. It was also really nice and warm down there so nice to get out of the wind and the rain upstairs.

The staff were really informative about the formations in the cave and were answering lots of questions about the cave itself and also all the formations which was good.

Here’s a couple of pics of the inside of the cave.

The tour lasts approximately 20mins, so it’s a nice short one to do, it does seem to go quite fast though.

After I came out of this one I headed over to the Wet Cave which is a self-guided tour, there wasn’t anyone checking tickets for this one and it was bit away from the information centre so looks like you can just go in, although you are supposed to pay, I guess during summer months it would be busier so they would be checking tickets.

Anyways…..I really liked this cave and I was all alone for most of it which was actually really nice to just wonder around in your own time and it was really beautiful.

#snapchat #Australia #naracoortecaves #wetcave

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After I went through the Wet Cave I went back to the information centre which was also the fossil centre and walked through there which I found a bit strange, I didn’t really like this part so I am happy I got it for free.

All the information was handwritten onto paper that was supposed to make it look old, but the problem was that I couldn’t read any of the handwriting, it was hard to see and just a bit messy.

Also the animals were all mechanical moving and made a lot of sound when they were moving, it was a bit creepy and I think little kids would actually be quite scared in there to be honest.

#bitcreepy #naracoortecaves #Australia #fossilcentre

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I did try to go and grab some food after this from the cafe but it was closed, which I was a little annoyed about considering it was only 2:30 and the place didn’t shut until 5pm, but I decided to on one of the many bush walks that are around instead which was really nice.

Overall I really enjoyed my time at the caves, they aren’t the best caves I have ever seen but they are definitely worth a visit, so I would give them 3 bee’s.

Cartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon Bee

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