Wye River

Friday 20th May

We didn’t get to Wye River until around 5pm, but the journey there was so beautiful driving through the forest and then onto the great ocean road which is another thing I can tick off my bucket list now (CLICK HERE TO LOOK AT MY BUCKET LIST) although I will be having to venture back down to visit the 12 apostles at some point, but I don’t think I want to journey too far along it as its very windy and does make you feel a little sick haha.

As soon as we (Me, The boys and Tarsh & Di’s parents) we were shocked at how steep the driveway was as it was on a bit of a hill, and there were lots of stairs to climb up to the house but once we were up there It was so beautiful. The view was absolutely incredible looking out to the ocean, the people who owned this house were really lucky too as there was a massive bush fire last year that took out a lot of houses in the forest and stopped not too far from this house.


Tarsh took us all out onto the balcony with a pack of mince beef and I was thinking ‘hmmm….what the hell is going on?’ then suddenly a few Kookaburra birds came and landed on the balcony and Tarsh took a little bit of the mince beef and put it down next to one of the birds and they started eating it, one thing led to another and we then started putting the beef on our arms for them to come and land on us, then Tarsh went and upped us all and popped some beef on her head. It was really cool and we all had a lot of fun feeding them.

The rest of the night we spend eating some beautiful food, drinking wine and sitting by the fire, I was happy to see Dan because I had missed him for the few days I had been gone, how am I going to cope when I actually leave?? Waaaa…..

Saturday 21st May

Me and Harry were the first awake on Saturday morning. I had got up and thought I was the only one awake, I made myself a coffee and went and sat on the balcony with the beautiful view and was feeling pretty happy with my life, having lots of deep thoughts about how far I had come etc.


and then Harry bursts through the doors and starts screeching with some bread in his hand.

‘So much for my quiet, life contemplating coffee moment’ haha

Then lots of Cockatoos and Kookaburra’s landed on the balcony, is he some sort of bird whisperer?

He has just fulfilled one of my childhood dreams to become a Disney princess who can sing out and have lots of birds come to you!

It was really nice at first and then got a little bit out of hand when we ended up having about 16 birds on there, my chilled out coffee and suddenly turned into a duck and dive for cover.

After the whole bird fiasco the boys were itching to go kick the footy around because they couldn’t do it on the balcony as we were up on stilts. So the boys, me and Jeannette & Bruce drove down to the beach for a bit of a kick around and to grab some coffees from the café to take back up to Tarsh.

After that we all jumped in the cars and drove back down the great ocean road to Lorne which is a bit of a touristy spot. The boys found a place with trampolines and mini golf so they were really happy with that and yes I had a go too! I also popped Dan on there and gave him a bit of a bounce which he seemed to enjoy.

We then had lunch, Andy turned up and we all headed back to the house, me and Tarsh stopped on the way at a lookout which was really pretty!

When we got back we all had dinner did some moongazing and some wine again and me being me….once I start drinking I don’t really want to stop at just a couple of glasses. So after my third glass of wine got empty I went to the kitchen to look for some more and Jeannette had made me a cup of tea which I was like



Tarsh laughed and said there wasn’t any more wine, and I said that I might head down to the pub.

So off I went and I soon ended up chatting to most of the people in there, including the staff, and I got bought a few drinks by a guy who made one of the beers in there which was nice, I ended up being rather drunk by the end of the night but luckily this time I didn’t really make a fool out of myself.

I did however give my friend Blue a call on the way home, and left her a long voicemail walking up the hill panting and telling her how much I love her, which is fine! At least it wasn’t one of my ridiculous messages of love to a boy I like! – God that’s embarrassing the next day lol.

Sunday 22nd May

Sunday morning we all woke up and just chilled in the house before having to drive back up to Wincanton. I was feeling rather delicate and had to try and sort myself out for the windy journey back up there.

However that did not work and I felt sick for most of the journey back there. Bruce and Jeannette had to stop the car a few times to give me some air, and the boys found this very very funny. Oh the shame!

We got back mid-afternoon and I just lay on the sofa until Di got back from her massive walk, she was really tired too and we all just watched some TV and had an early night

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