My Bucket List


So here is a list of everything I want to do in my life, I will cross these off as I go and I will also add more as I go! 


  • Do a skydive - (Done at Mission Beach 02/11/15)
  • Scuba dive - (Done at the great barrier reef 23/10/15)
  • Hold a big spider – get over the fear!!!
  • Learn how to meditate
  • Hold hands with a monkey
  • Shower under a water fall (Done at Crystal cascades and Ellinjaa falls - 27/10/15)
  • Scubadive (Done at Great Barrier Reef - 23/10/15)
  • Swim with dolphins (ok so you have done this but cant really remember)
  • See the northern lights
  • Travel Asia
  • Travel Bali
  • Travel India
  • Mexico
  • South America
  • Greece
  • Europe
  • Hug a koala bear (Done at YHA Magnetic Island 06/11/15)
  • Get a GOOD base tan!
  • Ride a motorbike (Done at Keri-Keri 07/05/16)
  • Zip wire over a rainforest
  • Ride an elephant
  • Grow my hair to the bottom of my back
  • Full moon party on Kog Phanghan
  • Glacier Hikining NZ
  • Visit morocco
  • Hammock and drink straight from a coconut
  • Visit Hawaii
  • Visit Fiji
  • Feed a kangaroo (Done at Featherdale wildlife park (Done 09/03/16)
  • Feed a Wallaby (Done on Magnetic Island 07/11/15)
  • Have xmas on a beach
  • Fill my passport with stamps
  • Own a campervan (Bought on 11/06/16 from a guy in melbourne)
  • Travel around in the camper van
  • Visit the floating markets in Vietnam
  • Eat some crazy traditional cuisine
  • Party at the Rio Carnival
  • Visit the beaches of Phi Phi island in Thailand
  • Halong Bay in Vietnam
  • Get a bamboo tattoo in Thailand
  • Ski in the alps
  • Koh Rong Cambodia
  • Learn a new language – Spanish
  • Visit the pyramids in Egypt
  • Eat pasta and ice cream in Italy
  • Chill with some penguins in the Antarctic
  • Do a safari
  • Work my way around the whole of Australia for 2 years
  • See the whitsundays (Done 9th - 11/11/15)
  • See Fraser Island
  • Drive a car in another country (Done in a Barbie Car on Magnetic Island 07/11/15)
  • Work my way around the whole of new Zealand for 2 years
  • Create a blog
  • Earn money from my blog
  • Write a book autobiography – all the funny things in your life
  • Get a tattoo in every country you visit
  • Brighton Pride festival

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