Bali, Blue and Bruises

1st October

I arrived in Bali on the evening of 1st October feeling absolutely terrified to walk through customs after filling out the landing card on the plane, and knowing that I had not managed to find the luggage wrapping service in Kuala Lumpur airport.

I have heard one to many horror stories about airport security putting drugs in the bags of passengers, and while my bag had locks all over it I also knew that security could break into the locks and put whatever they wanted in there.

So no I was not trying to smuggle drugs into the country but I was terrified that someone will have put something in my bag and customs would find it think it was mine and then sentence me to death. It was a very tense moment for me. Haha

But I got to passport check and paid the fee for the 30 day visa so I could get it extended for another 30 days, and then walked through security without getting checked but with my heart pounding.

Thankfully I am not going to die today!

When I got out of customs I walked into the arrivals hall and was surrounded by so many drivers holding signs, I have never seen anything like it! I had to walk up and down the rows of men twice before finding my driver holding a piece of paper saying ‘SAMI BEE’. I ran over to him and smiled and told him that it was me, so he pointed around the corner where I was to meet him.

I met him and we walked to his car in the parking lot and began driving to the hostel I was staying at called Funky Monkey in Kuta. On the way to the hostel he kept asking me if I was married and if I had a boyfriend, I kept telling him no and that I didn’t want one, but he didn’t understand why.

I tried to explain to him that I am very happy on my own at the moment and it gives me the freedom to do what I want when I want and I have to answer to no one, he still didn’t understand this and tried asking me to marry him to which I politely declined.

we arrived in Kuta and drove down many little streets that could only fit one car just about and he told me it was a two way street, how on earth do people drive two ways down this road?

But we got there in the end and I checked into my hostel which I was pleasantly surprised I was on the bottom floor and had a pool right outside my door.

When I walked into the room there was another girl in there called Melanie who had also just checked in, so we decided to sit out by the pool and have a chat, everyone else seemed to return from the bars just a few minutes later and started swimming, which I thought was good as it was around 1am and I thought most hostels had a closing time for swimming, obviously not this one. After an hour or so chatting we both went to bed around 2am.

2nd October

Me and Melanie woke up and decided to spend the day together, so we got ourselves ready and went out for a walk and then ended up in a little café for breakfast where I had a smoothie bowl which was delicious, it was just a smoothie in a bowl but they added chopped up fruit and muesli to the top of it, it really was nice.

We walked through the little streets of poppies 1 and 2 and then headed to the beach, which was so overcrowded with people sunbathing and surfing but also will lots of people trying to sell you things. We decided to sit down at one of the places selling drinks and ordered a couple of coconuts to drink. While we were sat there we had a constant flow of people coming over to us asking if we wanted to either have a massage, have our nails done, have our hair done, or buy bracelets. It was quite annoying to be honest. We did decide to buy some bracelets and the very pushy woman kept on at us until we did, but she tried charging us around 100k just for one. But I eventually got her down to 30k for 2. – Everyone just wants to rip you off here.

After that we decided to go back to the hostel and have a swim in the pool, then I got ready to meet Blue after she finished work. Melanie couldn’t come with me as she was waiting on her suitcase to turn up at the hostel (the airline she was with left it in Singapore!) but the two other girls in my room came with me to meet blue up in Seminyak at a cool beach bar with beanbags.

We got there and ordered a drink and then blue came to meet us, it was so nice to see her after a whole year, but as soon as we saw each other it just felt completely normal and like we hadn’t been apart.

We ordered some food and some cocktails and sat there reminiscing for a while, before ordering a grab back to the hostel, although that took forever. I can’t believe how bad ordering taxis are here.

You either get a normal taxi and get completely ripped off or you use an app to order a driver, either go jek, grab or uber and then they cancel on you or just takes forever to find one, so it ended up taking us around 2 hours just to get back to the hostel.

Me and blue then decided that we would go out for drinks, so we went walking trying to find some bars that were still open with some good music, eventually we found a bar and went and ordered some drinks. We ended up meeting 2 Australian guys who seemed really nice, we went with them to a bar over the road which had live music on and had some more drinks in there and the one guy joined the band playing his Harmonica which was quite funny.

After the bar we decided that we wanted to carry on drinking and the guys suggested going to the beach…..I was a little worried about doing that as I have heard so many bad things happening on that beach but of course we decided to go. We went and got some beer and jumped on the back of their scooters and headed to the beach, Blue and one of the guys went swimming in the sea while I stayed on the beach with the other guy…..then things just got weird!! Firstly the guy I was with decided to start getting creepy towards me and I told him that I wasn’t interested but he clearly didn’t understand that so kept trying it on with me. Then people kept coming over and talking in Indonesian so I didn’t understand what was happening…..anyway long story short Blues phone got taken out of her bag from one of these people and I felt awful because I was supposed to be looking after the stuff but I was a little distracted at the time as I felt pretty nervous about all these people coming over including the police and trying to deal with this bloody idiot trying to touch me up and not understanding the word NO!

Blue finally came out of the water and then she realised her phone had been taken which she was pretty pissed off about obviously, the creepy guy that was trying to touch me up decided to leave which was good, and the guy that had gone in the sea with blue gave us a lift back to her apartment and had a few drinks with us before going home.

Drama drama drama on the first night of seeing each other in a year hey!! Lordy!!

3rd – 18th October

After all the drama with the phone being stolen we had a pretty chilled day the next day as blue had a day off work, we grabbed some food and headed down to the beach for some drinks while watching the sunset which was nice.

The next few weeks I stayed with blue in her apartment and I was getting my visa extended at the immigration office which takes about 10 days, I did a lot of catching up on game of thrones and then when blue had days off we would go to a beach club to chill.

We went to one called potato head which was really nice, it was expensive but was a really nice day although we had never felt as fat and pale in our whole lives being there with all the beautiful women around. Haha. but we drank cocktails, had some nice food and lazed in the infinity pool with a bar in the middle, until we got a day bed a decided to laze around on there drinking prosseco and watching the sunset.

And sometimes in the evening we would go and sit by the Nirmala supermarket with some of the people Blue works with for a couple of cheap drinks.

I had decided that I was going to go up to Ubud to spend some time there and do a work away program on a farm, so I did some research on that and found someone called Chakra to go and stay with which sounded really good.

Two nights before I left Blue had a work party  to go to which she invited me to go along with her, it was really good to begin with as there was free food and drink and lots of it. They had some good music on and everyone was having a really nice time until around midnight, when blues old manager Richard decided to start acting like a dickhead towards blue, telling her that she would never make any money as she is a woman and that she’s useless etc.

I obviously wasn’t going to let someone talk to my friend like that so I asked him who he thought he was and he then proceeded to start insulting me too. He was just being such a pathetic twat, I laughed at him and ended up saying he looked like a fat pedo! (low blow yes I know but he totally does) he then says to me that he gets lots of women and I then said that highly doubted that and that he probably bought his wife….well as soon as I said that he jumped at me and grabbed me by the face, I just laughed at him because I had obviously touched a nerve there guess he must have bought his wife after all hey! And then he started to hit me, and I got head-butted.

Lots of people jumped up to try and get him off me, blue had come over to help too but he ended up punching her too! What a lovely man! After all the drama we left the party and went back home ready to go out but it was so late that nowhere was open – thank god! So we ended up passing out instead.

When we woke up the next day we couldn’t believe what had actually happened the night before with all the craziness and blue was really upset about it all. Thankfully she got a message from the manager of her department asking her if she was alright and to tell him what happened, which she did.

We then decided to go out for breakfast at Grocer and Grind and then head over to Cookie’s apartment to chill with him for the day and steal his pool which was great.

We then got very hungry so we went to a really nice restaurant and ordered pizza and omg they did roast potatoes…..oh how I have missed roast potatoes haha. The food was amazing but I started feeling really bad when we got there, my head was pounding and I felt really dizzy and sick, think the blows to the head from the night before were starting to catch up to me now.

We went back to blues and she then got told that Richard had lost his job which was great news! Thank god for that, which should mean blue will enjoy herself a lot more now.

In the morning blue went off to work and I packed up all my stuff and got a grab up to Ubud to start my volunteering with Chakra as my Visa had come through.

And that was the first couple of weeks….drama filled hey haha.

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