Auckland break

Feb 1st

I arrived in New Zealand on the 1st Feb, I used a company called Super Shuttle to get to the hotel from the airport, which cost $36

Yes that’s correct – a hotel!! I’m not staying in a hostel for a few days, woooppppppp.

So I arrived around 5pm and got the shuttle to ‘Hotel de Bret’ where I checked in, they took me upstairs to the room and showed me around. What a step up from a hostel, the beds looked so comfy and the bathroom looked amazing, including a bath. – However I didn’t end up using the bath (I feel like I need to be in the right mood for a bath, and I also need candles, a glass of wine, possibly a spliff)

After they had explained the room and what time free breakfast was in the morning I decided to have a look at the room service menu as my mom had said to me that I could order food and some wine to the room as I was alone that evening and they were joining me early hours of the next morning. I have wrote a review on the hotel if you want to read click HERE.

However after glancing at the menu I soon decided against it as the food and wine were so expensive and I thought I could probably go out and buy my own food and wine for the cost of just a meal. So that’s what I did.

I ventured out of the hotel and walked up Queen Street which is the main street, there were so many food places, shops and bars, seemed like a good place to go.

After a while of walking up queen street I eventually came across a liquor shop where I bought a couple of bottles of wine, well 1 bottle of bubbles and 1 bottle of red as the fridge in the room was not big enough to fit a bottle of wine I thought I could drink the bubbles first and then the red would be fine for after – good thinking bat man!!


So after I had the wine – the most important thing obviously I then went In search of food, I ended up just getting a subway as it was cheap and I thought as I was going to be getting drunk a big foot long sandwich would go down quite well.

I then went back to the hotel and decided to rent ‘Frozen’ from downstairs (well obviously!!) and then I went upstairs and sat on the extra comfy sofas while I updated my blog and drank my bubbles while watching bridesmaid’s which was on the TV, making snap chats getting drunker and drunker by the second.

I remember going downstairs to have a ciggie and my key wouldn’t work to get back in the front of the hotel and I had to be let in – although I didn’t remember this until It happened the following night and I had a flash back and thought – “Uh-Oh”. Haha oh well hey.

Anyways, back upstairs to finish of my blog and watching frozen while drinking yet more wine, I don’t really remember much only what I found on snap chat the next morning although as usual I don’t actually watch them all – they are way to cringworthy for me to watch, entertaining for you, soul destroying for me! Haha

2nd Feb

I woke up around 6:30am hearing some rustling going on in the lounge, I remember thinking


And then thinking who the hell is that, opening my eyes and looking around and wondering where I was, and then quickly jumping up in bed thinking…



I quickly ran into the front room and there she was unpacking her stuff, big smile on her face and me being so sleepy I am sure I had a silly smile on my face. I ran over and gave her a big hug.

It felt so good to be hugging her after 4 whole months of not seeing her, its strange because it feels like it’s been ages but it also feels like it has gone really fast.

Then Tate came out the bathroom and I ran over and gave him a big hug too, was so good to see both of them but as I was so tired and possibly a little hungover or maybe even still a little drunk it all felt a little surreal, mom did say for me to go back to bed for a bit but I couldn’t as I was so excited to see them.

So we stayed up and chatted and before we knew it, it was time for our free breakfast so we headed downstairs to the restaurant where we had free coffee and continental breakfast full of pastries and muffins, toast and cereals. For a continental breakfast it wasn’t too bad actually. (Well we are in a posh hotel so it’s going to be good haha)


After breakfast we went back upstairs and got ready and then headed out, we did go down to the reception where she told us of a few things that we should do while we were there but as we only had a couple of days and already had things booked in for tomorrow we didn’t really have time to go and do all these things, so we just went and got a hop on hop of bus around the city.

This was actually really nice because we did get to see a lot of places around the city and some nice gardens where rich was obviously in his element taking photos.

4.1454414237.trinity-cathedral 4.1454414237.bastion-point

We got off the bus at the sky tower for our last stop and mom was saying she wanted to do the sky walk, which I do believe she got confused with the observation tower, as when we got to the desk for booking the ‘sky walk’ I looked at picture for it and saw you were harnessed onto something and you were walking along something very very small. – After we looked at this in more detail we all did decide that this was not actually what we wanted to do and headed for the observation deck.

And thank god we didn’t opt for the sky walk as for me anyway the observation deck was hard enough, the windows were slanted and the floor had glass areas, which I found incredibly difficult to walk over, my legs would shake and they felt like jelly. Rich also did not enjoy this bit of the deck but I think he was better than me with going close to the window.


Mom however was walking along no problem – I am sure this woman used to be scared of heights!! Maybe she really did want to do the sky walk? Hmmm…..

After we came out of the sky tower we spotted an Irish bar over the road so we naturally had to enter the Irish bar for a Guinness, on our way over to the bar we saw someone doing the sky Jump, which looked horrendous. – A big target that you drop towards and from so high up. Yep don’t think I’m going to be doing one of those anytime soon.

After the Irish bar we had a stroll back to hotel along the harbour and chilled there for a bit until it was time to go for food again.

I had been speaking to my friend Kerry from back home who had spent a lot of time in Auckland a few years ago and I had wanted to go to the bar that she had worked at but we did look at the menu and it seemed to have changed since she was there so we decided to go somewhere else.

We went somewhere called snapdragon as they had a deal on for a burger, chips and a beer for $15 and it was so good, and sitting right on the waterfront was a really nice place to sit and enjoy the views and people watch.


We stayed there for a little bit after and had a cocktail and then decided to have a stroll along the water front where we found another little bar called Barabra – Not Barbra! Where the guy who owned the place came over and recommended a cider called bills, which had the apple logo on and he did tell us that it’s the only company still allowed to use that logo, I think he had it first maybe……I can’t really remember but it tasted alright anyway so we all had one of those and watched the sun go down which was really nice.

It was then massively late at 8pm and we were all absolutely knackered so we all headed back to the hostel and within a couple of minutes I could hear snoring through the curtains, which is what I probably should have done too, but I wanted to take advantage of the good Wi-Fi so I streamed ‘The Revenant’ online – if you haven’t watched it, then you should! Excellent film!

(Hmmmm Leo and tom hardy – YES PLEASE!!!)

3rd Feb

We spent most of the morning lazing around as we didn’t really have anything to do until the afternoon.

We did go down for breakfast around 10am just before the free breakfast and we all had something off the extra menu this time as it was my beautiful mommy’s birthday!! So we thought we would treat ourselves.


The food was amazing, what a great start to the day, then we went back upstairs where we stayed again for a couple of hours before we were getting picked up for our wilderness tour. I used this time to take advantage of the good free Wi-Fi and call Kerry and Kirsty back home. Which was really nice as I felt like I hadn’t spoken to them in ages. So that was really good.

Then 12 came and it was time to get picked up to go on the wilderness tour. I have wrote more about that HERE as I thought I would give it a review.

After a great day touring around Auckland’s beautiful landscapes we got back to the hotel where we showered and got ready for the evening, we then went down to the corner bar at the hotel and had a cocktail while we were waiting for it to get a bit later so we could head to the restaurant.


I then introduced Mom and Tate to Uber, as they had never heard about it so I obviously had to show them how it worked (for those of you that don’t know it’s just a cheaper way of getting a taxi)

So off we went to the sky tower and had our food in the revolving restaurant, I have wrote a review on them so if you want to read it click HERE

As we left the sky tower it became very apparent that someone was feeling rather drunk, we stopped by the Irish bar we had gone to the day before while I smoked outside to listen to the girl singing who was very good, we then decided to head back to the hotel and go to one of the bars around there. So when we get there I get asked to go to the bar and get a bottle of wine for me and mom and a Bacardi for Rich.

When I get back mom is looking even more drunk than she was before, I soon realise that she aint guna be drinking all of this wine. Me and rich end up having to down ours because she is wanting to go and get into bed. How did she get this drunk??? It was rather funny to watch.

We head back upstairs to the hotel and all immediately pass out.

4th Feb

I woke up feeling oh so sick and not wanting to get out of bed but unfortunately we all have to check out today so up and out of bed at 9:30am and then headed down to breakfast, where I hardly ate anything! Damn you NED wine!!! Damn you to hell making me not enjoy my pastries and coffee!!!


After a few nibbles on the pastries for me we go back up to the room and grab the last of our stuff and then head downstairs to check out, we leave our bags to be stored and go for a wander down to the harbour for a coffee and to have a look at the big cruise liners.

We then head back to the hotel and just all chill there on the sofa for a little bit, then it’s time to get picked up. My shuttle bus was early so it was a very quick goodbye but I think that was probably for the best as it could have got rather emotional.

Then back of to the airport and on the plane back to Brisbane for me, and mom and rich are continuing their adventure around New Zealand.

I already miss them loads, it was such a nice couple of days to spend with them, it almost didn’t feel real as I have got so used to not seeing everyone so it does kind of feel like it was a dream to me. But a very good dream at that.



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Auckland Bush and Beach Wilderness Experience Review

I was excited about doing this tour but I didn’t know too much about it, and I was really happy with the whole day.

Firstly its only half a day tour which starts around midday, so you can get a nice lie in which is good if you have been out enjoying Auckland’s nightlife.

We were greeted by our tour guide for the day at our hostel, I am rather annoyed as I can’t remember his name but he was a fantastic tour guide, he was full of interesting information about Auckland and it was a really nice surprise as I was not expecting to be told all of this information. I was expecting to get picked up and taken to these wilderness places and we would be left to roam around for a bit on our own and explore.

But we got on the little mini bus and he popped on his headset with microphone, and as we drove out the city he was telling us lots of information about the place which I found absolutely fascinating.


He told us about millions of years ago back when the dinosaurs were around new Zealand  and Australia were joined together but ended up breaking off and when that happened new Zealand only had dinosaurs which became extinct and they did not have any native animals which meant that they missed out on the evolution of plants and mammals, which meant that their Forrest is the same as what it was when the dinosaurs were around, and the rest of the world does not have the same plants and trees because we have had evolution of mammals who ate lots of the plants and trees causing them to change with time.

I found that absolutely incredible to hear, and that Auckland is actually an active volcano which will probably erupt in a few hundred years, which I think is quite scary but also fascinating.


So our first stop was at the Arataki visitor centre where we walked along the wooden walkways to look out at the incredible views of the ocean and the Forrest.

We could see 2 different oceans from where we were as Auckland has such a small width. So we could see the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea which was pretty cool to see, and the views were also incredible.


After this we all hopped back on the bus and drove to a rainforest where we took a hike up through the trees and the running water streaming through the forest up to the top where we could look at the waterfall which was a pretty good sight, and we were again told more information about what this water fall was used for by the Māori people, they used to chop trees down at the top of the water fall and let them build up until the pressure from the water would push them down the waterfall, which was a quicker way for them to get all these logs down to the bottom.

4.1454500655.tramping-to-waterfall 4.1454500655.waterfall 12662039_10153921901906912_5590947563652589539_n

On the way back to the bus we stopped of next to a big tree and again told some interesting info about the trees, from the one side you looked at it and looks like a really strange tree but what happens is that another tree started growing around it and it eventually strangles the old tree which then dies and disappears leaving the new tree. We saw this and then there was actually another tree that was wrapping its self around this tree – karma baby!

We walked back down and then sat down for about 15mins and had some biscuits, and some L&P (new Zealand’s own soft drink, which is lemony goodness) we were also given some NZ honey to try which was really good and they use it for things like sore throats and colds etc.

Then we moved onto Piha beach which is a volcanic beach with black sand, although it didn’t look too dark to me but the sun was shining on it so maybe that’s why, as when I picked up the sand it did look quite dark in my hand.

12592760_10153921901701912_7686989429284404305_n 12651139_10153921901656912_7359252947604690993_n

It was really nice to sit around here looking at the volcanoes and the black sands.

After this it was time to head back but not before stopping off somewhere to see a really big Kauri tree, it was huge and we were told it was around 300 years old which was crazy how big it was, you couldn’t even see the bottom of it.

After looking at this we then hopped back on the bus and were taken back to our hotel, but not before being told about how New Zealand got so famous for its wine, and we were shown one of the first wine sellers houses on the way home which was very interesting also.

So I thought this tour was really good, and well worth the money.

I really do wish I remembered the bloke’s name who took us on the tour as I think he made it what it was.

I would 100% recommended and give it a big 5 bees.

Cartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon Bee


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Hotel DeBrett, Auckland Review

Hotel DeBrett was a really nice place to stay, and especially for a backpacker used to staying in 6 bed dorm rooms, this certainly felt like a luxury get away.

As soon as I arrived for check in they knew who I was straight away, I didn’t need to give any ID over but I did need to pay a $100 holding fee (thank god I had enough in my account)

Check in did not take long at all and I was taken up to my room where I was given a tour and then asked what kind of milk I wanted bringing up.

The room looked amazing, and there was a rainfall shower and a bath, which I was planning on using as I have not had a bath in forever but ended up not using it unfortunately. The shower was amazing though.

boutique-suite-thumb 2241284-Hotel-DeBrett-Bathroom-1-RTS

There was a TV in the room with a DVD player and you could rent films from downstairs in the hotel, although the collection of films was not that great but I think mostly people won’t be wanting to rent films while staying in Auckland so I guess that’s not a massive deal.

They did also have a lot of books that you could read downstairs in the reading room which is next to the restaurant.

We also had free WiFi and it was really good, really fast and didn’t cut out at all, I managed to facetime people back home without it cutting out at all, and I watched a film streaming it online and worked perfectly.

We were given lots of freebies too, lots of bathroom stuff and lots of teas and coffee’s which naturally I stole as I’m a backpacker so need to take advantage of these things now don’t I.

The beds were so comfy they were insane, like you never want to get out of bed comfy.

The only downfall for this place for me personally was the price of food and drink, but it’s a nice hotel and I’m a cheapskate backpacker so I can’t put it down just for that as mostly the people staying here will be a bit more upper class than me, as I was just jumping in on my mom and step dads booking.

But the cheapest bottle of wine on the menu was around $60 and the cheapest food was around $40 and I have stopped halving everything now and treat $1 = £1 as I know I can still buy food and drink for the same price in £’s.


But that’s just me and my cheapskate view, everything else was great and the food was incredible. We had a paid breakfast the one morning and it was incredible, even looked amazing like you don’t even want to eat it that it looks that pretty.


The coffee was also really good here, as were the cocktails.

All in all I give this place 4 bees! If I was looking at this place from the point of view for someone who would normally go there aka. Not a cheapskate then I would give it a 5 haha.

But it is from my point of view so I give it a 4

Cartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon Bee

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Auckland Skytower – Orbit 360⁰ Review

The sky tower was a great experience, it’s not cheap at all but I didn’t expect it to be, but the food was incredible.

This is the revolving obit 360⁰ restaurant, and it takes around an hour to do one full rotation.4.1454500655.selfie

Just be mindful that the place rotates but the side right next to the window doesn’t, which we soon realized after my mom put her bag on the side and then about 5mins later someone asked us if it was her bag that was slowly moving away from us. So we then popped it on a chair that was moving along with us.

When we arrived the sun was going down so we got to see some of the sunset which was really nice, the views were incredible sitting up there and I felt a lot more comfortable sitting down next to the window rather than standing where my legs ended up feeling like jelly.

The service here was really good, we didn’t even have to pour our own wine, well it is such an effort picking up a bottle and pouring it into wine glasses haha.

We got starters and a main each, and the food was absolutely beautiful, we couldn’t understand what was said on the menu mind, I think they were trying to be a little bit too posh with the wording of some of the things on there but a bit of pretentiousness never hurt anyone I suppose.

I didn’t actually take any pics of the food which is very unlike me, must go to show it was that good i was too busy! but here is the menu…

[embeddoc url=””]

It was really nice eating and drinking up here and every time you look up you see a different part of the city. It really is such a beautiful city by day and by night.


I give this place 5 bees because even though the menu is a little hard to understand and the food is quite pricy I wouldn’t have expected anything less, as it is quite a posh place and the views just make it such a good experience and once you have asked the question of what the menu is actually saying and you get your food, it was incredible. Also not having to pour your own wine is pretty nice.


Cartoon Bee.Cartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon Bee

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