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So I know it has been absolutely ages since I last updated the blog which means I have absolutely loads to catch up on.

Last time I wrote I was in Bali and I was heading to my scuba dive course, I completed my advanced open water course on Gili air and it was amazing, especially as i was staying in a resort rather than a hostel and It was so much better than my first course because its way more relaxed and you get to do more fun dives, including a night dive if you choose to which well let’s face it why wouldn’t you?

The night dive was my favourite dive and was such a strange feeling at first but once you get used to the darkness then it’s really cool and you see different fish than you do during the day. I saw a big eel eating another fish which was disturbing and entrancing at the same time.

I also did my deep dive where I went down to 30meters and while we were down there my instructor showed me this bright red coffee packet that he had shown me on the surface only now it wasn’t red it was dark purple because as you go deeper in the water colours start to get absorbed. He also took down an egg and broke it and we were playing catch with the egg yolk because the pressure of the water forces it to stay whole. It was such an amazing experience and makes me love diving even more which I know for sure I am going to continue doing.

I didn’t get any pictures of the diving this time because I knew I was going so deep and I don’t have a dive filter for my camera so it would have ended up looking really green.

After the scuba dive course I went and stayed with blue again for a week and then flew home for Xmas.


The first week

I was home for 9 weeks and k had the best time, although I did feel like at the end I was so ready to leave again.

My dad came and picked me up from the airport and drove me home to see my sister, Lucy and of course the doggies!! I was so excited to see my toby boy, although a little nervous because I wasn’t too sure if he would remember me or if he would bite me in the face! Luckily no biting of the face happened and it was a glorious reunion filled with many many kisses!! Ahhh toby!

Lou and Lucy had made me some posters of my year away and stuck them in my room along with a banner saying welcome home, we love you and also lots of balloons which would end up being in my way after a week or so and somehow never disappearing even though I popped them!

The only people who knew I was going home were my family, as I had brought my flight forward I didn’t want to tell anyone else so I could enjoy a weekend with my family without getting kidnapped by my friends. It seemed to work out well until my mom wanted to post on Facebook that I was home, which obviously caught some attention, my friends were all immediately on my case questioning me why I had not told them I was coming home! I remember looking at my mom and laughing saying I told you this would happen. Haha, anyways it was a really good night and my besties Kirsty and dale popped round to join us at my moms and I had a really good night, although I did get quite emotional crying to everyone telling them now much I loved them all, when all my family went to bed i ended up going back to Kirsty and Dales and somehow ended up wearing a chicken onsie… you do!

During the week I went to my sisters pet shop in Alcester, and I was little shop helper all week long which I loved. So many cute doggies come into the shop and so many of them gave me kisses! Good job Toby didn’t witness my cheating lol. I’m so proud of my sister for making such a great business and for doing something that she loves.

Once everyone was aware of my return home I started making the rounds of going to meet people, I went to wales with Kirsty and Katy for one of the many Hen Do’s Kirsty is having for herself. It was a really funny night, and another one of besties Kerry had a welcome home party for me at her house, it was a really good night, I loved seeing everyone so much, although again got very emotional!

God what has happened to me since being home??? I’ve turned into a blubbering mess!

Exeter – Christmas Market

The day after the party I had to get up early and head home ready to dive down to Exeter with the girly family to Lucy’s dad Christmas market, it was such a funny night. We did a lot of walking around the market and stopping off in the bars for bubbles, or mulled wine etc. Then when the market closed we went to a bar down the road where more drinking happened.

Everyone then was feeling the drinks and started heading back to the hotel, me and Lucy were trying to cast spells on everyone walking past because we had seen a sign on a taxi that looked like something out of harry potter. I remember casting a spell on her to die and she fell on a bench, o then ripped of my scarf and tied it around her and I lay on the floor screaming ‘avada kedavra’.

What people walking past us must have thought of us!?

Once we had stopped messing around we walked back to the hotel and when we got upstairs we saw my mom and my Nan surrounded by 3 security guards by their room, telling them that they needed to keep it down because my Nan had laughed when getting off the lift. We were all outraged with this and so one of the funniest memories I will have of being back happened.

We all walked off into our rooms to get more booze to take it downstairs to the bar, my sister and my auntie went downstairs to complain to the manager about the way the security team had spoken to my nan and me and Lucy were doing something upstairs in our room, not sure what may be getting changed or whatever…..anyways…..I hear talking outside our hotel room door and open the door to the three security guards hanging around my nans room still, even though she had gone to bed.

I said to them that they were being creepy and that they shouldn’t be stood outside the room, which I probably shouldn’t have said because they came over to us and started telling us we were being loud and that we may have to get out, meanwhile my sister and my auntie were downstairs waiting at reception patiently to speak the manager, when they get told that the manager is currently upstairs being abused, they both looked at each other thinking – ‘well we know exactly what that is’ so maybe we can’t complain now after all. Haha……what a family hey!

I also managed to get  some work while I was back as I needed to top my funds up, and luckily I managed to get an office job just around the corner to my sisters shop, so I kept on popping into her on my lunch breaks which was really nice.

What else happened while I was home?? Typing what I think at the moment trying to get myself to remember lol.

Winter Wonderland in London

Ahhh yes, so my sister and Lucy had asked me to keep the 9th December free and it was a complete surprise what we were doing, we had to get up early and jump in the car which they told me would take about 10 minutes, which did make me wonder what we would be doing that was so great just 10mintues away from where we live.

Turns out it was a 10miute journey to the train station and then from there we got to the platform and I heard the announcement that the next train arriving was going to London Paddington! Omg I am so excited, I have never really been to London before (I know how ridiculous!) so feeling like a very excited child we got on the train and a couple of hours later arrived in London where we then got on the tube to go to Hyde park. I must have been so excited to be in London that I missed all the signs telling me what was at Hyde Park that day. When we got off the train I walked straight past loads of signs and also straight past my auntie who I had no idea was joining us. When I saw her I screamed OMG….and gave her a massive hug, I was so surprised to see her.

From there we walked to Hyde park where I eventually saw the signs for winter wonderland, and got so excited because I was in such a Christmas mode that I wanted to do everything Christmassy. What did we do as soon as we got there? Bar of course! Then we had a booking in the ice kingdom which was actually really cool, it was so cold in there though. They had loads of ice sculptures of things and also an ice slide, which me and my sister decided to go down, we both push off to race down to the bottom and Lou goes flying down, me however, I get stuck basically at the top, I wasn’t moving at all.

How embarrassing that I can’t even get down a bloody ice slide!

The rest of the day we spent going from bar to bar, and it was actually really funny, because we had downloaded the map for the park and every time we looked at it we realised that we hadn’t even got a ¼ of the way down the park, because we were so busy hitting up every bar we came across which there were A LOT!!

It was such an amazing day, but it went so fast.

The next couple of weeks, I did more visiting friends and more working to save those pennies, and then before I knew it, it was Xmas day. Each year we swap between my mom and my dad to have Christmas day on and then the following day we will go to the others house to celebrate again, so 2 Christmas days baby!! Whoop.


Christmas day this year was with my dad, so we spent the morning walking the dogs and then we went up to Birmingham to see our Nan and grandad for a few hours and have Christmas dinner number one. It was really nice spending Christmas day there, especially seeing their house as it had been a few years since I had been there and brought back lots of memories of me and Lou when we were small and used to play dress up and make my dad lie on the floor for hours while we pretended he was a mountain for all our babies etc.

After spending time there we drove over to our uncle’s house to see more family and have more food. It was nice catching up with them all and seeing our cousins, who do not look like the little kids I was always see them as but proper adults who want to out drinking. Oh how times change hey!

When we got home we stuck love actually on and sat in the living room drinking Baileys until we couldn’t keep our eyes open.

It was a really nice Christmas day.

We woke up around 9am and got ourselves ready for Xmas day no2 which was at my mom’s house, I was really looking forward to this one because I had made everyone buy Christmas outfits and said that everyone had to dress up or they were not allowed to attend the festivities.

When I got there I was so happy because everyone had gone full out and the majority of us were dressed like elves, we had Mr and Mrs Clause, and my auntie was a Mexican which was hilarious. What a bunch hey.

Christmas food was AMAZING!!! I had such a good couple of days celebrating Christmas with my family especially as I hadn’t been home for the Christmas before, so it felt extra Christmassy.

Harry potter world

My sister had gave me tickets to harry potter world on Christmas day, which I was so excited about. Me and my dad and my sister all went down on the 28th December, and I loved it.

It was so cool seeing how they made the films and seeing the sets of everything, I was in magical heaven! And got to try butter beer which I had been wanting to try for years, and I thought it was actually really nice so I don’t know why so many people have said it’s horrible, it was exactly what I imagined it to taste like.

I got my picture on the night bus and at privet drive. It was super cool, especially as we had gone around Christmas time so it was all decorated ready for Christmas, with snow everywhere and we could feel the different types of snow that they used to create different effects like footprints in the sand and falling snow etc., which they use either shredded paper, or plastic for which was pretty cool.

I think my favourite part was seeing the potions classroom set and Diagon alley, it was super cool to feel like I was there! Oh how I wish magic was real and I could be a witch!!

New years

New Year’s Eve came round so fast! It was a very funny night which started out very tame at my bestie Kirsty’s sister’s house with her family there. There was lots of drinking and lots of music and dancing but everyone was pretty well behaved because of the kids being around, saying that it quickly got to the early hours of the morning so everyone decided to go home not too long after we saw the start of 2017.

I went back to my second home of Kirsty and dales and that is where the night truly began for me, out comes the party pleasures and we stay up till around 9:30am chatting utter bollox.

One of the funniest parts of the night is when me and Kirsty were doing a balloon and were absolutely convinced that dale had been talking to us while we were doing it but obviously we couldn’t talk then so we had to wait, which he completely denied and told us were bat shit crazy, turns out he didn’t say anything to us but we said his name and decided he had been! – think it was one of those moments you had to be there for lol.

Also that night they have a glass picture of the Beatles which was lay on the coffee table in the front room, the light was shining on the picture and was showing a shadow of the Beatles on the ceiling which is one of the more trippy things to see when you’re not sure who you are or what you’re doing at that time in the morning.

After many more utterly stupid things to laugh at that night or should I say morning, we all eventually decided to call it a night and head up to bed. (Well me and Kirsty went to bed and dale was back on the sofa which is where he is all the time when I’m around, as I get dibs on the bed lol)

Then came the worst few hours of my entire life, I couldn’t sleep as always, and my mind was going absolutely insane! I kept thinking of things and then forgetting what I was thinking and then telling myself how annoying I was for thinking of things I couldn’t remember and just being so angry with myself and cringing from my behaviour for the whole night.

Kirsty was in the same position and kept drifting off into other dimensions when she closed her eyes, which I thought actually sounded quite nice, turns out they were not good dimensions at all. I think I lay there for about 2 hours trying to deal with the shit storm going on in my head before I just had to get up and go home! It was way too intense!

It still continued at home but I did manage to fall asleep eventually and then spent the rest of the day and night in bed in and out of sleep.



My Sisters birthday is on Jan 7th and to celebrate it we all went down to Brighton on the 6th and stayed for the weekend. Me, Lou and Lucy didn’t arrive until around 10pm on the Friday night and when we did arrive we had some food and drinks and we all played poker.

On the Saturday (Lou’s birthday) everyone came over to my aunties for breakfast and we had croissants and crumpets and some fruit for breakfast before heading off into Brighton to go to an escape room, I was actually really nervous about the escape room because I can get let’s say a bit annoyed at times when I can’t do things and I am also a little bit stupid when it comes to well anything educational tbh, like maths, English blah blah blah. In the end it turned out to be amazing, I won’t spoil anything but what I will say is it was thought out really well and you had to solve a variety of puzzles some of which gave you answers to type into things or for a lock, and others gave you an item that needed to be used somewhere for different things. It really was amazing and we all had the best time.

After the escape room, we went for a couple of drinks and then went up the i360 tower (while drinking prosecco of course) it was a fantastic view of Brighton and many many pictures were taken while we were up there, with our mom getting rather emotional because me and Jim were leaving in a weeks’ time.

When the i360 was done we went to a Thai resturant for a late dinner and it was delicious, although I don’t really remember too much of it because we had been drinking all day and I was rather drunk. Haha.

After food we went to a couple more places for drinks but everyone was feeling pretty tired after the long day of drinking and being so busy we all went home relatively early.

The next day we all went for food at nandos to spend the vouchers we had been given for Christmas from our family in Ireland and then it was time for my goodbye to my auntie which was sad but not as emotional as the one the year before, so that’s good J

It was a really nice weekend for her birthday.

Time to go

Then it was the final week, which I mainly was packing my room away again and trying to get last minute meetings in with everyone.

I went for a girly dinner with all my besties to say goodbye to them once again and I also spent a few more nights at home with my dad and sister and Lucy. The one night we had a poker night and another night we went to the cinema in Evesham to watch Passengers which I thought was really good. Anything with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence in is good with me! Both absolute delights for the eyes.

Me and Jim went to Birmingham shopping a couple of days before we left with our mom which was really nice, although as expected she did get a bit emotional at times. Rich (my mom’s husband) came to meet us in the evening and we all went for dinner to this amazing place which has a buffet of different foods but then you get served with 15 different types of meat to your table and you can have as much as you want. Omg I have never tasted anything so good in my life!! Mmmnnnnnn.

Then the day had arrived for us to leave, I spent the morning sorting out transferring my money over to my Australian bank account and did my last minute packing up and then my mom, rich, joe and of course Jim drove over to pick me up from my dad’s house and stayed for around an hour so Jim could say goodbye to the dogs and our sister.

Then the moment for the goodbyes came – can’t stand goodbyes!! Boo! But they weren’t as bad as last year I thought, as everyone kind of knows what to expect now.

A few hours later we were at the airport, time to check in our luggage and say goodbye.

And the story shall continue in the following blogs.

God….sorry that is so long peeps! I got a bit distracted being at home with everyone that I neglected the blog! Need to as always be more productive.










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