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Me, Tarsh and Dan left Keri-Keri on the 15th May as Her, Andy and Dan are going on holiday and I am going to spend some time at Tarsh’s sisters Di and her kids who are apparently a right handful, what am I going to be walking in to? I’m also going to go and see them on their holiday 2 times. It all is a bit confusing so I will write it out below haha.

So my plan for the next 2 weeks is:

  • 1 Week on Wincanton Farm in Victoria with Di and the sprogletts
  • The weekend in Wye River to see Andy, Tarsh and Dan. Going there with the boys (Jack and Harry) and also Tarsh and Di’s mom and dad (Jeanette and Bruce)
  • Back to the farm at Wincanton for a week with Di and the sprogletts
  • To Melbourne for 2 days to see Andy, Tarsh and Dan at the end of their holiday and then drive back up to Keri-Keri

On the way down me and Tarsh had to stop in the middle of the road because a big mob of sheep were being walked down the road. We were on the stock route which is a massive long road that people can walk sheep or cattle down to move them from one location to another, there are lots of paddocks on the way for either stop overs or that might be where they are going. The stock have the right of way so you have to pull over and let them pass you or pull into the side for a drink somewhere, it was a very strange experience but pretty cool to see.


I arrived on the 15th May around 8pm and met everyone, we had some food and a pretty early night as we were all quite tired.

Monday 16th May

Me and Di went into Hamilton which is a nice town, it actually has quite a lot of shops so that was good. I went to a coffee shop to update my blog because they had free unlimited WiFi so I thought I should use that to my advantage.

I also went to target and bought some fake uggs, I have finally taken the plunge! It’s getting cold here now! Waaaa!!!


We went and had lunch with one of Di’s friends and technically her boss called Fiona who owns a fine foods shop called Fiona fine foods! They do really nice choccys and then also make things like pies and other food ready cooked for an easy dinner! – Check out the facebook page HERE

That evening I drove one of the cars to pick up Harry from school where he was playing football, that was the first time I have drove an automatic car and in the dark around highly populated kangaroo areas! I was a little nervous to say the least, LOL but I managed it! It all about doing things that get me out of my comfort zone so I will give anything a go (within reason) lol.

Tuesday 17th May

I woke up Tuesday morning, met Jonny (Di’s Husband) and then me, Jonny, Jack, Harry and one of their friends Called Jet drove up to a town called Kaniva where the boys were running in a cross country that was quite cute to watch them run. They both did really well too and Jack got through to the next stage which is really good.

We drove back home and then I just chilled on the sofa for a couple of hours before taking Jack and his friend Jet over to Balmoral for their footy practice where I sat in the car and waited for them because I was too nervous to drive 2 times in the dark with the kangaroos! Guess I’m going to have to get used to that aren’t I!

While I was doing that Di drove harry somewhere to pick up his new motorbike, did I mention he is 8 years old? And Jack is 10. They both have new motorbikes which they have been saving up for by working on the farm and also saving birthday and Christmas money so they have done really well.


Wednesday 18th / Thursday 19th May

Di was getting ready for leaving later on Wednesday, she was going on a big walk with a group of people. They were doing around 80km which is crazy! She does it a lot and really enjoys it, usually up mountains and quite long hikes – sounds like my worst nightmare! Haha

So for most of the day she was getting ready to do that and I was busy planning my 3 weeks away from the farm at the beginning of August as I have decided to stay with them until October and then go to Bali for a couple of months before going home for Christmas and then coming back out to Australia in January to complete my second year.

Di left around 3pm and the boys came home, we had dinner and they were pretty good for me, they just rode their motorbikes and collected firewood for me which was nice. They surprised me too because they would just jump in the big car I was so worried about driving and drive it over to get the wood and then back it up right to the front door! How is it possible an 8 year old and a 10 year old can drive better than me? Haha

He drives better than I do and he's only bloody 8 years old!! 😂 #driving #underage #8turning9 #farmlife

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Thursday morning I got the kids up for school, made them breakfast and lunch and they went off to school, I thought I would do something nice for Di and clean out her cupboards in her kitchen as she is one busy lady, what with looking after the kids, working in the shop and also having to deliver fire wood, go on hikes etc. things like that don’t really come high up on the list of priorities!

So that was my day and then the boys came home from school and again played on the motorbikes, watched a bit of TV, had dinner and then went to bed looking forward to their holiday to Wye River which I was going on too.


We woke up on Friday a bit later than usual as the boys had a day off school so they could go away to Wye River. We got everything ready, fed the dogs and made sure the house was looking clean etc. and then me and the boys hopped in the car and drove to Colerain where we met Jeannette and Bruce who are Tarsh and Di’s Mom and Dad. We got in the car with them and left the other car in Colerain which we would then pick up on Sunday.

Off we all went to Wye River and if you want to read about that then CLICK HERE


Monday 23rd – Wednesday 25th May

I woke up nice and early on Monday and decided that I was  completely fed up with my fat belly so I have decided to start doing exercise and go on a bit of a diet until it is sorted out haha, so 30 day shred happened every day this week.

Monday Di woke up quite late as she was absolutely knackered from her massive walk. She did 67km in 2 days which I think is crazy! I definitely couldn’t do that so well done indeed.

I just spend the day on the sofa (after my exercise of course) trying to plan these 3 weeks away from the farm again as I wanted to go to Byron bay and do the rest of the west coast but they are already fully booked in hostels and it was getting quite expensive, so then I changed my mind to going to Tasmania for a week as it was a bit easier to get too!

But then I now have a master plan – buy a camper van which I need and want anyways for next year and I have good people around me at the moment that I can trust to help with picking the van and making sure that it is a good deal and that it works etc. as I am a typical girl and know nothing about cars and vans etc. and I don’t exactly have my dad over her to be able to go and check one out for me do I, so that is the new plan!

On Tuesday me and Di drove down to a cute 90 year old couple to deliver some firewood to them which was near Portland by the coast.

And Wednesday Di went to work in the shop and I decided to do some more cleaning and tiding up for her before she got home from work.

She got home and we had dinner, watched some TV and got extremely excited about the camper van haha.

Thursday 26th May

Di is on a roster to go into Harry’s class at school for an hour every now and then to help with Parent Helper, so each week a different parent goes in and helps with their reading and learning and this week happened to be Di’s, she asked me if I wanted to go with her and I of course said yes.

So we arrive and say hello to all the kids and Mr Lewis their teacher and Di introduces me to the class the same way she introduces me to everyone….’this is Sami and she’s from England’. Mr Lewis explained to us what they were learning at the time and it was how to make friends and how to keep friends which meant they needed to learn how to speak to people and get to know one another with questions, he started to demonstrate to the kids how to ask good questions with me and started asking me questions about England.

He then threw his hands in the air and said ‘no, no, no….I have a better idea!!!! I will get all of you to ask her questions’ looking at the kids. He went and sat down and asked who wanted to come up, Harry was of course sticking his hand in the air trying to get his chance to ask me questions which Mr Lewis thankfully did not let him come up as I can only imagine what he would have asked me the cheeky little biscuit!! Haha

So I had a few little sprogletts come up and ask me questions like

‘Do you still chop people’s heads off in England?’

‘Do you have a boyfriend?’

‘Do you know the queen?’

‘Do you like the queen?’

‘Do you want to meet the queen?’

I thought it was very funny and very cute. Then it was my turn to ask them questions and I was a little bit nervous I have to say. But I asked away and then Mr Lewis said ‘see class, how easy that is’ so I felt like I had done an OK job LOL.

Then it was reading time so they all split into groups and me and Di got a group each to go and read with and Harry was in my group.

It was really cute to hear them all read, they got stuck on a few words which I would then help them out with pronouncing but there were a few words that I found difficult myself, uh-oh! Thankfully they are 8 years old so it doesn’t matter too much haha.

After the reading had finished everyone posed for a photo with me pulling silly faces and then they grabbed their fruit sat down and that was our que to leave, but before we went they started talking about foxes and how they shoot them, and getting their gun licence when they are 12, I was pretty surprised by this and was shocked laughing.

We then left and went to Mr Lewis’ house to drop off some firewood in exchange for a dog kennel which harry had organised, while we were there we saw he had some baby lambs who were really cute.


After we did that we went back home and grabbed a trailer of wood and then drove to a town called Penshurst to drop it off, on the way there the school started calling Di saying that Harry had hurt himself, he banged into someone and cut his lip on his teeth, so he was bleeding a lot and she needed to come and get him.

Penshurst is about an hour away so we did the wood and then started driving back towards the school when they called again and said he was ok, so Di dropped me home, I did my exercise while she went and picked him up ready to take him to his hockey training in Hamilton – (I know……its confusing right!!) he did his hockey training and while he was their one of Di’s friends looked at Harrys lip and said he should be going to get stitches! – Uh-oh

So Di dropped me back at the house and I then had to drive over to Balmoral to pick Jack up from his footy training (again I know it’s confusing! Haha) while I was doing that Di took Harry to Hamilton hospital to get stitches, although he never ended up getting any and ended up waiting to be seen for about 4 hours! Sounds like the same as back home in A&E.

They eventually got back just before midnight, had a bit of food and went to bed.

Friday 27th May

Harry had a day off school because of his lip and that they got back so late last night, I made us both breakfast (egg and bacon sandwich) and me and he spent the morning watching Jurassic world and I was updating this bloody thing too! – I’m not really learning my lessons am I, I tell myself every single time I do an update that I should just write every day! Ahhh well.

We drove down to Hamilton to see Di as she was working in the shop that day, had some lunch and a coffee and then me and Harry went back to the house. We checked on the pups and as soon as we get to the farm Harry is of course in the driver’s seat because he can drive here! It’s still so strange getting drove around by an 8 year old haha.

Then the rest of the night we just chilled watching TV which was nice as Gracie (who is 12) had come back from boarding school and I hadn’t got to spend much time with her because she was away. We all had some food and an early night as no rest for this family even on weekends! The boys have yet more sports lol.

Saturday 27th May

Well the morning started off with a bit of Drama, Jonny called about 15minutes before we had to leave saying he had got his UTE stuck in the blue gum trees, and it was now bogged and couldn’t get it out.

Di and harry had to go off to go and find him and try help get him out, Di came back about 10 mins later and said that we should go and that Jonny and Harry will get the car free and join us back there, last thing I saw was harry driving the tractor over the road to get it free lol.

After that we left and drove up to Balmoral where Jack had a match of Aussie Football, it was freezing and I had to actually wear a beanie and a scarf!! Whaaaattttt!!!! We were there for a while but we then left the boys there and went home for a couple of hours before coming back out to pick them up and drive to Hamilton for Harry to have his hockey game, and on the way there we had to do a bit of a detour (about a 40mintue detour) to pick up the a car that Jonny had left in a town called Dunkeld! (Again I know…….I honestly don’t know how this family manages to get anything done at all, they are so flipping busy haha)

After the Hockey match we all went to a café in Hamilton for pizza and wine, although I didn’t drink anything as I was so tired and I have come to the conclusion that unless I am going to go out and binge drink then I probably shouldn’t drink because that’s all I want to do when I have just one drink lol. Plus I’m trying to get rid of the massive food baby I’m rocking at the moment. Then back to the house for a film and an early night.

Sunday 29th May

I had a bit of a lie in which was nice to catch up on sleep and then we all went back to Hamilton for another footy match (Jacks).

I didn’t really watch, I sat in the car and updated this and also did some more searching for camper vans as the one I had been looking at – ‘The Black Bitch’ will probably not happen now as the owner has other people coming to look at it which he has only just told me about so a little annoyed at that! I desperately want to get one and get one while I have people around me to help me.

After we went back to the house, I had a really chilled one and got into bed and had a Gavin and Stacey marathon and an early night ready for my trip to Melbourne in the morning.

To read about Melbourne – CLICK HERE


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