Auckland Skytower – Orbit 360⁰ Review

The sky tower was a great experience, it’s not cheap at all but I didn’t expect it to be, but the food was incredible.

This is the revolving obit 360⁰ restaurant, and it takes around an hour to do one full rotation.4.1454500655.selfie

Just be mindful that the place rotates but the side right next to the window doesn’t, which we soon realized after my mom put her bag on the side and then about 5mins later someone asked us if it was her bag that was slowly moving away from us. So we then popped it on a chair that was moving along with us.

When we arrived the sun was going down so we got to see some of the sunset which was really nice, the views were incredible sitting up there and I felt a lot more comfortable sitting down next to the window rather than standing where my legs ended up feeling like jelly.

The service here was really good, we didn’t even have to pour our own wine, well it is such an effort picking up a bottle and pouring it into wine glasses haha.

We got starters and a main each, and the food was absolutely beautiful, we couldn’t understand what was said on the menu mind, I think they were trying to be a little bit too posh with the wording of some of the things on there but a bit of pretentiousness never hurt anyone I suppose.

I didn’t actually take any pics of the food which is very unlike me, must go to show it was that good i was too busy! but here is the menu…

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It was really nice eating and drinking up here and every time you look up you see a different part of the city. It really is such a beautiful city by day and by night.


I give this place 5 bees because even though the menu is a little hard to understand and the food is quite pricy I wouldn’t have expected anything less, as it is quite a posh place and the views just make it such a good experience and once you have asked the question of what the menu is actually saying and you get your food, it was incredible. Also not having to pour your own wine is pretty nice.


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