Malaysia With Dad

Sunday 18th September

We arrived into Malaysia airport around 6am and it was hot hot hot already, and really humid.

I was absolutely knackered because the flight was awful! They put us in the seats right by the emergency exit and while that meant we had all the leg space in the world it also meant that the seats were a lot smaller because the trays fit in the side of the chairs so my butt only just about fit in the seat! – Thankyou donuts!

There was also a screaming baby right next to us so I hardly slept at all even though I had popped a couple of sleeping tablets! So when we got off the plane and into the taxi I fell asleep straight away.

We got to the hotel and paid a little bit extra so we could check in straight away, I had about an hour’s nap and then dragged myself out of the bed so we could go and enjoy the day.

we walked out of the hotel and down to a road with a load of bars and restaurants on called and then at the top of that road was a another road called ‘Jalan Alor’ which had lots of restaurants on and also lots of closed street stalls which opened later in the day.

We walked down that street and went into one of the restaurants for some breakfast and we had absolutely no idea what we were ordering.

You go up to the buffet and point at the things you want and it’s served with rice. Whatever we ended up getting it was beautiful!

We are doing pretty well with all the delicious food we have been having over the past week!

After breakfast we walked to the twin towers using my maps, as I had downloaded the maps for offline use which is a great thing for you to do if you go travelling anywhere!

The system they have there for people walking is great, there was a big air conditioned walkway above all the cars which had different routes to go down and it was all signposted so that was brilliant.


When we got to the twin towers, there was some kind of science fair going on outside so we had a walk around there and stayed to watch a street illusion act which was actually really good and all in English so even better.

Then we went and got our tickets for the twin towers and as we had to wait a while decided to go and have a walk around the gardens for a while which were really nice.

Then up the towers which was actually really funny as the Malaysian guys we went up with decided that they wanted photos with us, and they ended up taking hundreds while we were waiting to go up, when we were in the lift and while we were up there. Don’t know why they wanted photos of us two! Haha

The view from the towers was amazing, see for yourselves….

After the towers we jumped in a taxi and went over to the botanical gardens bird park, it was great in there as they have most of the birds free to walk around inside with you, and they also had some birds that I have never seen before.

The one downfall about this place was that it was all on a hill so for us it was knackering as we were already feeling pretty dead.

But it was great and really beautiful inside.

Once we had climbed back to the top of the park we decided to get a taxi back to the hotel and have a bit of a chill and a shower before heading back out to ‘Jalan Alor’ the street markets.

The street markets were amazing! We went to one place with lots of kebab sticks called ‘Fat Brothers’ and had a few sticks of fish and also some vegetables which was amazing. There was also a really nice boy selling fresh watermelon drinks with vodka in so we tried one of those and it was delicious.

Later we ended up in one of the restaurants on the side and ordered a few dishes and one of them was a dragon fish which we watched him cook on the BBQ under a bin lid (hopefully clean haha) it was really nice.

On the way back to the hotel we stopped for one drink at one of the bars and then went back for an early night ready for our rainforest tour tomorrow.

Monday 19th September

Today we were going on a rainforest and self-awareness tour with a guy called Happy Yen. I had found him online and he had good reviews about his tour.

When he came to pick us up he was bursting with energy and just seemed like a happy old man. We walked outside and got in his car.

It was just me and my dad on this tour, no one else haha.

So firstly he told us about the history of Malaysia and that they have 3 main settlers, which are Malaysian, Indian and Chinese, so that means that the food here is from these 3 countries and he wanted to introduce us to some of the food here.

He took us to an Indian restaurant out of Kuala Lumpur that was amazing, we had a bread called Poori and some dips to go along with it, it was amazing.

After breakfast we drove for about an hour to a temple where we went and had a look around and Yen was explaining to us how we don’t need to go to a temple to find peace, as the temple is in our minds.

Then after the temple we went to a rainforest, and drove through an aboriginal village, when we walked up through the rainforest we saw more aboriginal houses, there was a lot of rubbish just tipped everywhere too which is such a shame considering how beautiful the place is.

Then onto a stream where dad and happy yen had a bit of a swim (I didn’t because I had covered my blisters up with blister pads and all sorts of stuff so I didn’t want to get them wet) and we drank some milky green tea with water from the stream.

After the tea we walked back to the car and to the stream there to have lunch and we were joined by lots of dogs and big butterflies which was nice. The food was amazing too.

Then it was back in the car onto the next place which was a natural hot pool that gets to over 50 degrees. I again didn’t want to get my feet wet but dad got in straight away and didn’t even need to sing the song that Yen was trying to get him to sing to try and distract his mind from the hot water. After they got in the one pool, the moved onto 2 more which we even hotter and yen picked up buckets of water and began chucking them on himself and said for dad to do the same thing, which he did and Yen decided that he would help him with the last bucket to throw on his back. I was just laughing at all of this because it did look really funny.

Once all the water throwing was done we got back in the car and drove back to Kuala Lumpur to finish our day, we asked Yen to drop us at the train station instead of the hotel so I could buy my train tickets to Penang for when dad leaves, so we did that and had a stroll around the shopping centre under the train station.

We were right next to little India too so we had a walk around there which was quite pretty, and then went back to the hotel to shower and get ready to go out for some food and drinks where all the street food was.

We went back to the kebab guys because they were amazing, and then we got some coconut Ice cream which was absolutely incredible! I just want to eat that every single day! And then back to see the nice boy selling the watermelons.


Then as we didn’t have to check out the hotel until midday tomorrow we decided that we would go for a few drinks in a couple of the bars, which was nice.

Tuesday 20th September

We woke up around 10am and packed all of our stuff away and then went down to reception and checked out the hotel but asked them to keep our luggage while we went out as dads flight wasn’t until 11pm.

We ordered an uber over to the central market and found somewhere to grab breakfast from around there which was a mix of fish, vegetables and rice! – I’m getting used to this kind of breakfast! Who says you need Weetabix to fill you up until lunch time hey!! Haha

Then we had a stroll around the china town markets where I bought my brother his b’day pressies and also got a pair of hippie trousers (think I need to admit that I just can’t wear shorts anymore!) dad also bought himself a Kuala Lumpur T-Shirt.


After the market we managed to find somewhere with WiFi so we got an uber over to the Batu Caves  which we absolutely amazing, it is also a Temple, but as you walk up to them and look at those steps up there you feel like you already ache! There are a lot of them and they are very steep too! Do people seriously walk all the way up there to go to a temple every day? Omg!


We were about to go in and I was wearing some shorts (well old lady shorts that come down to my knees, so not really shorts at all) but there was a woman sat at the bottom of the steps that said I couldn’t go up there like that and I needed to either buy one of her scarves to wrap around me or put some trousers on, lucky I have just bought a pair then isn’t it! So I went and changed into those around the corner in the loos where there were loads of monkeys just eating out of the rubbish and I was thinking how cute they were clearly forgetting my last run in with a monkey when he tried to rob me in Singapore on a tiny bridge over the forest a year ago – (YOU CAN READ ABOUT THAT HERE IF YOU WANT)

Back to the bottom of the steps and we look up, take a deep breath in and begin the climbing! It didn’t take long for my legs to start burning, so we kept having to stop for them to sort themselves out and for me to get my breath.


When we get up there we see lots of men building and we were wondering how the hell they get all their stuff up the steps? I wonder if they have to carry it up there? It would take a long time!

It was really beautiful up there, although…….monkeys, monkeys, monkeys everywhere and one tried to grab the bag of clothes off dad that we had just bought from the market! Ahhh yes now I remember I actually hate monkeys! The thieves!!

There were so many of them and each of them kept trying to come over to us and everyone else to steal our bags, we eventually held our bottles of water up and went to throw it at them and they went away! – Bloody monkeys!!!

There was a cave called the dark cave up here that we decided to pay to inside to look at and it was really good. We had to wear hard hats and carry a flash light each, but we weren’t allowed to shine the lights up the cave as there were hundreds maybe even thousands of bats up there and that’s all you could hear. We were told not to shine the torches up high as it can disturb the bats and they are very sensitive to light.

The bits we did see though were really beautiful and we did even see a bat that had come close to the ground to die, so that was a bit sad to see a dead bat but hey that’s the fact of life I guess.


After the caves we got a taxi back to the hotel which cost a fortune! Definitely go for uber where ever has it! So much cheaper!!!

We quickly used their WiFi to find a rooftop bar we could go to have a drink and have a view of the twin towers. We found one called Heli bar and walked there but unfortunately once we had got the lift up to the 38th floor we found out they were closed for a private function, luckily there was another rooftop bar close by called Elysium which said you had a view of the towers so we decided to go there, and I’m really happy we did. The view was great and the bar was empty so we got a good seat. The drinks were very expensive but I guess that’s the same with any rooftop bar! You’re not really just paying for the drinks are you!


We stayed there for a couple of hours and then it was time to leave for the airport, so we ordered an uber who took us to our hotel and then to the airport.

We went and got dad all checked in and then said our goodbyes, it was a lot easier than last time as its only 2 months until I’m home for Christmas so that was good but I had such a nice time with him I didn’t want him to go home.


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