A few days in Penang

25th – 29th September

I arrived in Kuala Lumpur in the afternoon where I got the train to KL central from there I got another train up to Penang.  The train journey was around 4 hours however it was delayed by an hour so I arrived to Penang late, when the train arrived into Penang I had to run to go to the ferry that I missed it by seconds, so I had to wait for the next one which was another hour.  The ferry took 15 minutes to get to Georgetown when I got there are ran down to front and I quickly ordered an uber to go to my hostel.  Luckily I arrived in the hostel just in time, everyone in the hostel was going out for drinks and luckily I caught them as they were turning the corner which meant I could check in, they also told me to come and meet them in a bar after I checked in, if I had been even 10 seconds later I wouldn’t have been able to check in and I would have had to sit around on the street until morning……  Thank fuck for that!

I quickly ran upstairs and got changed then headed back downstairs to the hostel bar where I met a girl called Brooke and another guy for a but I can’t remember his name, they were finishing their shift on the bar and heading out for drinks with the rest of them, so I said I would join them.

We went to a bar called the why not bar where I had a few beers, and then I started to feel tired it had been a long day so I headed back to the hostel jumped into my little pod and passed out.

When i woke up in the morning I decided that I would go out and look at all the street art, on the way out I gave my laundry two one of the people working there his name was Alex, he said it would be done in the next day, he is a liar and a twat……more on him later!

The street art was amazing, there were so much of it and all over the city, check some of it out.

The food was also amazing, and really cheap.

After I had walked around all the street art I jumped on the free hop on hop off bus called the CAT, which takes you around George town and I went to the Komtar tower, while I was on the bus I met a guy called Hanis who was from Penang but spoke really good English, he was really nice and helped me find my way to the tower as it was a bit difficult to find out how to get up there to begin with.

I didn’t stay out too long on the first day as I knew I was staying in a party hostel so I wanted to make sure I was ready for the evenings antics, so I went back to the hostel around 3pm and decided to have a bit of a chill out ready for the night.

It got to 8pm and I headed downstairs which was when our 2 free drinks began, it was a nice hostel, with a big area for everyone to chill in around the bar, we all sat at the table and were playing drinking games and chatting away, soon the two free drinks went so I paid for unlimited drinks all night for 35RM which is about £7 so not too bad really.

I met a girl called Laura who was staying in another hostel, and 2 others people in her hostel called Sophia and Eric, they were all really nice and they joined us on our table with the drinking games, then we went out back to the why not bar for some dancing and playing pool. By the time we got there I was absolutely fucked out my face and I felt like I was going to be sick!

Luckily Sophia was so lovely and went and got me some water and I sat down and just started drinking that, I eventually sobered up and re-joined the normal people haha, and dancing the night away. It was a good night!

The next day though was a complete write off…as usual! I’m getting so rubbish at all this drinking stuff! So mainly chilling in bed with game of thrones and the hostel cat, and the sofa downstairs, and trying to find out where the hell my laundry was only to find it still in the hostel and never been sent, fucking fat Alex didn’t even send it the prick! Grrrrr!!!!!! But it did finally get sorted after a lot of hassling everyone that worked there about it! And I ended the night with a pizza delivery! Delightful!


After a long and lazy day and no drinking, I woke up nice and early the next day which was my last full day in Penang, I went and met Laura from the other night and we went on a tour of an old mansion called ‘the blue mansion’.

It was actually really interesting and I would definitely recommend people to pay a visit if they are in Georgetown, it was built a few hundred years ago by a very rich Chinese man and he had many wives and children but said that his children could not sell the house, only their grandchildren could once the last child was dead, so that they could grow up and realise what it means to earn your own money. They ended up losing all their money and rented out the rooms to people to live in and it became somewhere anyone lived, and they destroyed a lot of the house, but once the last child died the grandchildren sold it to someone who wanted to restore it and it took quite a few years and now it is a hotel and obviously a tourist attraction. It really was beautiful.

After the blue mansion we decided to go get some food, and on the way to the food we stumbled across a coffee shop called ‘Selfie Coffee’ which you could order an ice coffee and have your face printed on the top of it. It was absolutely hilarious and has to be the highlight of my time in Penang! I mean come on…..drinking your own face? How can it get better than that? Haha.

After spending a long time laughing at our selfie coffees, we decided to go and get some food and I tried the famous dish of Penang of fried oysters, which was sort of an oyster omelette. It was really nice but a little strange and I have to say I prefer my oysters raw, but still glad I tired it.

Once we had finished our food we decided to go get the ferry over to the train station as Laura was also heading to KL the next day and I told her about the train I was getting, so I said I would go with her to get the tickets.

We got all that sorted and then went back to our hostels to pack up ready to go in the morning, although I still couldn’t pack because my laundry still was not back, which they said that it would be that day! Getting very angry at all of this now, wish I hadn’t even bothered!

In the evening me and Brooke decided to go grab some food and then we met Laura and another couple of people from her hostel and went to a place called Red Garden which was a very strange experience, we sat in the middle of lots of little food carts and there was a stage where people were singing and getting sashes which I presume is if someone tipped them for their singing, and on the TV were lots of shows about animals, including slug sex, which if you have never seen it on a discovery channel I think you should go and search it right now, it is the strangest thing!! There were bulls running into crowds and even more strange animal shows.

It was an entertaining night, but an early one as me and Laura were leaving in the morning.


So when I wake up in the morning, I go downstairs to find out about my laundry and it is still not back, I speak to Alex – the dick head! And he tells me it will be back at midday. I tell him that I need it before because I need to pack and it was supposed to be back four days ago. He doesn’t seem to care. I ended up having an argument with him sort of because it was all his fucking fault! He was the one who took it off me and didn’t send it and now I may or may not get it back before I leave! Again he didn’t seem to care, so I told him to go fuck himself and walked away before I got even angrier.

Luckily it did turn up just in enough time for me to shove it in my case before having to leave.

I ordered an uber to pick me up and then went and picked Laura up and got dropped off at the ferry to take us over to the train station, as we arrived the stopped letting people on the ferry that was there so we had to wait for the next one, and we were starting to run late so we were worried we would miss our train.

While we were on the next ferry I decided to turn my case into a backpack which I haven’t used it as yet, and it was massive and really heavy. But I knew we needed to run as soon as we got there.

The ferry pulled up and the gates opened and off we ran to the train, the thought of running and the actual running with this bloody bag on are very different, I could hardly move my legs, but I had to do it! Upstairs and down stairs and along long bridges, it seemed to never end.


But we got there eventually and almost as soon as we boarded the train it left station! Thank fuck yet again for that! I feel sorry for the old man and his family who were also on the ferry worried they were going to miss the train, I don’t think they got there in time!

Onto KL now for the next couple of days before heading to Bali.

I had a nice time in Penang but I’m annoyed I wasted a whole day in bed hungover when I could have gone to see more of it, but I guess that just gives me another reason to come back and visit the temple and some more of the museums doesn’t it!

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