Naracoorte Caves Review

I went to the Naracoorte caves on the 24th June, so it was in winter time and I really enjoyed it.

It was nice and fresh and not too busy, I have been to see other caves before with big groups of people which kind of ruins the fun for me as your focusing on following people and thinking would they please hurry up getting up these stairs.

When I got there I went over to the reception and I was firstly thinking I would just go to the wet caves and the fossil centre as they had a deal on for both of them, but I saw there was a tour of the Alexandra cave that was starting in just 15mins so I thought I would do that too.

I paid $29 for the Alexandra cave and the wet cave and they gave me the fossil centre for free which I thought was a pretty good deal.

I went and grabbed a coffee from the café while I waited which seemed to be really nice, although they didn’t have many staff on and I noticed people were waiting a while for their coffee, although I was looking at my clock and I think they noticed that I was waiting for a tour so mine came out before some people before me which I thought was nice, slightly annoying for the people in front of me but good for me haha.

I went down to the Alexandra cave first which was one that you had to go down with a tour guide. I thought it was really pretty and definitely worth the money to go down and see it. It was also really nice and warm down there so nice to get out of the wind and the rain upstairs.

The staff were really informative about the formations in the cave and were answering lots of questions about the cave itself and also all the formations which was good.

Here’s a couple of pics of the inside of the cave.

The tour lasts approximately 20mins, so it’s a nice short one to do, it does seem to go quite fast though.

After I came out of this one I headed over to the Wet Cave which is a self-guided tour, there wasn’t anyone checking tickets for this one and it was bit away from the information centre so looks like you can just go in, although you are supposed to pay, I guess during summer months it would be busier so they would be checking tickets.

Anyways…..I really liked this cave and I was all alone for most of it which was actually really nice to just wonder around in your own time and it was really beautiful.

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After I went through the Wet Cave I went back to the information centre which was also the fossil centre and walked through there which I found a bit strange, I didn’t really like this part so I am happy I got it for free.

All the information was handwritten onto paper that was supposed to make it look old, but the problem was that I couldn’t read any of the handwriting, it was hard to see and just a bit messy.

Also the animals were all mechanical moving and made a lot of sound when they were moving, it was a bit creepy and I think little kids would actually be quite scared in there to be honest.

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I did try to go and grab some food after this from the cafe but it was closed, which I was a little annoyed about considering it was only 2:30 and the place didn’t shut until 5pm, but I decided to on one of the many bush walks that are around instead which was really nice.

Overall I really enjoyed my time at the caves, they aren’t the best caves I have ever seen but they are definitely worth a visit, so I would give them 3 bee’s.

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