Hotel DeBrett, Auckland Review

Hotel DeBrett was a really nice place to stay, and especially for a backpacker used to staying in 6 bed dorm rooms, this certainly felt like a luxury get away.

As soon as I arrived for check in they knew who I was straight away, I didn’t need to give any ID over but I did need to pay a $100 holding fee (thank god I had enough in my account)

Check in did not take long at all and I was taken up to my room where I was given a tour and then asked what kind of milk I wanted bringing up.

The room looked amazing, and there was a rainfall shower and a bath, which I was planning on using as I have not had a bath in forever but ended up not using it unfortunately. The shower was amazing though.

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There was a TV in the room with a DVD player and you could rent films from downstairs in the hotel, although the collection of films was not that great but I think mostly people won’t be wanting to rent films while staying in Auckland so I guess that’s not a massive deal.

They did also have a lot of books that you could read downstairs in the reading room which is next to the restaurant.

We also had free WiFi and it was really good, really fast and didn’t cut out at all, I managed to facetime people back home without it cutting out at all, and I watched a film streaming it online and worked perfectly.

We were given lots of freebies too, lots of bathroom stuff and lots of teas and coffee’s which naturally I stole as I’m a backpacker so need to take advantage of these things now don’t I.

The beds were so comfy they were insane, like you never want to get out of bed comfy.

The only downfall for this place for me personally was the price of food and drink, but it’s a nice hotel and I’m a cheapskate backpacker so I can’t put it down just for that as mostly the people staying here will be a bit more upper class than me, as I was just jumping in on my mom and step dads booking.

But the cheapest bottle of wine on the menu was around $60 and the cheapest food was around $40 and I have stopped halving everything now and treat $1 = £1 as I know I can still buy food and drink for the same price in £’s.


But that’s just me and my cheapskate view, everything else was great and the food was incredible. We had a paid breakfast the one morning and it was incredible, even looked amazing like you don’t even want to eat it that it looks that pretty.


The coffee was also really good here, as were the cocktails.

All in all I give this place 4 bees! If I was looking at this place from the point of view for someone who would normally go there aka. Not a cheapskate then I would give it a 5 haha.

But it is from my point of view so I give it a 4

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