Melbourne – Trying not to die.

Monday 30th May

I woke up around 5:30am and Di drove me to Hamilton to catch the bus at 7am. It was horrible waking up at that time….urgh! And so many kangaroos on the way to the bus.

The bus took around 5 hours to get there and when I arrived in Melbourne I jumped in a cab over to the house which was really nice, and then went out to meet Tarsh, Andy and Dan at the shops, I started feeling hungry so decided to grab some food and to my delight there was a fucking potato shop here!! Omg!! How long have I been waiting for a jacket potato? A LONG BLOODY TIME!!!


Simple pleasures hey.

After the potato I headed back to the house and just chilled until later that night when the beautiful men turned up (Rocket and his even more beautiful brother!) and then after that little one paid us a visit!

We all went out for dinner and got to drinking wine as you do and I ended up being off my fucking face before we even left the restaurant! Brilliant! I probably ended up embarrassing myself quite a lot but never mind. The beautiful men left to mine and little ones disappointment but not too much as we soon got to the next place and continued drinking.

I as always can’t remember too much about the evening but from speaking to little on I have found out a few facts…..We left the restaurant and stumbled to a bar where on entrance I saw a big group of African men and decided that we were to spend the evening with them – probably to their disappointment as let’s face it, I’m rather annoying when I’m drunk!

Apparently we went to a second bar which I do not remember at all but little one said I went straight to the bar and told the bar man to get me a beer of his choosing which I didn’t like so I ordered another one but ended up drinking them both anyway – typical!

I then decided to get upset about being single and not having anyone to love me…..a must go through stage for any drunk single woman i think haha.

According to the dreaded snapchat story which I watched the next day some guys were asking us back to their house, again can’t remember any of that or getting home haha.

and then there was the getting home…… It was around 1km and it took us 45minutes because i was jumping on cars and singing, and i also decided to pull my trousers down and have a wee in the middle of the street with all my goods facing the oncoming traffic, oh the shame!! haha.

and these were the only photos I had from the evening…..

Tuesday 31st May

So the whole day was basically spent in the bathroom hanging over the toilet throwing up or in bed trying not to die,

The old lady walk was in full swing and the whole day was a complete write off tbh!

I honestly do not know why I drink anymore, because the whole next day is spent feeling this way! I obviously can’t hack it anymore which is really annoying, time to stop drinking for a bit I think.

Wednesday 1st June

Me and Dan left the house around 6:50am to go and meet little one for breakfast before she had to go to work and we left to go back to the farm.

It was nice taking Dan the man to a café but he did start to scream towards the end, uh-oh but he did look extra cute all wrapped up.

That was that trip to Melbourne over, unfortunately I lost a whole day which could have been spent van searching but never mind, it’s not the last time I will be in Melbourne that’s for sure!



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