A Few Weeks In Port Elliot

Tuesday 7th Feb

We woke up around 9am and got all our things packed up and said our goodbyes to Alec and Marie. We jumped in the van ready to go and Jim turns the ignition and nothing happens. He tries again and absolutely nothing happens.

GREAT! The battery is dead! – This bloody van is going to give me an aneurism!

Well I guess it’s time to check out the battery pack I purchased last year that comes with jump leads then! Yep it works and she’s on!!

Why has the battery drained overnight though? Everything was off! What on earth is going on? Should I have even bought this bloody van? I’m starting to doubt it!

So we manage to get her started and then drive to a super cheap auto to pick up a 12v charger for the van that splits into two so we can charge our phones and the fridge while we are driving, but of course the battery is super low so Jim stays in the van keeping it running while I go in and grab the adaptor.

Then back on the road again to start making our way to port Elliot beach house. We need fuel too so we make sure we drive for a while to get the battery charged and then stop when it’s very near empty to fill up, only when we pull up the van wont now turn off!

The key turns to the off position but the engine is still going, ahhh ok so maybe that has something to do with why they battery got drained overnight, maybe something happened over night that means the power is always on, so we don’t know what to do and I just tell him to stall it as we need to put fuel in. when we stall it, the engine stops but the power is still on.


Well not much we can do about it now, onwards to port Elliot, when we arrive we were amazed with where the hostel was, right by the beach and some amazing views. We pull up and of course the van won’t turn off again so we decide to unplug the battery to try and save the power, so it doesn’t drain again. Not ideal at all but it will do for now.

When we go into the hostel we meet Bridget and Steve who own the place and they show us around the house, which is amazing. It’s the best hostel I have ever seen and I get all giddy and happy thinking that this place is going to be our home for the next few months. Steve then tells Jim that he may have some work for him on the vineyards with his friend which is great, already got some work lined up. So now I just have to find myself some paid work too and then we should have a good few months here saving and not spending much money on accommodation.

After we had checked in we went for a stroll around the footpath that goes around the coast and again it was so beautiful it just made me feel so happy that this was our home for a while.

Feeling super happy and motivated to find paid work now!!

In the evening we all had a Bbq together to say welcome and to get to know each other along with some wine and beers which was really nice.

Wed 8th Feb

We woke up around 8:30am and got ourselves some breakfast and coffee and then got ourselves ready to start our new jobs as cleaners. I was on bed duty, so I was remaking the beds in the rooms and also wiping the rooms down and vacuuming. Jim’s job is cleaning the bathrooms which is a bit of a shock for him having never cleaned a bathroom in his life haha. I managed to snap a picture of him looking oh so happy about mopping those floors. Haha.

Once we had finished our cleaning we decided to drive over to Victor Harbour to get some food shopping in for the next few days but first we had to get the van back up and running. So connect the battery back together and then we can go, and of course when we arrive at Coles we have to stall it and then disconnect the battery. FML! This is ridiculous! Seriously need someone to look at it, and we were hoping that Steve’s friend who Jim is supposed to get some work on the vineyards with could look at it, as we have been told he knows a bit about cars.

When we got back to the hostel we cooked up some curry with lots of veg and to Jims surprise he actually enjoyed it, I told him that vegetables are nice and if he just tries things he will be surprised what he enjoys, plus he has no other option on our tight budget!

After curry we grabbed a couple of beers and played some ping pong in the games room for a while.

Thursday 9th Feb

It was baking hot today, was 42° and everyone went down to the beach after cleaning in the morning but I was determined to find work so I spent the day trying to find work anywhere, but also getting annoyed because it is out of season so there is not much work around with such a small place and with the van playing up its going to be really hard to get anywhere.

I got my CV’s printed and walked around everywhere in Port Elliot and handed my CV in only to be told they were not looking for anyone….great!

Remain positive!! Something will come up I’m sure of it!!

Friday 10th Feb

After we had done our cleaning duties of the morning we decided enough was enough and the van needs to be looked at by someone rather than waiting around for this guy on the farm who may or may not be able to help us, so we took it to a mechanic that was nearby and they checked it over for us but unfortunately they said they weren’t able to help us as it needs to go to an auto electrician and they think that mice could have got in and chewed up some of the cables in the dashboard while it was stored on a farm. Waaaa, not good news at all.

We called the only auto electrician in Victor Harbour and he said he couldn’t fit us in until Wednesday morning, so I spent a lot of the day feeling annoyed and upset about this bloody van which is seeming like I should not have bought now and also the fact that we are really going to struggle to find work here.

After all my self-pitying I decided to snap myself out of it and go and join everyone in the TV room and Steve brought us all some pizzas out which is so nice of him. They really are nice people here.

We all started digging in, and this crazy lady who is staying here decided she would come and help herself so some too, although I’m pretty sure it was not for her as he was giving it to us as we were staff, but she managed to stuff at least 6 slices down her face.

She is so strange, she goes around chatting to herself and keeps everything in her car and keeps going out to her car to get things out of it which is directly in front of our window, and she chooses to wear these short dresses with stockings on and is always bending over so we get a full view of what she’s packing! Not a pretty sight at all haha.

After pizza, we all walked down to one of the 2 pubs in Port Elliot and watched a guy playing all sorts of instruments including a didgeridoo which was really cool.

Saturday 11th Feb

Me and Jim decided to go down to Victor Harbour again after cleaning to try and find work there and had a walk around everywhere handing our CV’s in and filling in application forms only to realise towards the end that I have managed to print off my old CV which has not got anything new on since 2015. NOT GOOD!!!! So I had to run around everywhere asking for email addresses to send them over the proper version when I got back home.


When we got back, I cooked up a stir fry and then me and Jim went down to the other pub with Steve and Bridget where we met Nigel (the guy with the Vineyard) he was really funny and had so much knowledge about everything, he was quite fascinating to talk to. He grabbed Jim’s number and said he should call him for a couple of day’s work this week, so that’s good.

Sunday 12th/Monday 13th Feb

My glorious breasts turned 4 years old on Sunday. Good old plastic fantastic beauty’s that they are, and to celebrate I decided that I would cook myself a roast dinner which took forever in the tiny oven they have here but so bloody worth it!

Ahhh…nothing better than I good roast potato.

Monday we didn’t really do anything other than our cleaning in the morning as it was quite cold and raining a bit. I spent a while applying for jobs at McDonalds and kfc, while Jim had a stroll around port Elliot going to caravan parks and shops we had not been in, including the butchers.

Then in the evening we watched a couple of films, including Iron Man, as I downloaded all the marvel films and series to watch in order this year which should take a fair while with all the TV shows they have out now.

I got a text later that night from a guy putting on a reggae festival next weekend saying that he needed help on the bars, finally some work to do! Although it’s only for one day, but better than nothing and plus it’s at a reggae festival so will be fun too.
Tuesday 14th Feb

The sun was back out, as were the shorts. After we had done our morning chores me, Jim, Tessa and Nesi borrowed the car and went to a wildlife park nearby where Jim got to stroke his very first koalas and kangaroos.

It’s a nice park, but lots of the enclosures either didn’t have anything in, or didn’t have signs for what was in there and some of it was very overgrown so you couldn’t really see the things inside the enclosures.

Me and Jim bought some kangaroo food and decided to walk around all the kangaroos, some of them were really big and were very impatient for their food, so can be a bit scary, one of them seemed to get rather excited when it was close to Jim and had his lipstick out for the world to see. Haha

I got another call from someone who had seen my add on gumtree looking work, they asked me to go to some lady’s house to clean the following day. Yayyy more work for me! And even better, as soon as I got that message I got another one from the festival guy saying he needs help setting up on Friday too if I want a bit more work. Whoooppp!!

Now I just need full time job and then I’m sorted. Fingers crossed baby!

Then it was back to the hostel for a chill, while Jim went down to the beach to do some body boarding with a couple of the girls and I chilled at the hostel with my cup of tea like an old person because I knew the water would be cold. I’m such a baby with cold water! I need my water to be tropical and even then sometimes I find it cold.

Wednesday 15th – Friday 17th Feb

We took the van in to be fixed on Wednesday and left it with him while we went back and cleaned the hostel, he called us back and quoted us $300 to get it fixed as some wires had melted through and that was what was causing it to not stop. He said he would call us when we could pick it up, which he did on Thursday. We went and picked the van up and when we got there the cheeky bastard decided to charge us $400, I asked why it was $100 more than he had quoted and he said that there was more work to be done on it than he originally thought. Not much we can do about that is there! But seriously pisses me off! Doesn’t help that the van is painted with the union jack on so they are bound to overcharge us.


Later on Wednesday I went and cleaned this woman’s house for a couple of hours, which was fine but it was only 2 hours which was $50, I seriously need more money than this!

Didn’t do anything on Thursday and Friday apart from search and search for jobs and get replies from the ones I had applied to saying they weren’t looking for any more staff. I think I’m going to have to start thinking about leaving early now as I can’t stay here for another month hoping to get full time work when it’s so quiet, and even if I do will Jim?

Jim actually went on Friday to do a full day’s work on a the vineyard, but that won’t turn out to be full time work so we do need to start thinking of something else….but that’s the beauty with travelling! If somewhere isn’t right you can just pick up and move on somewhere else.

Saturday 18th – Monday 27th Feb

The next week was rather boring, I spent most of the time either eating or trying to search for work and so did Jim, although he had a couple of days working on the farm.

We went to the beach a couple of times and I buried Jim in the sand. We also had a couple of nights all together with the people in the hostel, one for one of the German girls birthdays where we all had a Bbq and listened to Steve play his guitar, and then another night where Steve and Bridget cooked us all a lamb roast which was SENSATIONAL.

I got offered a job at a café but it was only part time so still won’t get me much money, but I said yes anyways as still need the cash for now.

They wanted me to work on Friday and Saturday 24th & 25th which is also the days I was working at the festival, so I had a whole week of nothing and then 2 very busy days.

The festival work was really fun, firstly I went there to help set up on the Friday and I was just drinking with them most of the time and then on the day of the festival I finished work at the café and then got picked up to go to the festival where I thought I was on the bar but they asked me to be the person on the door which was fine because It meant I got to sit down after running around the café so that was nice. I was also supplied lots and lots of free booze while doing the work so even better, and even better still plenty of good looking men for me to look at while I was working too.
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Band in the bar

Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014


I eventually stopped being on the door around 9pm and then went into the bar to help them out and that is where my memory fades quite a lot, I was so drunk and 9pm soon turned to 3am when the festival had long finished and the remainder of the people there had decided to bring all their band supplies into the bar area. It was a very funny night indeed and I was so totally drunk I don’t remember much at all but what I do know is getting paid $250 for a night of drinking and fun is always a good thing.

However as I didn’t rock up back to the hostel until about 20 minutes before I had to clean and also feeling rather sick and dizzy I felt like I couldn’t face cleaning that morning so I went to the reception desk and spoke to Steve and told him I needed to pay for the night at the hostel as I couldn’t work. He then told me that was fine but that I had to pack my bags and leave the next day because of it! Hmmm….not very nice but tbh I think it’s for the best anyway! This place is boring the hell out of me and other than the festival work it’s not looking to hopeful.

So I spent the whole day in bed recovering and found myself somewhere to stay in Adelaide and on the Monday morning I woke up, packed my bags and left.

Time to try and find some proper work in Adelaide now!


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