Best Breakfasts in the West End Brisbane

The West End of Brisbane is full of cafés and restaurants serving up trendy and tasty food all day long.

However I am going to focus on the most important meal of the day which is of course breakfast, and coffee which I do have a bit of an addiction too!

So when I stayed in the west end I would treat myself to a breakfast date every weekend and took myself somewhere new each time, so here are the best places I tried.

Click on the names to go to their website.

The Burrow

This place is down by Coles and has a very urban vibe. I decided to go in here because every Sunday when I would do my shopping I would see this place full of people so naturally I has to find out what all the fuss was about.

And oh how happy I was to discover this place.

The coffee was lovely and I even nabbed myself a window seat which meant I could do one of my other favourite things apart from to eat which is people watch.

The menus here are all in story book covers so look really cool.

The service was really quick and the food was incredible.

Here is a pic of what I had.



These guys dont seem to have a website so i have linked to one with their menu

This place is at the nandos end of the high street on the left hand side if your looking down down the street towards where Coles is.

There are a few places around here with tables and chairs sat outside.

So this place was really good for the food and the coffee was also great but I had to wait a while for my food, although I’m just putting that down to the fact that they had a large group in there of around 15 people which looked like a party or something so I let them off.

Also the food was definitely worth the wait, here is a snap of the food.


Lock and loaded

This is at the nandos end of the high street next to a bar called the bearded lady and by night they are all about the cocktails where as in the morning they are all about the breakfast and coffee.

They have a big courtyard at the back where you will be seated and then told the breakfast specials of the day.

I did look at the menu but ended up going for the special, I’m a sucker for a one time deal.

So the special here was homemade smoked baked beans topped with a poached egg and sour cream, with thick smoked pork bacon and sourdough bread. Here is a picture of it….

It was really good! The coffee here was really tasty too.



Morning after

I walked into this place for my first breakfast date and this was the one that started my craze off.

I unfortunately don’t have a picture of the food for this one.

But I do remember that it was really good, nice and simple as they had an offer on a board outside which they seem to do daily offers on there.

And this one was for bacon, tomatoes, eggs and sourdough bread. It was simple and beautiful and only cost me $8 what a bargain!



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Somewhere To Stay Hostel Brisbane Review

Somewhere to stay is a nice hostel to stay in, and it’s really close to the centre of the west end, which is full of bars, restaurants and my favourite the night markets on the weekend, also they have some pretty mean places for breakfast around here which I definitely recommend you checking out, and I have wrote about some of my favourites HERE.

It’s got a good balance of social and quiet if you need it so can satisfy pretty much anyone.

I stayed here for a couple of months in total and I was in in a 4 bed shared dorm which had a balcony and also a private bathroom, which is pretty luxurious for a hostel.

The price isn’t too bad for that room, its $26 a night but if you stay for a week then you can get the weekly rate which is 1 night for free. (Unless you miss behave or in my case get very drunk and try to sing to the whole hostel at 3am and then you will lose your free night which I think is fair!)

They have a lot of freebies at this place, so they have a free bus that will take you down to south bank and they run every hour up until around 7pm, which is brilliant.

They also have pizza Mondays where you can buy a slice of pizza for 50c which is again not too shabby! And then Tuesdays is free popcorn, and Wednesdays is BBQ night, where they have sausages, bread and sauce.

The staff are really friendly and helpful and know a lot about the area so you can ask them pretty much anything.

The kitchen area is a decent size, it does get busy but I never had any problems with cooking anything in there and they have a decent amount of pots and pans. You do have to pay a deposit for a plate set which is plastic but that’s only $3, although you may want to buy a different knife as I broke mine cutting some cheese (not that kind! Haha)

The pool area is ok, it’s not the biggest pool but its fine for sunbathing by and having a dip, and south bank lagoon is not a far walk if you wanted a more luxurious pool to lay by.

The only downfall about this place was the WiFi not being free, but it was only $15 for a week which is a lot better than some of the places that I have been and also the quality of the WiFi is good, I actually managed to stream some episodes of the walking dead without too much buffering! It’s pretty rubbish for actually downloading things though including things like iTunes or word just the files to actually download to your comp, which I found strange. But other than that it’s good and worth the $15!

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking to stay in the west end, its friendly, quiet if needed and has lots of freebies and is in a great location.

I stayed here Jan and Feb of 2016 and the time that I left they were doing a lot of work to the building so I imagine this placed is going to improve.

I would give this place 4 Bee’s.

Cartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon Bee

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Hotel DeBrett, Auckland Review

Hotel DeBrett was a really nice place to stay, and especially for a backpacker used to staying in 6 bed dorm rooms, this certainly felt like a luxury get away.

As soon as I arrived for check in they knew who I was straight away, I didn’t need to give any ID over but I did need to pay a $100 holding fee (thank god I had enough in my account)

Check in did not take long at all and I was taken up to my room where I was given a tour and then asked what kind of milk I wanted bringing up.

The room looked amazing, and there was a rainfall shower and a bath, which I was planning on using as I have not had a bath in forever but ended up not using it unfortunately. The shower was amazing though.

boutique-suite-thumb 2241284-Hotel-DeBrett-Bathroom-1-RTS

There was a TV in the room with a DVD player and you could rent films from downstairs in the hotel, although the collection of films was not that great but I think mostly people won’t be wanting to rent films while staying in Auckland so I guess that’s not a massive deal.

They did also have a lot of books that you could read downstairs in the reading room which is next to the restaurant.

We also had free WiFi and it was really good, really fast and didn’t cut out at all, I managed to facetime people back home without it cutting out at all, and I watched a film streaming it online and worked perfectly.

We were given lots of freebies too, lots of bathroom stuff and lots of teas and coffee’s which naturally I stole as I’m a backpacker so need to take advantage of these things now don’t I.

The beds were so comfy they were insane, like you never want to get out of bed comfy.

The only downfall for this place for me personally was the price of food and drink, but it’s a nice hotel and I’m a cheapskate backpacker so I can’t put it down just for that as mostly the people staying here will be a bit more upper class than me, as I was just jumping in on my mom and step dads booking.

But the cheapest bottle of wine on the menu was around $60 and the cheapest food was around $40 and I have stopped halving everything now and treat $1 = £1 as I know I can still buy food and drink for the same price in £’s.


But that’s just me and my cheapskate view, everything else was great and the food was incredible. We had a paid breakfast the one morning and it was incredible, even looked amazing like you don’t even want to eat it that it looks that pretty.


The coffee was also really good here, as were the cocktails.

All in all I give this place 4 bees! If I was looking at this place from the point of view for someone who would normally go there aka. Not a cheapskate then I would give it a 5 haha.

But it is from my point of view so I give it a 4

Cartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon Bee

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Auckland Skytower – Orbit 360⁰ Review

The sky tower was a great experience, it’s not cheap at all but I didn’t expect it to be, but the food was incredible.

This is the revolving obit 360⁰ restaurant, and it takes around an hour to do one full rotation.4.1454500655.selfie

Just be mindful that the place rotates but the side right next to the window doesn’t, which we soon realized after my mom put her bag on the side and then about 5mins later someone asked us if it was her bag that was slowly moving away from us. So we then popped it on a chair that was moving along with us.

When we arrived the sun was going down so we got to see some of the sunset which was really nice, the views were incredible sitting up there and I felt a lot more comfortable sitting down next to the window rather than standing where my legs ended up feeling like jelly.

The service here was really good, we didn’t even have to pour our own wine, well it is such an effort picking up a bottle and pouring it into wine glasses haha.

We got starters and a main each, and the food was absolutely beautiful, we couldn’t understand what was said on the menu mind, I think they were trying to be a little bit too posh with the wording of some of the things on there but a bit of pretentiousness never hurt anyone I suppose.

I didn’t actually take any pics of the food which is very unlike me, must go to show it was that good i was too busy! but here is the menu…

[embeddoc url=””]

It was really nice eating and drinking up here and every time you look up you see a different part of the city. It really is such a beautiful city by day and by night.


I give this place 5 bees because even though the menu is a little hard to understand and the food is quite pricy I wouldn’t have expected anything less, as it is quite a posh place and the views just make it such a good experience and once you have asked the question of what the menu is actually saying and you get your food, it was incredible. Also not having to pour your own wine is pretty nice.


Cartoon Bee.Cartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon BeeCartoon Bee

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