Open Water Scuba Dive Course, Sipadan Scuba

20th September

So I’m back on my own again now, dad just left me to board his plane back home and I am off to a hotel in the airport for the night until my flight tomorrow morning.

It feels so strange being back on my own again, not going to lie…..I’m feeling pretty nervous about it. It’s been a while since I’ve been on my own travelling really and all those silly thoughts come racing back into my head, like “what if no one likes me” , “what if I don’t meet anyone to spend my time with” , “what if people think I’m strange”

And then I have a bit of a breather and tell myself everything will be ok, If I meet people who don’t like me, chances are they are probably a dick and I won’t like them either! So it’s for the best!

If I don’t have anyone to go see things with then I will go on my own, and that way I can decide everything!

And if people think I’m strange then they are probably right! I mean I do own a cloak for goodness sake! Maybe I won’t lead with that but own the strangeness.

Anyways……back to what I did.

I went and stayed at air Asia tune in KLIA 2 which was nice, it was nothing special but did me for the night.


21st -25th September

Then up in the morning for breakfast and then onto the plane to fly to TAWAU, which is on the island of Borneo. As we started coming into land I had a peak across the person next to me out the window and all I could see was green, it was incredible. So many trees!

I get picked up a by a little Malaysian man holding a sign with my name on as I had paid for an airport transfer with the scuba company I picked. He was really sweet and I sat in front with his on the bus as it was just me that he was picking up. He reminded me of the guy she meets in eat pray love, although he was from Bali not Malaysia.

It took about an hour and a half to get to Semporna from the airport, and we mostly drove on roads between palm trees, and the man who picked me up (I feel so bad that I can’t remember his name!) and he was telling me that there are lots of palm trees because there are lots of companies making palm oil here.

When we got to the hotel I checked in and he then took me over the road to the scuba dive shop where I went and got my gear ready for the next day.

After all that was done I decided to go and have a look around, I ended up walking through a small alleyway market, I’m annoyed with myself because I didn’t take a photo but to be honest I felt a little nervous around there as everyone was staring at me.

Then I decided to go for food so I went to an Indian restaurant by my hotel and asked what was good and not spicy, the girl serving me saying something about banana so I just said yes and omg it was a taste sensation! It was like a banana pancake with some kind of sweet sauce, it was oh so good.


After food I went back to the hotel watched one episode of game of thrones and passed out at around 5pm and didn’t wake up until 7am the next morning!

Day one of scuba baby! Woooppppppp

We went to an island called Subuan Island which was very small but extremely beautiful, and before I knew it I was setting up my equipment and getting into the water, it all happened so fast from getting to the shop and getting in the water, I was worried I wouldn’t understand what I needed to do when we were down there.

But I did and it all went well, I had to do things like flood my mask and empty it, and remove my suit underwater and put it back on.

Then after all the learning we moved into deeper water and did a quick repeat of what I learnt in the shallow water and then went on a ‘fun dive’ where we swam along looking at all the fish, I had forgotten to bring my underwater camera this time – DUH!

We also had lunch on the boat, which was really yummy!

After lunch we did a bit more learning and then another fun dive, where we got completely surrounded by a massive group of small fish, it was crazy! If only I had brought my bloody camera hey!!

Then it was time to head back to the hotel and I had a shower and spent about 40mins trying to comb all the knots out of my hair – damn you sea water! Just damn you to hell!!

Food, bed, game of thrones!

Day 2 of scuba

I got to the shop around 8am, had to get all my kit together and put it outside ready for the boat.

We were off to a different island today where there will be turtle’s baby!! Omg is my dream about to come true? Am I going to get to swim with turtles finally?

As soon as we got to the island that was it, kits on and into the water… messing around.

When we get down to the bottom we finish off the learning aspects of the course, seeing what it’s like to be out of air where they turn my air off and I breathe until there is no more air, not a nice feeling!

We do some emergency assents and try and get our buoyancy right which is actually really hard to do.

You have to try and control it with your breathing and your BCD, think I definitely need more practice in that department.

Then it was fun dive time and not long after we begin the fun dive we see some turtle’s! Omg yes yes yes yes yes!!!! I am so fucking happy right now!! I have finally swam with turtles! I love them so much.

Then lunch on the boat and back in the water again for more fun dives and more turtles and other fish, and I remembered my camera so got a bit on film.

Although I wish I had known about different diving filters, as a lot of It looks green the further we go down which apparently I need a red filter for deeper than about 6meters

And then that was it for day 2 of the course which was the last day. So we go back to the mainland and they give me the exam for me to do back at my hotel, so I go back and do that and then take myself for dinner. – Bed – game of thrones again haha.

Day 3

I had completed the course so I just needed to go and hand in my exam and pick up my certificate which I didn’t know I was going to need a photo for, if I had then I maybe would have tried to make myself look a little better haha.


I was going to go on a jungle tour but it had started raining and by raining I mean like a monsoon so they said it wasn’t safe to go, which was fine, I didn’t mind as I needed to catch up with blog updating etc.

The next day it was time to leave to go back to KL to get the train up to Penang.

I had a great time on my scuba course with Sipadan Scuba, they were great and I felt like I definitely learnt a lot especially as most of the time It was a one on one session which I definitely benefit from having my instructors focus entirely on me – not that I like to be the centre of attention or anything haha.

But they get 5 Bee’s of approval from me.

Cartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon Bee

Here is my attempt at an underwater video without a diving filter haha

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